[Archive] CheTralfara's Dawi Daemon-Binders Cult [Ultra-Buff Hobbos!]


:hat off hats off to everybody! I am brand new to this forum. My name is nick. I’ve got a gigantic chaos daemons army underway (a full army for every god) but the temptation to start turning my BFSP box into chaos dwarfs and hobgobs was TOO GREAT, and I’ve begun and have gotten HOOKED!

Here are the first 2 of my Chaos Dwarf warriors, completed. They just need to be painted (as of now I am almost finished painting one of them). They are converted using the Xander tutorial, except I have used the original dwarf arms and weapons (just shaved off the runes). Well one of them has a chaos warrior arm/axe, but the rest will mostly have their original weapons. I didn’t really see a point in chopping off the arms (I guess the axes could look a little more evil though)… I greenstuffed the icons on the shield myself (my first detailed GS work. I impressed myself alot with the lightning bolt and skull). The masks I am using come from a Heroscape expansion set… They are the heads and flail tips of some kind of daemon-hound riders… I am building fleshhounds of khorne from the hounds.

Now here is something you don’t see everyday though. My CD army is going to be themed as a steampunk Daemon-Binding cult, with lots of half-daemon/half-machine warmachines & bots… Because of this, I thought it would be PERFECT to have my great taurus as a half-daemon/half-machine beast! So what could be a more perfect basis than a Khornate Juggernaut (It’s A BULL afterall)!

Of course, I removed all the khorne runes (will GS overtop the khorne rune horseshoes), and the head is a doombull head. Next, the wings are coming from a ‘animal planet gargoyle’ toy that i found at toys r us (the other bits from which are being used as ‘beast of nurgle’ arms, and a giant bloodthirster’s arms and head). In this picture i have not done any of the detail work with the green stuff. The neck is going to look like the daemon is magically & organically a part of the machine, and so will the wings… With the wings in the position pictured below, I couldn’t mount the Chaos Dwarf Lord in any kind of attention grabbing position… so I am going to have to reposition the wings (possibly into more of a gliding/landing position). The last picture is my WIP chaos dwarf lord. I put a skull overtop of his dwarf-face rune, and his face mask is cut from the head of a bloodletter champion (he has no beard yet). I kind of prematurely cut off his legs, thinking I was gonna mount him on the Taurus and then re-sculpt them… but the cape on the BFSP dwarf lord seems to prevent allowing him to sit on a Taurus… what do you think? Should he stand on the back of it? Should I just use this model as a Lord on Foot, and buy a new Dwarf Lord to convert onto the Taurus? (maybe the gyrocopter dwarf, cuz he’s sitting, and I can use the bitz to build steampunk robo thingz…) … oh yeah, and i’m gonna give the taurus a bovine tail too…

Also… I was going to keep the sheild on the Lord and give him an extra large axe… this was gonna count either as 1 hand weapon + shield (for WYSIWYG purposes), OR as a great weapon (for counts-as purposes)… I like to model my characters as WYSIWYG, so what is the most common or most effective way to arm your CD Lord on Taurus?


Ghrask Dragh:

Great start buddy! Welcome to the site :cheers

I like the idea for the taurus and those masks are really nice, the sculpting of the armour is also very sweet indeed, good start!!


Welcome to the site Nick great start to your army as well, :cheers

those masks are very cool what have you used for them ?

Kera foehunter:

wow like the warrior and the taurus is great !!!


Excellent start keep up the good work.


I can only agree. The start of the lord looks very promising!


I like it, I like it all - but what did you use for the masks and the face of your lord?

- one other thing, your taurus is great - i like the idea of using a doom-bull’s head.

Keep them coming mate :slight_smile:

Cheers Merchant :cheers


Yes! The skull masks are great. The Taurus is very cool too, and I’m glad you’re going to put on a bovine tail, cuz that will unify the model and it’s organic parts. Nice work!


I wrote about the masks earlier, but I guess I really wrote too much, so I can understand if you missed it (or didn’t wanna read all that! haha).

“The masks I am using come from a Heroscape expansion set… They are the heads and flail tips of some kind of daemon-hound riders… I am building fleshhounds of khorne from the hounds.”



Should I use a different model and make it sitting on the Taurus? (then use this guy as a lord on foot).

Well I'll maybe make another one, but if your are fine with him standing on the Taurus - I cannot see the problem :)


They look great CheTralfara, i really like the look of the taurus. Will you paint it black with an internal glow or classic 80’s red?


I was thinking most likely a black with internal glow, so that it can be set apart from bloodcrushers… Does anyone think the gyrocopter rider would be a good model to base the lord rider on? I could even keep the chair and some of the robo bitz, to emphasize the machine-ness of the taurus…


WARNING: all pics SUCK. paint job is shown in horrible lighting!

