[Archive] Complete Video Guide to Converting BFSP Chaos Dwarfs!


I have been unsuccessful all day in trying to upload part 3… I will have to try again in the morning. sigh

Glad you liked it, Hal. :slight_smile:


Very nice idea!

It’s good to see that someone finally started using video for warhammer tutorials. It’s so much better to be able to see exactly what’s being done at each stage.


Part 3, finally up!! Took me 4 days of trying and failing to upload thanks to my bad connection!

But here it is, the ever important Beard tutorial!


A really clear concise video, thanks! I could do with seeing a tutorial on making the moulds for masks, keep up the good work


Where do you find all the time for this Xander?

These tutorial’s are amazingly helpful :cheers


Part 4! Yay! All done. :slight_smile:

Not sure whether I want to make a mold making tutorial… It’s a bit of a sticky area.

Glad you like the tutorial, Hal. :slight_smile:


I bet you were really hoping that arm you glued the hand wouldn’t fall off! :slight_smile:

No, a great job all round, the first conversion video(s) I’ve ever seen.


Ya, I have looked on youtube, they don’t really have too much. Some guy is making a Squiggoth with speakers inside, and I’ve seen a tank made out of cardboard, but that is it.

I’ve posted the videos on tons of Warhammer forums, looking to attract some new interest. I’ve got really positive feedback so far.


The fourth part does not work :confused:

Anyway, great job.


Whoa, what happened? It got flagged like this:

“Broadcast: Public Video | Rejected (content inappropriate)”

"This video has been removed due to terms of use violation."

I don’t remember anything inappropriate? What might I have violated in this video that I didn’t in the other 3? :S


Maybe this will help people casting greenstuff



Note that taking greenstuff casting should (IMO);

O Not be for profit (i.e selling of these parts directly, or possibly even selling models with said casts on??).

O On a fairly small scale

O Not widely advertised (:))


Thanks Grimstonefire, hopefully i’m now okay to start work on some new (not to mention much cheaper) masks for my CDs


I am using the same process to clone the masks of the hellcannon crew as well. :slight_smile:


These guides are awsome Xander. As I think I said in my intro post, these are what led me to this site. There’s been nothing happening in my regular forums CD area, so it was harder finding info, but this site is great!:hat off

I’ve found my free dwarf, so I’ll start converting it soon.


If you can convert and paint it by Saturday’s end, you can enter it in the painting contest. (see sig)



I doubt I’ll be able to manage that, what with my lack of a camera and all. Still, if I can find a camera I’ll give it a go.

Is the closing time Saturday US time? Because I’m in the UK.


Any time in March is fine. Since you live in the future you have until 5am April 1st.


Is that an April Fools joke Xander? :slight_smile:


Nope, if you recall, my post says, “Voting will start April 1st (no joke)…”



Remember that the UK is (at least) 5 hours ahead of the UK