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richard barby:

i did this story ages ago on a thred on a warhammer page on facebook bad bad spelling but was fun to write it

Slilently sitting in his chamber the grey wizard looked up at his door in 10 seconds there would be a knock even though he could not hear the foot steps for the wind gusting outside. A man of his age sent to this border fort in the middle of nowhere. Still thats what you get for upsetting the wrong general fool that he was.

knock knock outisde his door. An over hard knock tring not to be scared of the wizards even though the person knocking gave away that they where petrified of what was coming. It sometimes scared the wizard what he had to do so for a non magic user it must be far worse.

Bring them in sargent all 6 of them. Outside in the dank coridoor where 6 chained and beaten greenskins 5 goblins and one much taller but just as slim one that no one had been able to put a race to.

The goblins where pulled inside first follwed by this mysterous greenskin it caught the eye of the wizard he had never seen one of these. Still he would find out what it was and what it was doing inside the Empires borders also what the goblins where doing. After he had read there minds they would be put to death and then burned there bodys left as a warning to other non-humans what would happen to them if there came near the empire. The Wizard often stopped them from fealling pain before they where turned over to the garrision who all had lost people they had known to greenskins or skaven or beastmen

The sargent spoke hesatently to the wizard pointing at the 6 captives. His men had been out on a pratrol and had come across a large group of night goblins and other greenskins they had attacked them killing all but 6 and bringing them back to show the wizard and the fort comander. A man the wizard found to be sadistic he was the one who made the wizard do things to the prisoners that he was not happy with.

The sargent went on that his men had attacked with the fury of sigmar 40 men and over 100 greenskins. He had lost only 6 men the sargent was pleased with hisself he gained a bit of confidence talking about the attack he said the the taller ones where even fighting the nightgoblins. When they where attacked by his men he said he caught the 5 goblins hiding under a few bushes.

The wizard interupted the sargent and said lets get this over with i dont enjoy this and im sure the goblins dont either. Have you brought the scribe with you.

yes said the sargent

with all his men in the room and the greenskins it was getting full the scripe squessed inside the chamber. He was holding a huge leather bound book and had several quills and a small bottle of ink.

Im ready Hans.

The use of the wizards first name was more than a little over familar just because he can read and write thought the wizard to himself think hes as good as me.

The wizard got up and walked over to the first goblin who smelt of urine and bile. He was not in a good way from the sound of his breathing he had a few broken ribs as well the wizard put his hand over the goblins head. The goblins had been musseled after he had been bitten by one of them a few weeks ago.

The wizard begain looking in to the goblins mind slowly going back over the last few hours looking for anything that would be useful to the commander. The scribe sat at the wizards desk ready to write down anything that the wizard said the first hour of the goblins memory where of him being tied and dragged back to the fort. The wizard pushed on looking for anything before this that would say why they where inside the empire. The wizard looked at the skirmish the goblins numbered about 60 in total they had come out of the forests looking for some food trying to catch a few cows or even dogs and cats. If they had to there food based raid had brought them some luck. They had enough to last them about 2 to 3 weeks as they where heading back to there forest. They stopped for a few hours rest in a small gully with think bushes growning up its sides this must be where the battle took place. thought the wizard looking from the eyes of the goblin he looks down and the goblin is eating some unknown meat. There is a crash and a volly of arrows and then the goblin is knocked out the last thing he sees is several of the taller greenskins fighting his goblins. The fight looks very onesided the taller ones are winning.

At this point the wizard let go. Whoever this type of greenskin where they where better fighters than goblins but they looked a lot smaller that orcs. Maybe the sargent and his men interupted a fight between to different factions of greenskins. The goblin who had been probed lay on the floor in tears crying and growling it was very painful for whoever got probed. The wizard had one been probed durning his training in Atlorf. it was the real reason why he did not like doing it.

The wizard looked out of his window there was now fog to go with the wind he hated this place and the job that he had to do. 400 men in this fort and none of the had any time for him nor him for them But he would do his best to look after them somtimes being a wizard was a lonley profecion at least in the citys there was more of his kind there. He longed to be understood and not be a loner. It would be his destiny to live with other magic users again he had been told on he last day in Atlorf by his mentor.

The scribe wrote down all that Hans told him he looked at the taller one and said

best do this one next i think he has more to tell me than the goblins do.

First of all what the hell is he bring him over the wizard told the 2 men next to him as they brought him over the greenskin it spoke somthing muffeled by the mussel it was not a paniced cry it was gothic re-move it the wizard told the men and he listened to what the green skin was trying to say.

It did not speak as a human it was still drawn and carried a lisp

My master and his army are coming for me you should not have taken me my lord is a high mage priest of hashut im his chief hobgoblin your mens lives will be forit for taking me. The wizard sat there shocked he could tell the future in some ways but this he saw nothing of nothing at all. But now that he was lookin at the hobgoblin he was starting to see a aura around him that made him imposabul to read by the wizard something is protecting you hobgoblin how tell me now?

