[Archive] Chaos dwarfs first day out


The theme is to be thought of in a kids book. Because its humorist to me. I have played 2 games today with my list. Both games were wins, one by about 82pts the other a TKO.

The list in brief.

Prophet Lore of Hashut. Charmed shield, 4+ward, dispell scroll and blood.

BSB black hammer, 5+ ward, dragon helm, pistol.

36 ironsworn with full command banner of flame, blunderbusses.

4 khans on wolves with spear lg armour and shield.



magma cannons x2

Game 1


Giant block of knights, 3 characters with 2+ward vs flaming, the hammer thats st10 d3 wounds per unsaved wound. lvl2 beast mage. 2 cannons, 2 units of pistolers, 10 or so skirmish guys, 2 witch hunters with braces of pistols, and 25 or 30 of free company militia.

A hard set up, but thanks to Kdaai in flank and ash storm going off the bsb in the block of knights died. Took 3 turns and cost me the Kdaai. Magma cannons raped pistolers and killed about 15 knights over the course of the game. The number 2 spell was worth its weight in gold as a chaff killer spell. Range 8 is perfectly fine.

Game 2


Giant block of chariorts 8 or so with king and special character bsb guy whos not a bsb, one with flail of skulls. King has death mask, and chariot not sure what else. Lvl 4 and 2 lvl 2s, the level 2’s were death the 4 was TK lore. Casket and two catpults, One Sphinx with full kit and one necro sphinx plus 5 fast cav bows and finally 3 carrion.

I made a error in setting my Kdaai on far right away from main block, so he saw no use other than kiling crap troops. The dogs did not much other than get shot up trying to get to warmachines. I did not roll ash storm but instead was able to snipe the named character with the 2d6-tough spell. When he charged me with both sphinxs I got x2 shots and did 4 out of 5 wounds on necro and then killed it with black hammer. Normal sphinx crew KBed my Lvl4. Same turn the black hammer instant killed the king on chariot. I held and game was called because at that point he had done 4 or so wounds and I had a 4res lead killing sphinx and leaving chariots out of healing range and no characters in them.

Thoughts. 3 dogs need to trick them out a lil to make it so they survive the run for machines better. Maybe need to drop charmed shield on mage for enchanted shield or tricksters helm. Then I need a scroll monkey. 4 dogs might be too many 2 is too few 3 feels right. But for sure need better D on the mage. The bsb is pretty bad ass though. Everyone who said skull cracker is not worth it is wrong. Thing works a beauty,even when its off footed charged it handles very well.


Thanks for the BRs and your critique!


So the ideas for the change are thus far.

Loose 1 dog. Give one dog 1+ vs shooting and dawn stone, give another dog sword of frenzy and 2+ vs flaming.

Loose 2 dogs. Take a lvl 2 engineer with dispel scroll, give lord other trickesters helm, 4+ward and iron cross icon.

Thoughts? My concern is that 2 dogs wont be enough, war machine/redirects. Ideas suggestions? FYI loosing blunderbusses is not one of the possible ideas. Way too good for what they do right now.


So the chaos dwarf has had his second outing. All is still very well.

The list.

Same expect the following changes and tweaks.

2 dogs lost

1 sorcerer engineer added, with dispel scroll doing lore of death.

Prophet loose scroll so he can have tricksters helm.

Other wise its all exactly the same.

Armies played this time.


2 40’s of halberds.

10 or 11 knights with razor standard.

3 chicken knights

2 cannons

1 hell blaster

4 or 5 5 man units of free company

1 5man unit of skirmish archers

Lvl4 shadow

Lvl1 death


grand marshal or whatever hes called only gear I can rember is the sword of anti heros.

