[Archive] D & d at the site

Kera foehunter:

With all the people here. you think we have a Person that would run a D&D or a adventure here ??

So do you guys and gals think the same


You mean run it over the site? I guess someone could. I don’t have the time to run it myself, but could possibly participate as a player.

Kera foehunter:

well if we can get some one as a Game master !!

and post ever 24 hours it would be cool !!

or if you know your be gone pm the game master a head!!

since there is alot of us online this might be fun

we done this at the slayer site and they do it at bugman

We should be able to do it here??


If so I’d say it could run through the OT section; reason being as these things need a crap load of posts in the long run.

Kera foehunter:

of cource we put it in the off topic !!!


IMO it´s a great idea! :hat off

My problem is my insufficient knowlege of the english language! :frowning:

So I´m not able to be a GM here at CDO. Likley it won´t be good enough to play with you. :frowning:

But I will be a pleasure to succeed the characters in their adventures! :wink:



i love it. sign me up, its been i while since i played d’n’d last time pm me if you are going for it!


I love the idea, and i’ve dm’d many awesome games. I would be up for playing some 3.5.

Does the site have a dice roller text command?

Kera foehunter:

well lets see who would want to be the game master !!

Arakagaan Calasson:

I’ve never played D&D myself but if you need a n00b player here’s where to come.


Ill do it I love D&D I have like £200 worth of book all 3.5 along with a hand crafted world and like four different adventures waiting for players just remember paranoia is your friend:)


51la5 are you saying that you are volunteering?.

and how many players would be intrested?


Yes I am. I think I can do it I’ve been DMing for almost 5 years.


lets get this going, cant wait!


Well how are we going to do this are we simply going to role play or are we going to use the D&D rules I have never done D&D over the net before though I have done over role pays before. Also I will only DM if everyone agrees to it.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

It’s probably a good idea if you know what you’re doing 511a5. Although I think it would be kool if we did a CD version of D&D.


or play warhammer Rp with chaos dwarf characters, or a dnd campain in the warhammer world (this will be hard for the gm

and does anyone have any experiance on doing it over the web?


I know how to run a good campaign do not fear. But hard and fast D&D rules are impractical over the net, so I think the best Idea is if we all make up characters and instead of a D&D game we simply do a role play in the warhammer world, that way it will be more ad hoc, without the need for states and rules I can simply run combat by rolling dice adding a few things here deducting a few there. I suggest we use the system that druchii.net use, which seams to work.


well, I have no idea how to play, so I guess I’m out :frowning:


sometime has to be the first =)