You cant scare me human

Said the defiant goblin my lord has brough the wind and fog outside to hide his army and very soon he will bring the fire to burn this place to the ground. the wizard looked out of his window again and he cold not see much there was fog he shouted to the men on the walls

what do you see

A man looked over the wall seeing only fog and hearing nothing but wind he turned to look back at the wizard and anwser and was hit by 3 arrows. All along the fort walls the guards where being shoot at arrows fireing from the fog men fell everywhere. The hobgoblin spoke saying

told you now you will all die.

The wizard turned to the sargent get your men out there now get to the gate take them with you.

I will try and get rid of the fog and wind . Whoever was doing this was powerfull the wizard picked up his staff and sword and walked out of his room. He was angry now there would be blood for this attack. He got in to the court yard the arrows had slowed around the walls. The men there where fighting back in the courtyard more men gathered the lord of the fort was with them shouting orders at them. He looked at the gate as did the wizard something drew them to it. As soon as they did the huge wooded doors where blown open the huge rockets of the choas dwarfs started to fire at the fort now the archers on the wall kept the heads down the earthshakers fired to the walls started to crumble all around them.

Hold the gate there coming shoulted the sargent taking command the lord was of no use in all the panic. Coming throught the smoke came hundrededs of greenskined hobgoblins they crashed on to the humans. The fight was hard the humans held at a cost some of the sargents best men where killed the sargent killed many hobgoblins his own valour and skill helped the humans drive the hobgoblins back. As they ran the wizard cast a spell at them killing dosens more his spell dragged there soles away it nornally killed a lot more than this the wizard was hear. Who ever protected the hobgoblin was not far away reducing the streght on Han,s spell. A second wave attacked now much bigger than before and this time it was led by choas dwarfs. They moved up to only 30 feet from the wall and fired a volly there blunderbuses killing scores of men including the sargent. After the volly in came there warriors covered in armor armed with mighty axes. The humans where driven from the gate and in to small pockets and cut down. A few stood with the wizard including the scribe who had proved to be as good with a sowrd as he was with a quill 8 hobgoblins and 3 choas dwarfs fell to him before he was taken by an arrow. The last 20 humans stood with there backs to a wall the wizard in front of them his spells killing any who came near. Hundreded of hobgoblins and choas dwarf surounded them. They cleared a path for there leader to step forward he was a choas dwarf mage who had half tuned to stone. His legs no longer moved he was tied in to a device that moved him forward pistons fired steam bused out of the sides of it and pumped him forward. He gestued to Hans that he was there for parley your men will be slaves they will not be killed under one condition. human i have followed you for a long time since before you where born. Before even your parents where you have a destiny wizard join me you will end the curse of stone it has been predicted that you can find a way where we have failed.

Join me and my fellow mages and you will never be alone again your gifts will make you a lord and an equal to all the mages of hasut you will not be alone anymore you will have more power than you can dream of. its there for the taking

the grey wizard stood silently for a mintue and said just one word.



Cool unusual story! :hat off

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richard barby:

sequel ? that means pulling finger out and writeing one. it was going to be a one off but you got me thinking now thanks

richard barby:

Even though Hans had gone along with the wishes of the chaos dwarf mage his arms where still tightly bound and his staff taken away as he was lead from the fort. The fort was being ransacked by hobgoblin and chaos dwarf alike the green skins took nothing just ruin whatever they could the chaos dwarfs looked for gold and slaves. the last few humans were rounded up striped of weapons and armour one man made a run for it swinging a sword wildly he killed one hobgoblin but was caught by a group of several other they grabbed his arms and legs as the thrashed trying to get free but one man could never get free from so many. they cut him in many places leaving him unable to move his legs would not respond to the orders he gave it his arms could not be raised. He sat on the blood stained dirt of the fort as 2 wolves where fetched in to the fort the chaos dwarfs and hobgoblins surrounded him and placed bets on what wolf that would kill him first and how it would do it. Rip out his neck or bite down and crush his head eat him alive. The wolves looked half starved and seeing the human so weak and defenceless they ran at him knocking him further in to the dirt. One wolf bit hard in the ankle of the man and tried to drag him away his scream rang through the fort the few captured humans tried not to listen to his agony. the second wolf bit him in the face and pulled away chunks or flesh the crown roared as the blood ran down his face he rolled in to a ball screaming as the wolf came back and bit a final killing blow on to his neck snapping it several other wolves where let feed on him in full view of the other captives. It scared them in to obedience. They were tied hands behind their backs with a noose over their necks hanging down in front of them. The noose was tied to the man in front as all the prisoners where shackled together so none could escape.