One dog gets vaped by the hellblaster because I flubbed a very long charge. Aku (the kadi) kills ass ton of free company and a 40 of halberds. Just about laughs off the cannons (the reroll power saved him from a cannon shot). Magmas rapped the 40 unit with both mages in it. Chickens charge flank of old number 7 (skull cracker) but it lives for about 3 turns even with okkams on the chicken knights. Main party comes when both chickens and knights plus grand marshall charge the iron guard block. End up doing nothing in the stand and shoot with a freaking 13 wounds made em all. But I get a game winning ash storm on the chicken knights, BSB flubs his attacks but the guard do 3 wounds which multi up to 6, the other knight died from various hits earlier on. This makes the combat mine (lost the lvl4 because mister sword of anti heros killed him), but ranks and wounds make me win by about 1 or so. He rolls an 11 on his break test, bsb is way out of place. I chase he runs, he runs a sad 6 I chase a 7 so even with minus 1 I run him right down. Game called at this time. Massive bloody win my favor.

Next game is against same TK as from eariler post.

He nails my magma cannons with his catpults turn 1. At this point I declare many charges as my reason to sit back has gone in the toilet. Dogs never make it to catpults as they charge carrion and many turns latter 1 is dead the other runs. Aku has fun killing both the necro sphin and the war sphinx. One after another. Chariot block charges me again, this time I loose BSB in second round when he and king bash each other to death go black hammer!!! But the main thing that saves me in Old #7 has charged into the flank of the chariots doing 7 wounds. The mechanic, having no warmachines to keep working moves up to the unit and uses generals ldr to raybeam a mage. Game is pretty much called there. Aku is getting ready to smash casket and a catapult (raybeam got other catapult). This game is called shortly afterwards has he has nothing left to beat on my guys. My total loss is 2 magmas and a dog. For pretty much a total wipe.


…old # 7 is the skullcracker isn’t it? When it charged the chariot unit you rolled only the impact hits right? Cause it cannot thunderstomp chariots…


Old #7 is indeed the skullcracker. A memory from a million years ago about trains. Yes I only did impact hits plus 3 dwarf crew. I even made sure not to give myself for plus 1 for charging because I used the random movement (yes in a straight line). Old#7 is rapidly becoming a MVP. He sits back and supports the block oh guns while Aku runs out and beats the shit out of anything.


Being honest I’m not a gamer, but, as you said yourself, the Skullcracker isn’t one of the most popular choices. This dued to the fact that 5 chaos hounds or goblin wolfriders can tie it up for the whole game. Have you considered trying K’daai fireborn in its place? If yes how would they fare?


I have serious doubts about fireborn. I might try them latter on. In the meantime here is my break down for reasons.


Pro’s T8 8Wounds 2d6+2 impact hits, 2d6 thunder stomps unbreakable 3+ save

Cons chariot rule, cant effect anything that cant be thunder stomped, outside of the three crew.


Pro’s St5, reroll wound hits on them, fast movers, burning bright, can affect any unit.

Con’s Cost is very high per model, low toughness, burning bright rule, you have a lesser chance to hurt yourself with a destroyer.


Due to real life school and other insane shit, today only brings 1 batrep.


Slan with all the trimmings. Death cupped hands you know the drill.

8 blocks of 10man units of skinks to include 2 of the chameleon drops.

temple guard 30ish strong never got a good look at size.

30-40ish of warriors.

5 terradons.

2 man unit of salamanders

1man unit of salamanders

Despite my plus to go first he got first go. Prophets sword did +1 to dispel again. Which is rather handy as of late. Ol number 7 once again ran roughshod over the battle field. Aku wasted alot of time killing skinks. The big bricks avoided him like the plague. Magma cannons burned the holly hell out of the temple guard in 1 turn. Khans had fun running over skinks, but dropped to blow pipes and terradon rocks. Highlight of the game was me losing 12 or so guys when his frog miscast and tossed off the miscast to me. I survived falling the hole, but lost way too many of my troops. Once again wrath proved to be a game saver, as I was able to move up to terradons and roast them with the boosted version. Game ended when ol #7 ran into what was left of temple guard and killed all of the rank and file in the ensuing impact hits. Bsb popped like a quark. Just to ensure total victory hit the large block of warriors with ashstorm so they could not charge #7. Not that it mattered, at that point game was mine as my loss was 2 khans and nothing else. Pts wise that is, model wise it was 3 wounds on Aku, 12 blunders dead and 2 wounds on the prophet thanks to a bane head 2d6-st spell that got very lucky and damn near killed me. Other wise once again a roaring victory for the chaos dwarfs. I am again once again finding much success in things the forum has called not worth it.

