[Archive] Complete Video Guide to Converting BFSP Chaos Dwarfs!


These 4 videos detail how I created my own Chaos Dwarf Warriors from [[BFSP]] Dwarf Warriors.

Part 1 - Removing Unwanted Plastic

Part 2 - Scale Male Armour

Part 3 - Mask and Beard

Part 4 - The Rest

Alternate: http://video.google.ca/videoplay?docid=-3314994495168339392&hl=en-CA

Finally complete! I am going to post it elsewhere now as well!

Cheers! :cheers


Great job there Xander, video came out rather well… That xacto knife your toting sure does the job, takes me so much longer to shave down anything. I like how you speak in the video as your not overly enthusiastic which wouldn’t help at all, great job on being a normal person. My only gripe is, after each removal part you should put the model infront of the camera so that the viewers can see closer what you have done. A few parts I couldn’t tell what you were doing by vision… Good work and keep it up Xander.


OMG YOU ARE A GOD!!! ( :hashut ) This has inspired me by showing me how easy it is!!! One little question, how much of the head would I cut off to add a helm?

Hashut’s Blessing:

Well bl**dy done. Simple, quick, effective (thus far…). Quite the master of the Xacto knife.


You do your models in exactly, I mean EXACTLY, the same way as I do mine - same order and all!


Dude Xandor is a god.:slight_smile: period. Posted on youtube:D

:hat off~MM


hehe, good job, Xander, your guide could be very helpfull for many people.

hm, i noticed, that i never cut away from my body, allways in the other direction :hat off


This really is awesome stuff, you can’t get a better guide for people doing bfsp conversions IMO.

Depending on how this is to be presented when done, you might want to take a clear photo from each side after this first stage to stick on the end (or in a link afterwards).

Btw, you might want to add somewhere that it has commentry, the sound was off on my computer and it was only reading n00bLords post that made me realise and watch it again. I think you did a great job talking through it as well, very calming tones :slight_smile:

I would love to do a video on me sculpting/ converting, but it would be just plain stupid…��More of a comedy sketch.

Lord Zarkov:

WOW: Well done!


Thanks guys! As for commentary, isn’t that implied in a Video? :stuck_out_tongue:

Part 2 now up, took like 4 hours to upload, lol.


This has inspired me by showing me how easy it is!!! One little question, how much of the head would I cut off to add a helm? I repeate my question :frowning:


Very clear and concise, these are great.��I’m looking forward to seeing how Xander makes his mask-moulds.��I had a go at them the other day, but failed miserably :sick.����


Nicely done,

Motivated me to actually start on a Golden Hat model.




This has inspired me by showing me how easy it is!!! One little question, how much of the head would I cut off to add a helm? I repeate my question :(


Cut about half of it off, maybe a bit less. Do the same to the helm, then glue them together. :P

Thanks for the comments guys! I had not planned on making a video for the mask molds, I will just going to show how you can use other mask-like bits... I will have to think on that.

Cheers! :cheers


heh. Nice idea :smiley:

Very helpful!



Well done with the second video Xandor, well done. I would have to say you did a great job and I was very happy that you never used the term “Like” for every other word which made life better for me watching. Awesome job there, keep it up.


excellent work Xander.

Its always interesting to see how someone else does theirs.

For instance I use an exacto for most of my GS work.

Once again - well done.


Wow I always thought greenstuffing was hard because noone ever showed me how to do it, now I know. AND KNOWING IS HALF THE BATTLE! :hashut


I’ve recored two more parts, and have been trying to upload them to YouTube for a while now. I will post them once I am successful. :slight_smile:


That’s really cool Xander, it’s so bizarre watching it on video though.