So I’ve spent a lot of time on my Chaos Dwarfs as I’m in love with the idea of feilding this rarely played/seen army for my first time. So far I have almost finished converting the whole BFSP unit of CD warriors (with shields & hand weapon). I haven’t gotten to my BFSP thunderers which shall become blunderbusses… I ordered 10 gw horses (which i will turn into stubby naked bulls) for making my bull centaurs out of the 8 BFSP miners!  I also picked up a Dwarf Miners regiment (these will become another warriors unit of Great Weapon wielders). I’m making real progress putting together my hobgoblins (on foot with hand weapons) unit. I also have a WIP hobgoblin archers on wolves unit! AND I’ve made my first sneaky git! (I have 19 more to make)

Here is my first complete painted chaos dwarf warrior… I wanted to go for the dark reds, bronze and metallics that fits with the NEW chaos dwarf look, but I also wanted the old mustard yellow that we remember from the old big hats. still haven’t decided if i want to make any big hats in my army… probably only the sorcerers. … these same colors will be on all the warriors (most likely), but I will alternate WHERE those colors are…

Here is my WIP unit of Hobgoblins on foot with handweapons. You can see I have 2 of them fully put together… and a greatweapon-bearing Hobgoblin Hero (without a head yet). The bodies are flagellants, and the heads are from night goblins… The flagellant bodies are PERFECT because of the chains (looks great for slaves!). I still need to do some greenstuff work to make the hoods blend into the cloaks better.  Sorry for the awful blurry pics!

Here is my first sneaky git! He is made from a plague monk body (with tail cut off) and a night goblin head. Also going to do greenstuff work to make his hood blend into the cloaks here too (hood flaps). And yessss I know the feeeet are very ratty still… but I think they could pass as hobgoblin if painted green… however I will probably turn them into goblin boots!

I have a unit of Hobgoblin Wolfrider Archers in progress. I am using the original goblins the box came with, but I am lengthening their legs and torsos with greenstuff… you’ll see! (it looks great so far)

I am making the coolest standard top for the first warriors unit… can’t wait to show you. I also have all the bitz to make a really cool death rocket (or two!).


Kera foehunter:

great stuff i like you hobgoblins ! I like to see the other stuff it sound cool to


Goo job on making teh hobbos talller , rather then just using gobnars.


Thanks guyz, keep the feedback comin. I know what you mean willmark, I can’t stand how everyone just uses stunted gobs as proxy hobs… if you’re going to do that then you should use gobbo stats, not hobbo stats… just saying… I really think the plaguemonk and flaggellant bodies look great and are EASY to use… so why not?

Here’s some more progress… speaking of hobgoblins, here is my first finished hobgoblin archer wolfrider (not painted yet, obviously… might fill in some of the gaps on the wolf too.) I extended the legs… added a small bit of belly… shaved off the original hunched-over neck, and gave him a brand new higher-up neck.

Here is my WIP ‘warrior unit 1’ standard bearer & champion (who can also be used as a hero or lord). The standard top is that skull with the lightning sticking out… the lightning is plasticard, and I sculpted the skull from green stuff on top of plasticard. I impressed myself with that one, had no idea I could do it, and I couldn’t even find the original picture from the Chaos Dwarf artwork (so I sculpted it from memory!).  It’s not finished being painted… that is only the base coat! The standard bearer has a mutated arm from the spawn sprue (my CDs are a daemon binder cult… they are much closer to chaos and not as resistant as you’d think!). There is obviously still some more GS work to do to these guyz…


Kera foehunter:

nice stuff like the wolfriders and the horn on the cds

Hashut’s Blessing:

That is one HUGE standaard top :smiley: I wonder if it will actually stand. Is it the BSB or a normal unit SB?


I agree with HB that think is going to be top heavy, I’d be suprised if it will stand up on it’s own.


Believe it or not, it’s lite as a feather!

Not the BSB. The BSB will be much bigger. After reading through the ancient Realm of Chaos books, I saw a giant battle pic of a Khorne army vs. Slaanesh army. The Khorne army had GIGANTIC paper banners, with big monster faces and the skull rune (which looks remarkably like the rune of Hashut… what gives?)… anyway I loved the look of it sooooo much. It was just so beautiful and intimidating to see these huge banners being held by such badass forces of darkness. I knew i had to re-model ALL of my 4 chaos daemon armies into gigantic and super high-held standards. HOWEVER… I HATE the idea of using paper (though I could definitely draw some awesome flags), so I greenstuff sculpt all of the standards onto a backing of plasticard (like what you see here).

My daemon standard tops are themed to the god of the unit, and are usually always monster/daemon faces. For this CD army, I’m going to utilize the old chaos dwarf symbology, the rune of hashut, as well as the symbology of the bull!

Unfortunately, more and more I am seeing big hats as just not fitting at all with this army… Sorry bighat lovers :slight_smile: