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Greatings one and all. Some might remember a while back that I had posted up that my services are available to those who wanted me to paint for them. Well I have returned with new prices and new pictures of works for customers of mine to see if I can add a few new customers. Now on to the important stuff.

The way it works for payment: The rules are simple. First, tell me what you want me to paint and how you want them to look. Then I�?Tll tell you how much it will be to paint them. After that you pay me the cost and I will write a receipt and take the miniatures you want me to paint.

Prices: The painting prices are as follows.

Single 20-25 mm (Goblin-Chaos warrior) based mini: $4.00, Basing: $.50

Single 23x50 mm (Cavalry) based mini: $9.00, Basing: $1.00

Single 40 mm (Ogre-Swarm) based mini: $12.00, Basing: $1.25

War machines (Chariots-Cannons): $16.00(price includes crew), Basing: Pending*

Single 50 mm (Giant-Dragon) based mini: $25.00, Basing: $1.50

Characters: $10.00**, Basing: Pending***

If you wish for me to purchase the item that you want me to paint that�?Ts fine. But you must pay the exact amount along with 15% of what I paid for it along with the amount you owe me for painting.

When shipping the items you want me to paint you�?Tll pay for both the fee to have it shipped to me and the fee to have it shipped back to you.

*The prices will varies depending on both what type of war machine you have and if you want it on a base in the first place.

**This can be added to if you have a character on a mount.

***This will be price on weather you have the character on foot or mounted and what type of mount the character is on.

Test Mini: To see if you want me to paint for you, you are allowed one free miniature for me to paint. This miniature can be painted and worked on until you are satisfied. One test miniature is allowed per army for other armies you want me to paint.

How to contact me: I only accept PM. This will be the main source of contact between me and my customers

Pictures of actual commission work and a few of my own peices.

If any body has any questions please PM me.