Hans was luckier than the rest he was put inside a coach pulled but 4 strongly built horses the coach was dark but Hans was not alone sitting with him was the chaos dwarf mage and a pair of massively built chaos dwarf warriors one sitting next to Hans the other next to the mage both had a look of them that they have seen more battles than most of the entire rieksguard had it was the first time Hans had taken the opportunity to look upon the chaos dwarf who he had sided with his feet and shins where fully turned to stone they had a polished look of then it made them seem almost unreal but they where connected to a very real and living mage. the mage like all chaos dwarfs had tusks growing like fangs from his manderval they were over 3 inches long they stuck out under the beard of the dwarf that was perfectly plated and neatly trimmed at the waist as Hans looked over the dwarf the dwarf staired back looking in to the eyes of the human he had waited so long for and travelled at such risk so far to get.

Hans looked him in the eyes after a short pause he started to speak why me was all he managed to get out before the chaos dwarf sitting next to him punched him in the jaw Hans as a boy had been kicked in the face by a horse and this punch was far more powerful than that kick his head hit the side of the carriage and bounced off. Hans felt the metallic taste of blood in his mouth and the Sharpe lump that was one of his teeth in his mouth speak when the high lord asks you to maggot spoke the dwarf you are alive by his wishes only I will kill you the instant he tells me. There was much hatred in the voice of the dwarf it was clear that to Hans not all the dwarfs want him with them. The dwarf priest spoke for the first time since Hans had got in to the coach my obsidian guard live to protect me and by brother mages and slight I am shown they punish very quickly. these 2 have been with my over 100 years they are my oldest body guards left alive they were with me before I started to turn to stone they will be freed only when they die or I turn fully to stone. but that�?Ts not an issue today Hans the only thing that matters today is you and the job you have to play in stopping me turning to stone and as for your question why you. It was foretold to us my Morocharoar a thousand years ago that you would be the one born to man but destined to save the children of Hashut from the sorcerers curse. The great Sion of Hashut also even told us where to find you. The mage spoke with reverence of every word he spoke this was a speech he had waited year to give and he was enjoying it. in a week we will be back to our lands and your work begins but till then you will have some questions you may speak said the mage to Hans

Hans responded how can I save you when I know nothing of your ways and nothing of your curse I only knew of your kind in nightmares and story�?Ts told to me during my training

richard barby:

Hans responded how can I save you when I know nothing of your ways and nothing of your curse I only knew of your kind in nightmares and storeys told to me during my training to become a wizard. I know you split from your kin thousands of years ago and unlike the mountain dwarfs some of you are still alive from that time. how asked Hans when dwarfs I know about or have say they can�?Tt live past 500 years at the very best

the priest responded that the blessings of hashut and the magic they use keeps them alive almost as old as the elves we are said the priest with a smug confidence

Hans changed the subject what of the men who are still alive what becomes of them

they are slaves till they die we have many uses for them humans and elves make much better slaves than goblins and rats they are much smarter but there will can be broken so quickly a few whips and they do as there told green skins don�?Tt know when there beaten most the time. The chaos dwarf looked at Hans remember you turned on them by joining us they would kill you if you were not in the safety of my coach. but I have some good news for you human your reward for joining us will be great once your job is done you will be given a household to run and warriors to command slaves to do your bidding my brothers will seek you out you will be an equal to them

imagine after you reawaken are brothers and stopped the curse and we have lead are armies of orcs goblins ogres trolls as well as the might of the chaos dwarfs over the empire maybe we will give it to you to run for us in exchange for slaves you could run a whole nation. anyway I need to keep you safe on our way back to your new home so I�?Tm giving you a body guard from my own personal guard 100 warriors led by one of my own obsidian guard it will be there duty above all things to get you to the towers of zharr-naggrund. You will be safe enough as the whole army is going the same way but these warriors will die for you because of who you are.

pointing to the brute sitting next to Hans this is gargath he commands your body guard now but answers to me still rest now human it�?Ts a long way to go

Hans sat with you making any sound his mouth still hurt but would hear outside of the coach he heard the sound of whips and cries of pain as the new additions to the slaves where pushed in to line as the army of chaos dwarfs marched east back towards the mountains that led to home Hans would have a new home. he had not had a proper one on years it was the only thing that warmed him many of his kin where dead and those that had been taken where wishing they were dead and was a traitor it eat at him in some ways but he though to himself they never cared for him so he had to look out for himself. half a day with the chaos dwarfs and he had a whole company of warriors that followed him he shut his eyes and slept away the pains in his mouth

outside of the coach 500 chaos dwarfs marched behind guns were tied to wagons of chained to wolf packs and dragged along there was over 1000 hobgoblins as well including 100 wolf riders who ran ahead to keep the path clear and to make sure that no one was watching. not that Hans had seen them there was also 30 bull centaurs�?T they have left the citadels of the chaos dwarf capital to come and get this human not under orders of the high priests but under the demands of the soin of hashut morocharoar had bid them to go and bring back the human 300 human slaves had been gathered along with over 150 goblin slaves picked up as a bonus this large group harden east trying to get home but there was a greater threat in their way than would follow once news reached of the destruction of the fortress for a thousand dwarfs blocked their path just 3 days march away dug in on the hills the road ran through the shield walls of dwarfs and chaos dwarfs would meet head on and Hans would have to pick his side again


