[Archive] dawi zharr warrior


My first attempt, its not exactly up to Kobarf or Snotling or Ishkurs standards, or a lot of other peoples as well, but for a first try I’m quite pleased.

I used a lot of techniques I stole from this site, I mean borrowed, lol.

I know I need to smooth the hat and things that isn’t finished as yet, but any comments are appreciated.


Looks great, man!

I await more!


two more hand weapon and shield warriors. Im really enjoying making these big hats and curly beards!

and my hero. I opted for a more chaos look, and gave him a bull head mutation, and lots of spikes. I really like the way this guy turned out, and probably has more green stuff detail than ive ever done before even on a full sculpt!

i did try sculpting back banners onto him but didnt really like the eventual outcome so i took them off.


Wow that guy looks good ,and that bull head is amazing.


Ya, he actually looks pretty sick! But watch that flash, time to get out the file!

Well done man!


that not actually flash on the hammer thats my attempt at removing a dwarf rune with a scalpel blade that looks more at home in a dark elfs witch’s tower. dont worry ill sort it all out before its painted


I meant this line actually :wink:

Enjoy painting them as much as making them :cheers



alas mr kobarf that line has already been filed smoother than a pint of wychwood’s hobgoblin ! im glad people have pointed things out though.


Excellent sculpts and truly fabulous tastes in real ale! But careful you’ll make our foreign counterparts jealous as they do not live in the UK and thus have limited access to this most maginificent of beverages