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Trying to think of what would be a cool display board for my new Chaos Dwarf army.

A mining pit just doesn’t seem right.

A monument to Hashut might be cool… but what could I do? would it involve a giant skull perhaps (with a beard of course)?

Would a pool of Oil be cool? Would Lava be better? Considering I’m going more for the tarnished metal with hints of red.

Would some sort of series of obelisks be cool?

Where do people get that card stuff they can cut and stick on? I can’t GS arrows… but maybe the cardstock thingy would work. Arrows on the obelisks might be Chaos Dwarf ish.

I’m stuck and can’t figure it out. Help!

Thommy H:

The Road to Zharr-Naggrund: a black plain with a road running down the middle and ridges along the side topped with stone Sorcerers. You could make a massive bronze or obsidian gate at the back if you wanted too.


build a CD zigurat of doom!

you can buy plastic card on hobby stores


I’m thinking of perhaps…

Some monument with a giant bronze skull on it.

I do wonder if the skull might be tacky… but I will keep an eye out for some cheap plastic bulls…

Random spires (not obelisks) sticking out at strange angles to form some sort of hellish landscape

Something like Z’ha’dum from Babylon 5:

Perhaps the spires made of obsidian… with glowing runes…

Tarrakk Blackhand:

There’s 2 types of sheet plastic you can buy.

The first is Evergreen Sheet Plastic. This is a polystrene plastic that comes in sheets of various sizes. They even have a mixed package with different odds and ends that include some flat sheets of various thicknesses, some tubes, corrigated sheets, clear sheets and a black plastic sheet.

The second is Plastruct. Plastruct is another polystyrene compny that have sheets with different textures on them. Some are bricks, rocks, craters, water in clear blue, Spanish roofing tiles, and more.

You can combine the two together as Evergreen is usually flat, undetailed sheets and Plastruct are thin textured sheets. I use Evergreen to make the basic building and then cover it with Plastruct to get the textures.

As you can see, the smooth items on my watchtower are from Evergreen and the roof shingles and stone walls are from Plastruct.

Here, the floor is Evergreen and the outer wall with the stucco is Plastruct.

Both are availible at your local hobby shop…or mine! :smiley:


The Road to Zharr-Naggrund: a black plain with a road running down the middle and ridges along the side topped with stone Sorcerers. You could make a massive bronze or obsidian gate at the back if you wanted too.

Thommy H
I was thinking almost the same thing....but make the gate and walls the main feature of the piece, with the army marching out of it, and carved stylised bulls or CDs as pillars.

Maybe do some craters in the landscape? Geysers? The odd lava stream?

- Warplock


Za’ha’dum, good start.

I would think towers with onion shaped tops.

Black road

Ruined gound, gray, red, brown, burnt black, charcoal.

Maybe lava flowing from a volcano/hill on the back corner (I’ve seen some cool scenry kits at AC Moore and Michaels made by Woodland Scenics for diaramas made by students.)


Alright I have my idea now…

Please pardon the crude drawing. I drew it out on graph paper and I’d have to go to the student center to use a scanner. This was faster. It’s a little out of scale… the image is a bit wider then it should be. There’s less space on the ends.

The two black spray paint lines are roads. 4 inches wide. Just wide enough for my units when I rank them right. I might make them 4.5 " wide though.

In the middle… the red circle is a monument… probably with a skull. It’ll be painted black and then give a glosscoat to make it look like Obsidian.

The two red lines are rows of crooked/twisted spires like I posted in the Z’Ha’Dum images.

The blue thing will be a little plate with my name on it and probably the name of my army.

The flock off the road will be a brownish mix of stuff… to look like barren and polluted. The roads themselves will match the basing on my troops.

So it’ll be two road collums passing a a monument of some significance.

Thanks for the various pieces of input from everyone.



i would do the roads to look made out of stone

that would fit the cd character,could be a slave road to zharr naggrund

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Try and find Woodland Scenic’s fine Iron Ore ballast #B70 at your local Hobby Store. It’s a red rust colour.


Try and find Woodland Scenic's fine Iron Ore ballast #B70 at your local Hobby Store. It's a red rust colour.

Tarrakk Blackhand
I have a ton of ballast from their line... it's good stuff. I usually mix some together so it's not perfectly uniform.


I still like an Onion shaped top of the tower. Skulls are overdone in warhammer.


If you don’t use skullz, how can you tell its evil? :stuck_out_tongue:


Chaos dwarfs aren’t evil, just misunderstood.


If you don't use skullz, how can you tell its evil?  :P

empire also uses a lot os skulls and they are the good guys


Nah, the Empire are very evil. Self-righteous, vain, xenophobic, sadistic, fanatics…


you are right

but i was talking about the empire in warhammer fantasy


Seeing as I essentially have a divided highway going through hell (or at least how I see Hell)… a friend recommended a billboard.

Any cool ideas for advertisements?

Kera foehunter:

what about something like this


Highway to hell.

Make road signs from Album Covers.


Meat Loaf - Bat out of Hell

AC-DC - Highway to Hell