Wrath is a kick ass chaff killer spell, short range yes, but for a chaff killer its awesome.

Skullcracker so my MVP. I am going to start keeping a record of everything Old#7 has killed.


I have serious doubts about fireborn.  I might try them latter on.  In the meantime here is my break down for reasons.
Pro's T8 8Wounds 2d6+2 impact hits, 2d6 thunder stomps unbreakable 3+ save
Cons chariot rule, cant effect anything that cant be thunder stomped, outside of the three crew.

Pro's St5, reroll wound hits on them, fast movers, burning bright, can affect any unit.
Con's Cost is very high per model, low toughness, burning bright rule, you have a lesser chance to hurt yourself with a destroyer.

Another Pro of the Skullcracker: The miniature is amazing.


So the great tourny has come and gone (ok not so great only 1 day 3 games). I played against skaven, lizardmen and lastly orcs and goblins. I wont really go over there lists too much.

Skaven was in the style of the castle list you can find over at the undermpire.

Despite loosing Aku to warp lighting shot combined with failing toughness test, I still was able to mop up the rats nicely.

Objective was table quarters so no I didn’t get that.

Lizzard men, pretty classic build. Was totting light. I lost Aku again to poison shots. Magma cannons ripped up stuff, but got killed in the end. I just could not kill enough sarus warriors. A tough loss of over 400pts. Also my first loss to date. With something like 12 games so far. Theres about 4 I have not posted so far, apart from these 3.

Orcs and goblins. Lets just say this guy is pretty good at making bad lists. Horrid lists in fact. I lost the dogs and thats it. Could not do the objective (move more units of 5 or more models out of your deployment zone than the other guy) , just no way I could do that. But Aku shined like a beacon of light in this game. He single handledly took on a block of biguns and black orcs, with great weapon chopas. Plus a warlord with st6 and 4 attacks magical(of course he failed all the time to hit or wound lol).

Over all a good test run. Not a single miscast, and I learned that the hate spell is a remains in play. Lessons learned new tatics have been put into the works on how to deal with x,y,z.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Yep, the Hatred spell is RiP and if you’re in part of an ongoing combat and it’s cast, you get re-rolls that turn as though it were the first round.

Really cool to see you’re doing so well with the army, but I have a quick question - do you know that the Skullcracker can;t Thunderstomp in the first round of any combat? Regardless of who charged…


Yah, it can only do that in following rounds. Am I missing something or did I type that I had done that?

Hashut’s Blessing:

It just wasn’t mentioned and you said about it receiving a charge very well. Receiving a charge with a skullcracker is always dangerous IMO because you have 3 crew attacks, hope you don’t flee/die THEN get to do Thunderstomp d’doom :stuck_out_tongue:

Just makes Ol’ Number 7 that much more impressive :wink:


@Hashut’s Blessing: Well, you’re not going to flee- isn’t the dang thing unbreakable?

Hashut’s Blessing:

Shhh, I was recovering from a VERY bad tuna mayo sarnie at that point :wink:


Is that some english code code for one hell of a bender?

Hashut’s Blessing:

I wish - mayo had gone off and the result was similar to one hell of an English bender for someone that can’t handle Dwarfen ale.


Anyway, how did the list fare on Sunday?


Post #11

Quick summary.

Need to work on tactics for units of skinks, they are Akus greatest weakness. Army over all has few weak points, can really take a beating and recover well. Over all its soild enough. After Alamo I shall know more.