[Archive] Do you own WDP: Chaos Dwarfs?


Do you have a copy of White Dwarf Presents: Chaos Dwarfs?


Nope. I think I may have seen it earlier on back in the 5th edition days. However, back then, I was young, and didn’t even really know how to play Warhammer, let alone have the money to invest in multiple armies and the such, evey bit of money went to the models.


of course old school cd’s

The Flying Beaver:

I want it really badly, but I sadly don’t own it.


um yes… itz very… colorful…


I own it :hat

Its a good read every now and then, all for �4 on ebay

Hashut’s Blessing:

I envy thee that hath that sacred text!

Yaghnu Nigamwamp:

Of course. :hat

Lord Zarkov:

I just got mine last week from e-bay and I must say I’m rather pleased with it


Unfortunetely no, thinking about ordering it though…


Not yet… next one that pops up on Ebay is mine, MINE I tell you!


It’s well worth it, in my opinion. It’s a great read, and really gives you the background. :slight_smile:


Hmmm… next person to get one may be attacked by sneaky gitz, but I had nothing to do with it… even if the gitz incriminate me in the crime…:hat

The Dark One:

i have one


Of course I own it. No true CD fan should be without that dark tome (those of you who still don’t own it —> eBay).


Uzkul Werit:

I have the White Dwarf Issues that make up this holy tome and it’s worth it just for the cracking map.


sigh Blasted low financial resources… I missed another book on eBay…


I have the White Dwarf Issues that make up this holy tome and it's worth it just for the cracking map.

Uzkul Werit
I had put together most of the WD issues that make up the book, and also have the book - although they are all seperated from the miscellaneous stuff around them and grouped together in a folder. I also put a few other battle reports that involved the CD in the folder too.


Uzkul Werit:

I only have WD 161 and 162. Were there others?


I have it one thing I rearly like about it is the way they did the battle report alt beater then they are now.