I like your story - just as the 1st part! :cheers

I’m eager to read the (hopefully) next parts! :smiley:


richard barby:

there will be next parts a big brawl with the dwarfs and maybe somthing after not sure yet

richard barby:

After a day of travel the chaos dwarfs and there slaves had covered a large distance over 30 miles with short legs the dwarfs where relentless. It had been hard on the humans taken as slaves 2 had died one had been killed tiring to get away and many others had taken some harsh beatings. Hans had been able to gain a little more freedom his hands where no longer bound but gargath however never left his side always watching him. Hans had tried to speak with him but he found gargath had no time for the human wizard. The chaos dwarf mage meditated for long hours Hans had not been able to speak with him again.

early in the second day of travel a second column of chaos dwarfs met up with the first it was smaller only 100 chaos dwarfs and 300 hobgoblins that has raided a village and had a further 80 slaves with them after a short debrief to the mage they fell in behind their kin and followed them along the road towards the mountains and home at around 10am there was a shriek and the sound of wolves riding towards the army they had been scouting ahead the pass through the mountains and had been attacked by dwarfs and suffered a heavy mauling from crossbow fire and from cannon blasts. They fell back to their masters the leader of the wolfs face was covered in panic. Hans just about understood the broken speak on the hobgoblin as he spoke with the mage of what lay a few miles ahead the mage dismissed him and gather his 6 captains and Hans and told them his battle plan it would be brutal and Hans did not see how it would work

the dwarfs had been at the mountain pass for 2 days they had left the hold after news reached them that the twisted kin was not far away. the dwarf lord did not have enough warriors to meet the chaos dwarf army in open ground had made a stand along the one route that the chaos dwarfs had to take to get home. the dwarf lord had a strong army with him just about 1000 veteran warriors crossbows would pepper the chaos dwarfs before they broke on the tight shield walls the dwarfs also had 6 cannons and 2 organ guns they would be a great asset in knocking holes in the chaos dwarfs lines. during the time they had the dwarfs had dug in to the mountains huge wicket baskets had been filled with dirt and packed around the cannons that sat on the slopes of the mountain there was a 2 feet deep pit all along where the shield walls would stand and nestled in the rocks along the mountain base there was 200 crossbows well supplied and ready. a small group of troll slayers come from the hold to join the army 24 fallen soles who had come to find death in combat and regain their honour

mind morning a pack of wolf riders rode right in to the dwarfs almost without looking the crossbows cut down most and a few others ran full on in to the shields and where soon killed a few ran off. The dwarf�?Ts lord was pleased it would soon bring the whole chaos dwarf army to battle and trapped in front of a mountain they would all die and a page from the book of grudges would be crossed out

richard barby:

The chaos dwarf camp became busy as companies got pushed in to lines weapons checked swords sharpened rituals follows. Some of the chaos dwarfs drank to calm their nerves or just because it could be there last chance. Hans looking at them war was what chaos dwarfs where made for they were strong ruthless and great fighters. Hans looking at the dwarfs only a mile away figured the chaos dwarfs would form the centre and have their mass hobgoblins would over view the flanks of the dwarfs but it was the opposite only 1 company of chaos dwarfs would stand in the middle of the line and the rest of the chaos dwarfs formed 2 small blocks holding the flanks. To hands it looked as if the hobgoblins centre would hit the hardest troops of the dwarf lord and break leavening 1 company holding a thin line between the 2 flanks but the chaos dwarfs where happy with their plans.

Hans had been kept away from the back of the chaos dwarf camp and now he saw what was being pulled towards the battle the deamond engines of the chaos dwarfs 8 earthshakers and 12 death rockets living cannons pulled by chains cannons that had teeth. there was also 5 bolt throwers used by the hobgoblins they creaked as there springs where pulled back the 2 armies began to trade shots at each other well out of the range of bows and crossbows it was a duel between the gunners one of the earthshakers ate one of its crew the other drew wiped it till it spat out the dead body of the dwarf. Hans found the chaos dwarf mage who gave him back his sword and his staff he was looking at a huge pile of stones that had oil poured over them 30 piles 3 times the size of a man. Hans looked at them and asked what are they. The mage said in good time you will see. Each pile had a dead hobgoblin on top of it a nod from the mage and each one was set alight. Bizarre though Hans he asked the mage will I stand next to you during the battle? no responded the mage I will be busy hear for a little while stay with gargath and his warriors on the far left and watch for the bull centurs they will come when you need the most

the mage looked at Hans and do me 2 things firstly stay alive above all things stay alive and the other thing kill as many dwarfs as you can they won�?Tt spare you because you have sided with us if they get hold of you they will hurt you a lot before they kill you.

