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Post #100 � WOW � I�m immortal! Seems like yesterday I registered!��

In Denmark (where I live) we have a saying about �not throwing rocks - if you live in a glasshouse�. Don�t know if this is a multinational saying � but hope you get the point!

So after shooting at yours - I think it�s time to put my own work in the line of fire!

So why not use this 100-post jubilee as an opportunity to start my own CD-blog - and show you how I will achieve my goal � a 2000 point CD-army.

For a long time I have been determined to do a new Big Hat-army so I have been searching for models for a while, but it has been almost impossible to find CDs here in Denmark, and eBay-pricing and p&p costs to Denmark haven�t helped inspiring me!

However, visiting this forum made a difference!���Converting your own army� seems to be the way forward (not that I haven�t been tempted to do an original CD army like Pyro and Wallacer � those 3ed/Marauders ��.a gorgeous - but I�ll have the needed models in about a billion years or a very hot credit card � so that will only be a side project for me :D).

Therefore, during my summer Holliday I had a first go at converting my own Big Hats:

I like the result, but G! it�s a slow process � and if I have to spend so much time on each model � it will take me like forever to achieve my goal.

I also tried a couple of masked once (I post these to show you some of my ideas for armory):

But I�m not satisfied with how they turned out. So thank you Snotling for setting such high standards:P

But - after seeing especially Hammerhands, but also Grunts and Willmarks (and a few others) works - I seems to have found answer to my problems � helms.

So I have started these helmed warriors based on the classic 5ed and the 6ed Chaos Warrior heads, BFSP and 7ed plastic-dwarf bodies. Weaponry will be take from various models.

Here are my wip prototypes (all models need more attention to there armoury):

Hand weapon and shield (goal: 1 unit/20 warriors)

GW (goal: 1 unit/20 warriors)

BB - these with traditional BBs, but I think I will be arming them with various missile weaponry (goal: 1 unit/18 warriors - perhaps 2 units of 15)

In this concept I have found a perfect balance between look and effort, so I think I can fulfil my goal!

I have also had a go on characters. To hold them all true to Hashut, I�ve made this High Priest Azgral Dhurak (a Fire Sorcerer Lord) (There will be fire coming out of the skull):

He will be the spiritual leader � but will have support from another Priest of Hashut � to hold them all in line.

In addition, I will be working on a general (Lord) on foot who will lead them in combat - until I deserve the right (or rather find the time) to do my army centrepiece Tyrant Zhurak mounted on his mechanical Dragon Azuk Blackwing (but then the goal will be 3000 points - at least:))

Next big thing is to choose a colour scheme � I don�t think I would do a tradition red, black, brass/gold schema. My idea for this army is a raiding/bordering party scouring around the Chaos Waste hunting down enemies/slaves � so I think it will be natural but dark colors and perhaps even snowy bases;)

So I have many core troopers to do � but will award my self��for every 10 (I hate bulk-work, so have to find motivation) with a full command-job, a Hero or a war machine. My goals for WMs are a Death Rocket and a Iskhur inspired Shaker.

When the core CD units are ready, I will turn my eyes at the hobbo hordes (goal: 2 units of 25 hobbos, (or perhaps some wolf riders) and some BTs)? I�m totally blank for ideas right now! � so please continue to show your ideas and different approaches � as I will be watching you!:slight_smile:

Another big problem is the BCs, I want 6 of them at least � and have now [bip] ideas yet!

And now - please shoot!:hashut



Dark Haven:

I love the High sorceror in particular. He rocks!

Did you use the new chaos sorceror bitz to do that guy?

Good luck on the painting!


Dark Haven


those bits on the sorcerer are from the new chas terminator lord, i thought about using them, but i’m not a good enough converter to make it look good

hard conversion to pull off, so great work, and I like the fact you found a look that you like,

great conversions

Pyro Stick:

You are awesome with green stuff. Much better than me. That third guy in the second pic looks like a sorceror from 300. Great work on the sorceror.


That stuff kicks major, major ass!

And yes we get the glass house example. And you my friend have nothing to worry about, your stuff is that good.


oh, where did you get the skulls you where using for the sorcerer?


Wow with such good options bet it was hard to choose .All your types of warriors are excellent ,great bighats but they do take ages ishkur solved that for himself by casting.The helms are excellent very 3rd ed/marauder which as you say is very cool ,your grt weapon guys would fit so well:hat off

Somebody else who deserves slaves:D


Holy crap, those big hats rock!!

Amazing work Clam, keep it up!



Although I’m normally good at seeing where base models are from, Ican’t work it out for your amazing sorcerer conversion…?


Henrik Eriksson:

grimstone, i believe it is the old anvil of doom runesmith, the one with the hammer high in the air.

Henrik Eriksson

Ghrask Dragh:

:hat off clam.

Great Green Stuff work. I like the faces you’ve done for the big-hat models, I hope you can find a way to include some faces into your helmed army.

Sorcerer is awesome, can’t wait to see it with the flames included.

:cheers for another excellent blog to look forward to.

Pyro Stick:

Although I'm normally good at seeing where base models are from, Ican't work it out for your amazing sorcerer conversion..?

I was thinking that myself. Clam, lets see a pic of your sorceror from behind.

*slave for awesome work*

Kera foehunter:

i like your high Priest.The staft is cool and so is the beard


I think the body of the high priest is the old dwarf lord from karak azgul that one with the horn.

Nice looking army, better than my greening on my warriors, :hat off

Can’t wait to see the rest.


Thank you for all the nice words - and slaves:)

About the sorcerer:

The body is Kragg the Girm exposed to a Proxxon Power Tool - helm, head, beard, Left arm (hammer hand) and the rune staff cut off gently. And the new parts (staff and helm) are indeed form the new CSM Terminator Lord (some many great bits here). The new left hand is from a Slayer and the skull head is a trimed Chaos Warrior command skull head. And then a little GS.

@carnix - yes - Ishkur did solve the problem, but I didn’t know how to work with resin casting, so that was not an option:hat

@Pyro - I’ll try to get a pic of the backside - tomorrow, but nothing much to see really


- Clam

Pyro Stick:

Thank you for all the nice words - and slaves:)
@Pyro - I'll try to get a pic of the backside - tomorrow, but nothing much to see really

I just wanted to see to see if i could guess what model you used. It still will be good though for you to document your models as thoroughly as possible since they are awesome


Here are some more pics of the sorcerer:

@Pyro - Sorry to have spoiled the fun - I love trying to guess which models/parts that are used on convertions too.


Truly awesome work. I can understand the time constraints with the hats (maybe only one unit as a bodyguard for the sorcerer) but why aren’t you happy with the masks?!?! Some truly awesome GS work my friend. Why is it CDs are so big in Denmark?

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Fabulous sculpting work! o.O The searing blood of Hashut truly runs in your veins!

Use the big hats for champions, the helmets for warriors and the masks for warmachine crew. It’s going to be a great-looking army.

To help with the work, I donate a pair of slaves. :hat

Uzkul Werit:

Excellent work. Those first few Big Hats looked pretty good. I’d find some use for them - maybe Wizards? The Lord looks simply amazing. Can’t wait for the painted version.