[Archive] Clash of the Titans 2! Pyro Vs. Lord Archaon - Night Goblins Vs. Orc Pirates!

Pyro Stick:

Lord Archaon challenged me to a Clash of the Titans so we discussed it for a while and this is what we have come up with. It will be along the same lines as what warplock and swiss are doing but instead of converting/painting up a model we are going to build a terrain piece!

Just by coincidence i had started drawing up some ideas for a large terrain piece about half an hour before and had even bought a few of the materials so this was perfect timing. Im going to be making a Night Goblin Mushroom Fortress (inspired by Tjub) and Lord Archaon is going to be making a terrain piece for his Warriors of Chaos - Edit- Lord Archaon is now doing an Orc Pirate Ship.

Priority will be given to our Golden Hat entries and once we are done with them we will have until the 1st of March to finish our terrain pieces - Edit: lol totally didnt give ourselves enough time so this will just run until we are both done then voting will take place.

We will both post an example of past terrain pieces on saturday.

I will then post a voting thread along with pics of the finished peices and whatever piece of fluff has been written for the terrain piece and you will all get to vote for your favourite!!

Since a few people have brought up a Tale of X Gamers, and since this is basically a Tale of 2 Gamers but with only one terrain piece involved, why dont others challenge someone else to a Clash of the Titans?

Example of my Terrain:

Haradrim Tent i made a few years ago with a night goblin for scale

Ghrask Dragh:

Nice, can’t wait to see how this one unfolds!

It’s always good to see night goblin stuff let alone a whole goblin tower and as one of my current projects is WoC I’ll be very intereted in both sides of this one.

:hat off

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

This may become regula come on Gobbos!!!

Lord Archaon:

My terrain piece will be a Ruined Khorne temple inside a stream of lava.


I like the idea of making this a regular concept, the “Clash of Titans” series, I’m glad I challenged Warplock. It got me motivated.

Plus they’re two armies I like, even if I don’t play anymore (though I’ll make Bloodbowl teams!)

Good luck to both of you.


And i would like full recognition for the entire idea of Clash of the Titans :stuck_out_tongue:

And excuse me Mr Swiss…i do beleive twas I who challenged YOU!

But this sounds good…i look forward to see what is spawned :wink:

- Warplock

Pyro Stick:


Ghrask Dragh


I’m looking forward to see - what you can come up with

Ghrask Dragh:



Kera foehunter:

Well i waiting to see !! they both sound good !!


I’m eager to see your first sketches! :cheers

And perhaps also the beginning of your works! :hat off


Pyro Stick:

Ive updated the first post with an example of terrain ive done before.

And perhaps also the beginning of your works! :hat off

I started work on mine today. Heres what i got done:

Thats just the base. For an idea on what size it is, thats the corner of the mega paint set in the corner. It doesnt look much now but it should look good when its done. I couldnt start on anything else cause the guy im buying the foam board off of is away skiing until sunday night so i will start work on the main thing on monday. Hopefully i will get my 200 lolly sticks and 1000 matchsticks by then as well.

Lord Archaon:

Here are examples of my terrain:

A Mordheim House

A Khemri temple

Kera foehunter:

nice terrain guys!! ok lets see the real thing now!!


Come on where is the smack talk?

Where is the horrific accusations of Orc Breath, and the mocking of the Mark of Chaos just being a badly made Tattoo from a night of drinking?


@Swiss, re: smack talk…

Sadly lacking, just as they were in YOUR face-off with Warplock, Swiss. Hmph!


GRNDL: Warplock and I took our mocking of one another to MSN Messenger as your feeble and weak willed mind could not handle it. You would be weeping in the corner, in the fetal position, muttering “the plunger” over and over again. :hat off


Hehe, cool Idea and good luck both of you… More 'shrooms for the gobbos!

Btw, Ill be sure to post my 'shroom fortress here on CDO too once I start working on it seriously! :slight_smile:


I´m really curious to see more of your terrain pieces, the start makes me eager for more …


Kera foehunter:

GRNDL: Warplock and I took our mocking of one another to MSN Messenger as your feeble and weak willed mind could not handle it. You would be weeping in the corner, in the fetal position, muttering "the plunger" over and over again. :hat off

wow !!!!