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2nd core missile?

I don’t see that we have to have longer ranged missile units as an imposed weakness in the core section.

So alongside blunderbussers, what would be a good 2nd missile unit?

Would crossbows be good?  Sure they’re not black powder, but we don’t have to have everything as this.  We could invent a variant form of crossbow, that fires mini explosive/ flaming charges.

Another option would be a 0-1 unit armed with repeater handguns?

2nd core combat?

What about a unit of 0-1 Slavers like this:

Slavers … Points/ model:  ?

Same stats as CD warrior

Equipment:  Heavy armour, hand weapon and Slave Catcher (counts as great weapon, -1AS).


- May be armed with blunderbusses for + ? pts/ model.

Special Rules:  Scouts  (or have them as a unit without scouts?)

Core ‘thing’?

This is going to have to be very basic to be in core.

An idea I have been playing with is something that makes the army more integrated when various combinations are put together.

So this thing I have in mind is something that could take various forms depending on what upgrade(s) are chosen.  It would be mounted on 40mm, and would follow units around (dragged by slaves).  Note that it’s attached to a parent unit.

Upgrade ideas (rough WIP):

Icon of Hashut: The parent unit may re-roll failed panic tests.

Blast Marker:  The ‘thing’ fires a target marker that allows warmachines to adjust the range by D3 inches (when firing at a target within a specified range and LOS of the parent unit).

Burning Slaves:  The parent unit  may ignite the slaves, causing -1 Combat Resolution to all enemy unit within 6".  One use only. :wink:

Holy Zeal:  The parent unit will ignore rough ground (rocky ground, difficult hills etc).

These would all have to be appropriately costed.

You would then have 2 or 3 special rules for when two of the above are within close proximity.

Something like this would increase tactical flexibility, would be original, and would reflect an elite list better.


How about for the slavers they get instead of killing blow for each enemy model wounded in close combat roll a d6?

On a 6 the model joins the unit (against unit strength 1 only)


I had another idea for the second missile unit.


Armed with something similar to an M79 grenade launcher.

The range could be 16", S4, armour piercing?

Off topic, but that’s what my blunderbusses are based on.


IMHO it would have to be somthing with minimal or preferably no special rules. Were talking core here. Crossbows would make the most sense here.




3 4 3 4 4 1 2 1 9

heavy armor, shield and hand weapons

Special rules: tall hats (stubborn), grenades (as a charge reaction immortals may throw grenades into one charging unit, roll a D6 for each complete rank [max of 3], the charging unit takes that may S4 hits)

More of a special choice…


2nd core combat?
What about a unit of 0-1 Slavers like this:

I was thinking about some units from:

O&G: maybe a kind of "chaotic/demonic" Squig with a (CD) Herder.
- I my self have been talking it over with my fiancée about using Snotlings as (Core Unit) Slaves, well - just for the fun of it :cheers

BOC/HOC: Warhounds of Chaos - Well both BOC & HOC have them as Core Unit, so why not also the CDs?

OK: Gnoblars or Gnoblar Trappers - They sound like easy creatures to inslave, and use in battle. But might need a slave-master of some sort...

Humans: Or just a simple human-salve unit of some sort.

So what do you think?


CD’s aren’t a part of chaos, so we shouldn’t give them warhounds. the demonic squig herd sounds like a good idea


A unit equipped with some kind of reapeat gun like the imperial outriders. Or some kind of ratling gun (far more reliable of course)


i used the slaver idea in my army list



For a simple twist, you could have Chaos Dwarf Axe-Throwers!!!

You could use similar or identical rules for another type of typical range such as crossbows as mentioned above.

I know Xander loves his axes, so maybe others will appreciate this little idea, and it avoids the need for special rules, as some have mentioned they would like.



Instead of having another core choice, you could have dwarfs warriors have marks (like chaos warriors)


Mark of Hashut, Aspect of the Bull: +1S in the first round of combat

Mark of Hashut, Aspect of the relentless hunter: Re-roll an failed psychology tests

Mark of Hashut, Aspect of the protector: unit was a magical resistance of 2