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Ok, so, after 18 years of playing, collecting, and painting, I have finally entered my first tournament.  I will be playing Chaos Dwarfs using the Indy rule book.  I have to create a 2250 point force, and while it is not required that they all be painted for this tourney, I want my pieces to be top notch to be able to represent the grandeur and majesty that is the illustrious Dawi Zharr!

I can most likely field what I have already and make due, but I thought as I am using the Indy list I should create some pieces specific to it.  My plan is to have a unit of 15 annihilators and then a unit of 4 Inferno Golems (the Indy specific pieces).

This is my start to my annihilator unit…  they are not even close to being done at all, I will be modifying the guns to have them be more blunderbuss-like, and changing their armor to be heavy to match the rest of my force.

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage


Kera foehunter:

what a great group of old cross bow dwarfs i like how your going to use the old and new dwarfs to make a unit


Who are those white guys? It’s a pity they are out of focus.

If you do not have a macro function try to take picture from a greater distance and then zoom in with photoshop. You’ll be amazed how simple is taking nice pictures… :slight_smile:


bassman: yeah I realized that after posting these, and seeing the group shot in focus… it didn’t look that good in the camera! next time around… The white pieces are resin dwarfs from Grendel… don’t think they make them anymore, but possible… pretty cool pieces, most of them went into my regular dwarf army.

Thanks Kera!


ok, so I’ve been horrible about adding to my blog… so much for a first start!  Anyway, here are some progression shots.  I need to do a little more putty work, then I’ll be ready to paint.  I have to have them done by March 12th… So I’m really trying to get to them…  I can’t believe I’ve let life get in the way of my Chaos Dwarfs!!  HA

Command Group, here is my first step in making the bull horn!

Here is my slaver!

More pics in a few hours!


This next batch shows my slaver after I added his horns and the funnel for his gun.  Also two annihilators with masks… and I tried one with the goggle look!

Here is my command group now:

(I need to take a better pic of the bull head horn, that came out pretty good!


ok, and here are the final pics from what I finished up this afternoon!


Nice work! Those resin dwarfs look really good, although I’d remove the stands they’re on as they make them too tall compared to the rest of the unit.


YEah, I tossed with that, but the resin is very crumbly when you start to cut it, and I was afraid of destroying the bottoms of these figs entirely! Any suggestions on working with resin smoothly would be appreciated!


These guys look very promising!

Nice conversion work! :hat off

My favourites are the Grendel guys! :cheers

Now I want to see them painted! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Any suggestions on working with resin smoothly would be appreciated!

Cut holes in the base if you dont want to take a saw/knife to the model.

But are you going to do some more sculpting on the things the are holding right now? I do hope so (:


cut holes in the bases! genius! I do have a few more resin pieces that I could play with too… so before I finish them up I’m going to see what I can do! Paint hopefully should start Wednesday…

and yes, I was going to do a little bit more with the resin guys’ blunderbusses… though I was going to add detail with paint too! hopefully tonight will prove productive as well!

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Looking good! I like the new horns on the helmets.


ok, so I added little firing mechanisms (can’t really see them in the pics…  but I think the detail on the guns is really going to come from the paint jobs!  I also tried cutting away the base…  It just made a huge mess and didn’t really get me anywhere, so I went with the hole in the 20mm base idea, and they look much better (THANKS BOLG!!!)  I’ll snap a few pics once I have all five embedded in the bases… but for now, here are the finished grendel resins (the dude with the ridge on his cap I am going to trim the numbs down to spikes…  going to look cool!

and here is another shot of the bull horn… the lighting is horrible… I’ll have to paint it to really show it off!  going to prime tomorrow!


You’re welcome (: good luck/have fun painting. looking forward to see them done.


Primed and started painting!  Definitely glad I sunk the resin troops into the bases… they look worlds better!  pretty psyched!  (I also added the flag pole and top: the  head from a Chaos Minotaur from Epic Space Marines!)

primed and ready for paint!

flesh and bronze


FINISHED!  just under the wire… with the tourney on Sunday, I just finished up my unit of annihilators!  Still left to do:  sand and paint the four bases for my daemoneaters and the Kolossus, and the two for my eruption guns… piece of cake!  ok, so to the update:  Here are my blunderbuss armed Dawi Zharr!!!

The "used to be Grendel Resin Crossbowmen"

The ex BFSP thunderers command group

The ex BFSP thunderers

The unit together

And here is the entire 2250 point force I will be using on Sunday

(1 unit annihilators, 2 units warriors, each with an eruption gun, 3 daemoneaters, 1 Kolossus, 1 Death Rocket, 1 Earth Shaker (mortar) General, Battle Standard, Daemonsmith)


command and stuff


Awesome army! It really looks ace! :hat off

I like your colour scheme - not so bright - just cool! :cheers

What kind of tourney is it?

I’m eager to read about your efforts to subdue the lesser races! :wink:



Thanks Zanko!

Yeah I’m looking forward to fielding this force. I have never used the Indy GT list, nor have I used my Death Rocket, or Kolossus… or even an Earth Shaker! ha! I’ll do my best to not only subdue, but to completely annihilate all foes muahahaahh!!!

The Tourney is “The Battle for the Cure” it is a one day charity event to raise money for cancer research. So we are warring for a good cause! I’ll be sure to update everyone tomorrow! and post some better pics!


Great looking army, loads of great conversions and loads of great classic models :slight_smile: