[Archive] Dncswlf's hordes of other stuff (1/25/11 update: Snotling Pump Wagon)


Ok, so it’s not hordes yet, but here are some of the other things that stare back at me from my painting area :wink:

Rakham Minotaur… I just really love this model!!  


These are figures based on an American Shock Rock band: GWAR.  There was a table top miniature game released called Rumble in Antarctica by the guys who developed the Warengine game system  (think it is released by Dark Tortoise Games now)

Slymenstra Hymen and Beefcake the Mighty


Scroda Moon and Robo Sleazy


The Rackham Minotaur! :cheers

I like this mini - very interesting paint scheme! Looks slaanesh tainted! :stuck_out_tongue:



The Much Anticipated photos of some other stuff!

This might be my next project:

115 Night Goblins!

Love this guy

Here are some shots of my Ghost Miniatures Dwarf Steam Tank

Original Anvil of Doom  (Painted when I was around 15 or so I think)


Wall o Minis 1

Wall o Minis 2

Tyranid Exocrine  (this is from the older version of Tyranids…  resin cast tank model

Goblin War Giant from Grenadier Games (Haven’t finished his platform yet…)

Some Blue Dragon


Anyone else a Star Wars Fan?!?  I have almost all the West End Games Role Playing books… awesome resources!!!


And Last (for now… as this is certainly not least!)

My first 40K army: Space Marines… Still not all painted… started more than 15 years ago… I think the box of marines I got when I was 12 or 13…

Space Wolves

Dark Angels

and Space Tigers (all these guys started out as space tigers… ah the Rogue trader era… really pushed players, and the game to being more creative… I used a couple model cars to create flying sort of tank things… I think I still have them somewhere…

The Armor! (yes that one Rhino is mostly cardboard!)

and here is some sadness… and why I didn’t picture them all… the box must have fallen at some point… and the rest are mostly just pieces!!! ACK!!!


Good collection of models and books that you have got there


Awesome models like the Grenadier Giant, the Warwagon from Ghost miniatures and and and :hat off

I would say we have the same (good!) taste concerning models! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



very impressive collection of models… i love the big horde of night goblins…


Hopefully over the next few days I will be taking and posting more pics of all my stuff…

Zanko: I have some more oldies that I’m sure you’ll appreciate!


The blue dragon was called Serpentine dragon and it was one of my favourites! :cheers


Played a game of Space Hulk over the Weekend!!

(first edition: 1989)

Forgot how fun a game this is… especially with the stop watch, and the marines only getting 2 minutes and 30 seconds to do whatever they are going to do!  it got intense!

The marines advance, only 1 casualty so far

Here they come!



WOW classic hulk that must be worth a bit now, still have my new one in the box must get round to playing it one day


Loki, yeah, I think it is worth USD$150 - 300, but I don’t have any of the expansions… and for some reason I’m itching now to get them… must resist… ok, so I’m getting my nostalgia fix.  I’ve taken every vanilla dwarf out painted and non…  Keep in mind, Vanilla dwarfs were the first army I started on…  in 1990-ish…  I have not repainted any of them…  but here they are, all set them up:


and I forgot to set these guys up before taking the Group shot, unpainted Prince Ulthar’s Imperial Dwarves (seeing Zanko’s guys all done up have really made me want to put some paint on mine!)

The War Machines:



Allied contingent of Halberdier wielding Ogres

Love this guy:

BEAR RIDERS (Nick Lund sculpts… the center one is my first try with sculpty)

JUST LOVE THE NICK LUND SCULPTS… these all are named for Norse gods:


So, what you see:

15 Various characters
96 Warriors with Shields
65 crossbowmen
24 Thunderers
18 Prince Ulthar’s imperial Dwarfs
25 Bugamn’s Rangers (2nd version… thought I had the vintage box somewhere… but I couldn’t find it…)
20 Slayers
20 Miners
20 Long Beards
16 Pirates
23 Iron Breakers
25 Hammerers
18 Legionnaires
20 Spearmen
21 Bear Riders
8 Boar Riders with guns
5 Ogres
2 Steam Tank things
1 Anvil of Doom
1 Grudge Pony
1 Bugman’s Bear Cart
1 Goblobber
1 Catapult
1 Bolt Thrower
2 Organ Guns
4 Cannons
3 Gyrocopters
2 Flame Cannons


Awesome collection dude! :hat off

That is an amazing collection of dwarfs! :cheers

I would say that you own many more dwarfs than myself - but I’m not sure … must make an inventory! :wink:



Wow, I don’t believe it! lol… The only thing more I’d like to get is a 3rd edition gyrocopter and a 6th edition one… I’m going to try taking my orcs and goblins out next… I have quite a pile of those as well!


Wow, I don't believe it!  lol... The only thing more I'd like to get is a 3rd edition gyrocopter and a 6th edition one... I'm going to try taking my orcs and goblins out next.. I have quite a pile of those as well!

Ok, ok ... I must admit that I don't own as much warriors and crossbowmen like you! :mad

You won! :hat off

But I also own the Goblobber (painted!) and two older Gyrocopter! :D



Here are pics of some of the boxed sets I still have kicking around…  The goblin Battle Chariot box actually has the pieces for about 7 chariots… plus I have Grom on a chariot from 4th ed… and a few 6th edition orc chariots…  I’ll put them together some day…  (I also have 3 Beastmen Chariots… including Gorthor…  I envisioned a mass chariot battle one day)


I so love the old boxes, far better looking than the new ones…

…ah memories :smiley:


I am truely jealous

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