[Archive] Chat Testing Today - Wednesday!


I am testing out the chat again, right now.


I am trying to be online at work, but I can’t connect… can anyone else connect?


it works!


[15:59] Error : Closing Link: ([scarlet] Time Warner is not welcomed on this network (2007/08/17 16.59))



i tested it but when it logged on it said not on a channel, then i pressed channels and nothing happened. might be because i use firefox though


I use FireFox too, give it some time, it should connect. Though not many people will be in it. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hmm :S, it doesnt work for me, just a great big box witha red cross in the top left corner :~


Hehe, it uses a Java Applet, so you will need that at the very least, and you must say “Yes” to the pop up.


I posted a few lines, cousin didn’t give me much of a chance to to really

test everything. I’ll try it out again later.


Chances are I will be away when anyone joins, as I am pretty busy on weekends. Seems to be working though.


tihs an IRC channel - on wath server it is?

I found answer for this question:

address: irc.abjects.net (DSL: irc.us.abjects.net, irc.eu.abjects.net, irc.as.abjects.net)
ports: 6665-6669,7000,9000 (SSL: 9999)
channel: #cdo

Traitor King:

Hmmm, I got: Unable to connect: java.security.AccessControlExecption : accsess denied (java.net.SocketPermission irc.abjects.net resolve)

What does this mean?


tried again it connected but still didnt find a channel. i think there are other easier ways to use irc though than through a java applet.


Oh, yeah it’s working for me.


It took a while to get onto a channel. I’m not sure if my random clicking got me onto it or if it just took a minute or so to load or login anyway.

Traitor King:

I got it working now, and i got onto the channel somehow.

I clicked on ‘channels’ though it it came up with a huge list of random ones…


Worked for me with no problems running Firefox on my MacBook.


try to use some irc client rather than web-based client :wink:


I didn’t want anything too extravagant. Just a basic chat.

Come on today and we’ll try to get a few people chatting! I will be on for the nest 5 hours.


its working! ha ha

Lord Darkash:

Works for me!