There was a genuine look of care in the chaos dwarfs eyes

remember we need you alive was the last thing Hans heard from the mage as gargath led him away. even among his own kind gargath was a terrifying warrior unlike his kin he carry a curved sword it was heavy but could also by use to fence his shield was thick metal and the front was covered in tar and gargath dipped it in a bag of broken glass. He looked at Hans and said smash it in the face of your enemy and kill em slow when there blinded he had a heavy hauberk and a breast plate over his chest. the second chaos dwarf guard from the coach took command on the army he was ordering units in to place nearly 2000 warriors faced 1000 dwarfs dug in to the mountain at first glance a very hard fight for both armies 400 of the hobgoblins carried bows and half the chaos dwarfs had blunderbusses maybe they would out shoot the dwarfs it would be clear soon.

the cannons spewed shots at each other the well dug in dwarfs fired well destroying some of the chaos dwarfs guns and the chaos dwarfs guns seemed to aim wildly rockets flying at all angles and the earthshakers where falling to long far up the mountain the distance between the 2 armies would be a long way if it had to be covered under all that gun fire.


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richard barby:

how are we going to win Hans asked gargath as they took their place on the left hand side of the chaos dwarf battle line there is no easy way to pull the dwarfs off that mountain and on those slopes there safe we will die under their crossbows and in front of their shield wall look at our guns there not even getting close to the dwarfs guns your mage said watch for the bull centurs and I can�?Tt even see them. Speaking of the mage he�?Ts staring at a pile of burning stones.

Gargath looked at Hans go side with them if you want to but we will win inside an hour they will all be dead down in the fields in front of the mountains. I recon 10 minutes they will have to give up the high ground. Don�?Tt worry about the bull centurs like the high priest said when we need them they will be hear when we need them. As for the mage he�?Ts is doing some very important work not just staring at some stones. Gargath shock his head how will you save our lords if you don�?Tt really know a thing about us.

inside an hour trust me human are guns are hitting right where we want them to if there stay where they are soon we will bring the mountain down on top of them. The shells from the guns burrow down and cause small earth quakes there crossbows and guns will gets pushed down the slope any second. anyway Hans time to go kill

the line of chaos dwarfs started to cross the fields towards the mountains 4 flags flew along the line 3 of broken anvils and one a long thin steaming red flag Hans looked at it and gargath seeing him stair said it�?Ts an old flag we don�?Tt use it much anymore it means no prisoners they won�?Tt take any of us so nor will we. the dwarf guns lowered the aim as the line walked forwards the first few shots tore small holes in the line killing a few hobgoblins and a few chaos dwarfs the lines closed up quickly Hans looked at the slopes that the dwarfs held as earthshaker shells landed all over it cracks in the slopes where starting to appear a cannon and its crew where swallowed whole but one rocks fell crushing a few crossbow dwarfs. it was working but would it work quickly enough as a cannon ball ripped through the line near Hans killing 10 warriors would his luck hold they were still 800 yards from the dwarfs and the dwarfs where firing the cannons very quickly

richard barby:

the dwarf lord looked along his line it was starting to look thin compared to the chaos dwarf and goblin line walking towards them he still had 4 canons firing there well dug in positions where holding some had been swallowed up but he turned to his aide de camp go tell the engineer ay 500 yards switch to canister shot and blow some holds in there line that they can�?Tt close up. The young dwarf ran quickly off towards the guns. The lord turned and look down the valley he runesmith was standing to his left. Have they tried any magic yet he asked the runesmith. not yet but there are 2 mages down there one is there lord he�?Ts over a mile away praying about something he�?Ts to far away for me to do anything about it. The other one?

he�?Ts on their left flank and he�?Ts human as well I don�?Tt know what that�?Ts about why would he join them

another rocket flew over the heads of the dwarfs it had a slightly shorter fuse it exploded over the heads of the gun crews it killed several of them the dwarf lord looked back he beckoned the leader of the slayers to join him and runesmith pointing over the hill he had the runesmith pick out the human find him and make sure you kill him take all your slayers and cut your way to the mage and make sure he dies. the slayer jogged off without a sound he and his men would make redeem there selves breaking a shield wall and hunting down the mage

by the gun pits the engineer picked his self back up he looked around he still had enough crew to man the guns. in front of him there was a dead dwarf who was not part of his crew he was very young he had been running up the hill and had run in to the path of the shrapnel that had exploded above them the engineer turned back to his men and ordered them to keep firing the cannon balls he picked a lump of metal out of his arm and flicked it away. His organ guns were still intact hidden one in each flank they would have to be aimed well at about 80 yards maybe one shot would be all he would get out of them.

