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Is it me, or am i the only one who thinks that they are the most boring army in Warhammer 40,000? They look cool, but there units are dull, and there vehicles suck. What are your opinions?

Pyro Stick:

I like a few of the units like those death guys but overall i think they are the worst army in 40k and the remakes are desperately needed.


I had a friend who was only guy I knew fielding them in GW Philly, he nearly always won with them. But then he was the best 40k player in the store.


Well, they REALLY need to be redone… No one knows how to fight aginst them, so i might try them out…


I read some rumours on them recently, it seems they are in a very similar position to chaos dwarfs.  Strong rumours, then delays, then more rumours, delays etc.  Interestingly one of the more recent rumours if I recall correctly is that they were pencilled in for when dark angels came out, but got shelved for a while.

Where the rumours differ from CD is that (if I recall right) it’s already known that jes goodwin has sculpted quite a few models, there might even be some greens photos around somewhere.  I believe that their current status is at some point in the next 18 months.

Kera foehunter:

all 40 k boring to me !! there no dwarfs !!


Kera, what about Squats?

Kera foehunter:

gw killed them !! gw hate dwarfs


Well, i suppose…

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Hopefully this link will work (its an attachment link from warseer).

These are the only greens at the moment as far as I know, but they may not actually be for release. Its from Games Day Spain.


Cool Pics! Thanks Grim.


well, dark eldar still are one of the most balanced armies in 40k. Their Codex is old and therefore they lack the variety most up-to-date armies have but still they are competetive.

5th edition is mostly about speed and speed is what they give you. But you need to be a very experienced / skilled player since they are so vulnerable.

They are the only army I know of with a list capable of staying off board until turn 4 completely (beside a 5guy mandrake squad) just to come in all together through a portal and wipe the enemy off the board making use of tank shock, slave snarls, about 20 dark lance shots and 16 s6 blast tamplates.

shocking it is!


Those pictures aren’t actual greens, they’re test sculpts from GD Spain something like two-three years ago in some sculptors display box. They were doing something about the sculptor there and put all of his models on display, those two models are the sculpts he supplied to GW during the application process to work for them.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Actually the Dark Eldar fluff and their style is one of the coolest of all 40k, but they really suffer from the age of the sculpts and the lack of updates. If they get their update they will seriously rock, though!

I currently read “Brothers of the Snake” and the Dark Eldar have quite a few nice appearances there… they usually get slaughteres in the hundreds by a handful of Space Marines, but that’s how it should be, after all. :wink:


Kera, what about Squats?

with people constantly asking about them, GW resets the clock on when they will be redone.. it was stated about 5 years ok, that there is a timetable to do them, but it won't see the light of day because at ever convention there is one douchenozzle who has to ask "What about squats?" thus resetting the clock until the next douchcannon asks the same question at the next convention.. and so on...


You just reset the clock.

From what I’ve gathered is that they could figure how to make them fit in the universe so that is why they were abandoned. There have been reports of a pdf being released by accident at one time and adding the Demiurge to BFG to make people think something would eventually happen in 40k.


gw killed them !! gw hate dwarfs

Kera foehunter
Nah Kera they moved them to the Tau as Demi murgh ....

I did have once a army of those guys and girls. With stupid ideals of 40k's dark elves. I was so wrong and after a time they became converted and added to my small harleyquin force


Lol, they need a update horribly bad.


They could have been so cool. As usual, they weren’t… Only the Haemonculi were any good model-wise. Having said which those Haemonculus sculpts posted look far better than the GW ones.

they usually get slaughteres in the hundreds by a handful of Space Marines, but that’s how it should be, after all.
Annoys me that GW still use them to fill in the ‘random bad guys to get killed in droves to make so-and-so look good’ role. Same thing they used to do to Druchii. Lame.


I thought the Incubi were cool too. Obviously the range of models is way out of date - something like 10 years or so? They need a rehash in terms of quality of models and some of the concepts, but the design as aesthetic is pretty awesome. Jes Goodwin’s designs are great, they just need to be brought into line with more recent models. The idea and base design of the Dark Eldar have a lot of potential for awesome models, they just need GW’s support to get them out!!

Same goes for the Catachans. Could be awesome, but the only models available are the soapy faced, potato muscled models. I thought the new Catachan command models released last May showed the potential of them, but alas, core troops are still the same.