[Archive] Convereting a Great Taurus


how do i convert a great tarus id appresiate the help:cheers


Looks like the best bet is a Wood Elf Stag with wings. I’m not sure the dragon wings are the right scale though so maybe the Dark Pegasus wings would be better. Not seen any completed conversion of this one yet though.


I’ve seen exactly that conversion before, though I can’t remember where I saw it… HoH I think…


Thanks but I think i’ll just use a cold one and add green stuff wings.

Lord Zarkov:

Might be a little small though


Check out this sweet green!


That model is awesome! Snotling found it, but it’s not in production yet.


cool but i tryed that before the wont let you use it in GW.

but ive seen the cool tarus the guy who made then calls them

“spoon dragons” lol


Whoa! That brass bull is amazing! I might just look into that if ever I am made aware of its release.

The Flying Beaver:

I’ll be making my Taurus like this: Manticore body, bloodthirster head, bloodthirster legs for the front and hind legs and dragon wings. I didn’t come up with this conversion, credit goes to Xanthillarr of HoH.


Wow that looks amazing.
There is alot of glue on the base.:slight_smile:

The Flying Beaver:

Haha, there sure is. :slight_smile: I wish Xan had some painted pictures though.

By the way, does anyone have ideas regarding how one could convert a taurus rider? I’m really stumped here.


For my rider I’m going to use goblin wolf rider legs and use a dwarf upper body

then fill in the gap with green stuff then give him a hand weapon and

a shield.:cheers


I was going to use Thorgrim.


I would too but his legs won’t fit on the back of a monster.
Plus he is the king of the dwarfs.

Uzkul Werit:

The Wood Elf Great Stag is your best bet. Tyranid Gargoyle wings fit pretty well. I’ll have to get a picture of him up on the site.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

I will probably try to sculpt the whole Taurus by myself. I did not find any suitably massive model of a bull anywhere :~


heh heh snigger he has a bull dong snigger…

my bad

like you didnt think it

Kera foehunter:

tfb thats cool i like it …You need to feed him more thow


Woah, this thread had been dead for over a year! Ishkur’s taurus was still a concept, I’d hate to return to those days