another cannon fired and ripped in to the chaos lines they guns had started to ain at the centre of the line the captain of the obsidian guard pushed his warriors on he had so few with his in a sea of goblins it would be a hard fight to come. The flanks would have it a lot easier. Hans walked on they were getting closer now 500 yards maybe less from the shield wall of dwarfs more and more shots fired over head burrowing in to the ground and their effect was starting to cause more and more damage to the mountain then above the dwarfs there was a huge slide of rocks above the dwarfs it caused tones and tones of rocks they fell over the gun pit burying the gun

richard barby:

more rocks where falling one of the dwarf lords thains approached the lord we have to attack there bringing the mountain down on top of us we are going to die before they even get here. the lord looked over his lines that very morning they had been ready and dug in but there was no point holding on to the high ground if it was going to be there doom. Your right down the hill now reform 4 ranks deep we will push through there centre and them we will roll up the flanks we will give them death. Crossbows ready get in the second rank slayers get to the right and don�?Tt open up the wall when we charge. the lord looked back at where he had been standing there where many dead dwarfs there we will avenge them he thought to himself and took his place among his hammerers body guard in the front rank for the hold and for the king attack. With shields locked together they marched forward but 10 dwarfs waited behind they had ran to the organ guns that were still in working order the engineer was with one. One good volley from these and we can change the course of this battle. we fire then join the shield wall

as the dwarfs walked towards them the chaos dwarf mage finally showed himself he looked at the earthshakers and ordered them to unchain the guns and lead them forward he told the crews and the monsters guns ran forward the mage walked forward as well behind the guns but he was not alone his stone legs covered the ground steadily the fight would be joined before he got there.

Hans began repeating the words to one of his spells he had learned it years ago the words where very familiar to him he picked the place in the line where he was going to send his spell he picked the dwarf he was going to aim at he had a red beard down to his chest he carry I round shield and a axe he had a grim determined look about him as he walked towards the chaos dwarf line he was going to everyone of his kin had it also and so did the chaos dwarfs facing them the final word said the spell was finished and Hans released it a black smoke flew from his hand and sped towards the dwarf as it almost hit him it dissipated in to the air the runesmith had taken his place in the dwarf line facing Hans.

don�?Tt waste your time on little spells human gargath mocked keep you head down gargath and the 2 chaos dwarfs next to him locked shields as a few crossbow bolts fired at Hans they thumped in to the shields the dwarf on gargath left was killed but another stepped in to his place quickly less that 200 yards to go the dwarfs stopped and the crossbows began to fire volleys just about 200 crossbows the lord shouted 4 shots a minute present fire

200 bolts flew through the air banging in to shields and armour and flesh goblins with cheep thin armour fell in good numbers a few chaos dwarfs fell but not many at the back of the chaos dwarf line drums began to beat driving the attack forward

dum dum dum du-dum

dum dum dum du-dum

dum dum dum du-dum

they hobgoblins where getting in the a frenzy there masters looked focused Hans was just scared these two lines where going to smash each other apart another volley smashed in to the line another chaos dwarf next to him was killed the bolt went through his armoured helmet right in to his brain the warm blood splattered on to Hans face he wiped it off he kept hold of his sword

the hobgoblin archers dropped back and began firing over the heads of the battle line there sots where largely hitting everything but dwarfs but they killed and wounded a few each shot and each bow fired much faster than the crossbows. the runesmith was hit in the shoulder he stepped back but broke off the arrow and spat on his shoulder and walked back in to the line and threw the arrow back of the chaos dwarfs

the dwarf lord looked out through his visored helmet the black arrows where not doing much damage to the line he looked at the rune covered weapon he would have to kill many of his dark kin to win this day as would his hammerers his personal bodyguard all oath sworn to fight with him to the death he hoped it would not come to it

100 yards to go Hans sensed something was about to happen that was bad for him and his twisted companions over on the right-hand side of the line he heard a noise buzzing noise and a sound of screaming and pain the organ gun had started firing it tore in to the chaos dwarfs killing many of them it was a fearsome weapon much worse than the volley gum that the empire used the damage on the right hand flank was bad but it wasn�?Tt his concern get down he shouted Hans threw himself down gargath quick to react was on top of him quickly protecting him and crushing him at the same time other dwarfs ducked down as the volley gun hidden wide out on the flanks of the dwarf lines was exposed as the engineer was about to fire it he heard thunder behind him hooves from the bull centurs they had ridden out the far flanks there bull body covered in sweat entered the charge going for the small gun crew the engineer had time to fire but not much the bull centurs where on top of them quickly there great axes cutting down the crew and knocking over the gun quickly it had fired only a few shots from its barrels the troops by Hans had suffered lightly from the barrage and jumped to their feet re from shouted gargath his loud voice drew the attentions of a few more crossbow shots but again his shield saved him.

seeing the chaos dwarfs stutter the dwarf lord ordered the attack the crossbows where harnessed away it would be axe and hammer work from here on for the dwarfs the chaos dwarfs reformed the bull centurs rode behind the dwarf line they had been joined by some wolf riders the battle line for chaos dwarfs formed line gargath shouted blunderbusses now the dwarfs where only 50 feet away shields that had just been locked together parted and squat barrels pointed out from behind them 40 feet away the dwarfs closed the troll slayers where packed behind the dwarfs right behind the warriors facing Hans. 30 feet aim shouted gargath hammers back fire Hans almost went deaf from the shooting he had heard it from more of a distance at the fort but standing right next to it was painful to his ears he looked at the dwarf lone it had been knocked badly by the shooting the blunderbusses fired a mass of shot and stone and lead it ripped in to the shields and killed many of the dwarfs on the flank

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both lines face to face crashed in to each other the dwarf lord swung his axe at a un matched speed he was fighting through a mass of green skins there were few chaos dwarfs near him his hammerers got to grips with the goblins as well the his left the chaos dwarfs had reformed well and held his warriors fast axe meeting shield time and again. on the dwarf right after the volley of the blunderbusses there were few dwarfs in front of the slayers there leader shouted them forward kill the mage he was a huge warrior with a barrel chest he carried one huge axe most of his kin carried 2 smaller ones we was quick with it and would see if the chaos dwarfs where as quick as he rushed forward leading his dwarfs a hobgoblin fell under him quickly and was pushed aside he reached the line and cut down a chaos dwarf quickly as well try me you orange haired bastard was shouted from the shield wall gargath had found a worthy adversary Hans stood and watched as did other soldiers in the line they saw a huge fight coming between the 2 at the same time the shield wall held firm and the slayers thrashed at them

the slayer ran forward at gargath and swung his axe at his gargath stepped back on his left leg as the blow went wide by inches gargath brought up his skiltmar with a flick he slapped away another strike from the slayer. Gripping the axe 2 handed the slayer swung it flat in a huge arch gargath jumped back over balancing the dwarf returned the blow in the same style but going back the other way. Gargath stepped forward at the unbalanced slayer and with a quick flick opened up a cut on the dwarf�?Ts shoulder it was deep and bead quickly. The slayer stepped back and made some shorted better aimed strokes with his axe each one matched by gargath. gargath pushed the axe down and slammed his glass covered shield in to the face of the slayer it cut him in many places he wiped it down and raised his axe and charged again gargath pushed under the slayer pushing his shield under the axe stopping it from dropping down he ran his sword along the belly of the slayer and opened up huge cut on the dwarf that would be fatal the slayer dropped his axe and grabbed his belly as his guts dropped out gargath slashed his knee bringing him to the ground as his with both hands on his cuts he was defenceless as gargath swung his sword taking the slayers head clean off it fell in front of his comrades 2 more rushed at gargath and both fell quickly as well but the slayers and other dwarfs along the line where fighting hard it would not all be as easy as gargath made it

the mage walked as fast as he could now he looked around the battle was bloody but going as planed the centre of the line was being pushed back but the side where holding it was putting a bulge in the dwarfs shield wall the deamond engines where ready to charge now smashing in to the back of the lines the earthshakers ate anything that could not get away from them this time the crew encouraged the whipping the guns one ran at the dwarf lord he was cutting down greenskins like a farmer cutting corn he saw the huge cannon and split it from end to end with a single stroke form his great weapon. he could almost see the end of the shield wall once through his men would sweep the day it would be a great victory another goblin fell under his weapon he could see only 2 goblins in front of him now this was it down they both went along the line his hammerers reached the end of the goblins a small pocket had formed the lord looked forward searching for any other targets and the lord face fell away the mage had finally reached the battle and he had brought with him inferno golems the burning rocks had been turned in to soulless warriors of the dark kin the mage stopped and pointed at the spot where the hammerers stood and the golems rode forwards reform the line shouted the lord but it was too late the golems smashed in to them and battle was renewed

richard barby:

the dwarf flanks where starting to be driven back the numbers of chaos dwarfs and hobgoblins where to great the slayers attempt to kill Hans had failed and now the clansmen where getting pushed back step by step they tried to keep their line intact. it now looked like 3 sides of a square .the hammerers tried their best to smash down the golems but the magic that kept them alive was to great lumps of stone where knocked off the golems but they kept coming. some of the dwarfs started looking around for a place to run their nerve was breaking the numbers where pressing them back now on 3 sides

gargath was loving everything that was happening he had killed many dwarfs and was running out targets even veteran dwarfs where looking others to fight with the blood of 20 dwarfs on his sword it was understandable they kept away from him. Hans using his vision knew what the dwarfs fighting him would do before they did he had killed several himself. finally a challenge came for gargath and Hans the runesmith blood running on arm where he had pulled an arrow out of it he held a hammer that was huge it was almost as tall as Hans and the head was mammoth with a spike on both ends it had blood of several chaos dwarfs and hobgoblins on it he was holding his flank almost by himself. Greenskins and chaos dwarfs where keeping away from him much like dwarfs from gargath. He leapt forward over 2 dead bodies his hammer smashing in to gargath shield knocking him back several feet. gargath staggering back parried a blow with his sword his glass covered shield was dented from the blow Hans stepped forward ducking under a hammer blow from the runesmith thrust his sword up at the face but the runesmith trapped his arm pulling the hammer back in to his chest . Hans was stuck his arm pinned by the runesmith his strength was amazing Hans tried to pull free but to no avail. Gargath pushed forward again forcing the runesmith to let Hans go and fight gargath he moved the hammer as quick as gargath did his sword not giving the warrior a chance to strike at him. With the tip of his hammer the runesmith smashed it on to gargath foot breaking his toes and pushing him back again this time gargath fell to the floor tripping over the body�?Ts the runesmith smashed aside the shield of gargath. this time Hans threw a spell back of the smith it took all of his strength of mind to work his spell it was the same spell he tired to cast before but this time it worked the runesmith soul was pulled from his body he fell to the ground a lifeless his eyes still open but nothing keeping him alive

with his death the dwarfs sprit started to fail the lord seeing army breaking in front of him shouted circle rally on me to me. There were still over 300 dwarfs left as they started to contract around there lord. To me my kin shouted the lord he had finally brought down one of the golems cleaving to rock that was its head in half. he picked up a hammer from one of his dead bodyguards he swung them both chopping at any emery that came near maybe he thought he on his own could hold back the tide running over his dwarfs

as the dwarfs ran back to make a final stand the last part of the chaos dwarf plan came in to action the bull centurs returned riding in to the rear of the dwarfs at they ran back they where one of the most terrifying units in the old world and the wrath was being directed at the dwarfs with wolf riders behind them they cut down warriors as they ran those that turned to fight where hit in the side by hobgoblins and chaos dwarfs the dwarf line was broken in seconds some tried to run back to the mountains but they was nowhere for them to go they were trapped massed of troops against them on all sides some fought valiantly but where soon cut down the lord having killed his second golem his cloths starting to burn from fighting the flaming monsters rallied 40 warriors as those not with him where killed . 2 ranks deep they formed a crude circle the lord at the very front chalanging anyone to come and kill him. he ordered those few left with him to make for to mountains maybe they could get away fight their way out he had been out witted by the chaos dwarfs but the chaos dwarf mage was in no mood to let anyone get away today as they walked slowly towards the mountain all the hobgoblins with bows took aim sournding the few dwarfs .the chaos dwarf mage with his body guards stood and watched he was smiling


the hail of arrows ended the dwarf resistance in two short volleys it was over. a wounded gargath stalked the battle field looking Hans I owe you a great debt I don�?Tt think I was going to beat that runesmith on my own your skill with your sword and you magic are worthy of joining my lords in our capital Hans held out his hand to gargath but he knelt down in front of him and bowed his head. the mage walked over I see gargath has started showing you some respect it�?Ts about time remember when your with us in our lands a mage like you demands respect from your servants and slaves.

the losses for the chaos dwarfs where not that heavy just under 150 dead and 600 hobgoblins dead like good slaves they had taken the brunt of the attack and paid a huge price for it there was nothing stopping the chaos dwarfs now though a week later they arrive at the road of fallen mages that lead the way to Hans new home

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BUMP now with spell check in the first 2


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once i hve spell checked it all i will look at adding some more. im sure its better to read if you can read it not think what the hells does that mean

richard barby:

the mage got hans out of the coach once they reached the highway to zarr-narughh. it was called the plain of zarr there where long sweeping areas of grassland it suprised hans how good farming land it was it if wasnt for the greenskins running all over it. the mage pointed at 2 broken piles of stone that sat one on either side of the road. the dwarf had a sad look on his face a llok of grief that seemed fresh

these are our first 2 they turned to stone nearly 4000 years ago ancestors of mine both they used magic when we chaos dwarfs first started useing it insdie 300 years it turned them to stone now a mage can last over 2000 years one of my brothers even longer we brought them hear to the old borders of our lands as they had wished to stand guard over the western road to home. a long time ago a dwarf army came hear and smashed them as they marched towards our city it was a sign that no chaos dwarf was safe from them since.

he tapped hans on the arm it was a huge mistake for them we killed them all and burned the hold in the years after. there king was sacrifced to hashut slowley over about a week. since we lost these two we have moved all the mages back to our city we have a sacred garden where there line watches over them waiting for them to be reborn

hans to mage looking him in the face i have not told you my name till now i had wanted to but now seems like a good time my name is gorgoth but from now on you call me like i will call you brother all priest will call you brother. you one of us now even if you are human your part of the brother hood. now back in the coach we have to get moving

2 obcidian guards helped the mage back in to the coach. hans looked at the stones there was blood running through them like marble it seemed it was part of the stone. as he got back on to the coach he thought to himself were the dwarfs alive when the became stone were they still alive when they were broekn and were they still alive.

brother no one had ever called im that even his fellow grey wizards it would be a dark place but he was acsepted and would be welcomed


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