[Archive] Dwarf army (not chaos) Dipped


This is a Dipped army, I have not the time or Patience to paint a full army properly (my Warmachine figures get that benefit as there are so much fewer figures per fight)

Anyway on to the shots, I didn’t bother getting my Ironbreakers out of their foam, all the minis below (apart from the bears) are magnetised so it’s just a case of getting them out of their box, I finished the last 6 Longbeards today hence why I thought I’d take a few snaps while the weather is glorious…

Full army shot in larger size can be seen below; this photo makes them look REALLY good, and like I have painted them with NMM… I WISH they looked this good in person!!:


I have ton of Dwarf character figures but thus far I have only painted two… one Thane and Runsmith (OOP metal longbeard and Runelord from Anvil miniatures) The Bears were built out of D&D pre painted plastics and based on 50mm bases for use in a Warhammer esk game that allows for any monster you want and vehicles (e.g. a dwarf Bear chariot… (I will be making one)), however I’m probably going to take them off the 50mm bases and magnetise them so that I could use them as DoW Ogres or just unit fillers… hell I might even make an army of them and make it an Ogre kingdoms army with Allied Halflings (gnoblar)… though unlikely… lol.

My Longbeards all have grey beards (apart from Helga) and either shoulder armour or a helmet conversion (or both).

The last 10 Hammerers I need to paint strip before I can paint / dip them which is why there are only 10 here.

EDIT: oh and I’ve finally got me some metal shields that I like to replace the GW ones I don’t like!! So sometime this year i’ll be actually FINISHING these figures…

I doubt there will be any updates to this any time soon, though I am working on my Shield bearer lord and want to paint my Anvil to try out an Anvil list one day, but seeing as this army hasn’t hit the table since 2006 it’s probably not an urgent matter… lol.


This is one of the best dipped armies i’ve ever seen. I really like the models your using for the ogres. I hope to see thme done here soon.


Usually not a fan of dipped armies but these look good.


Very cool army! :hat off

When I finished my actual CD projects, I will also refresh my dwarfs!

Great idea to use the bear riders as DoW Ogres - I could use mine (old Grenadier and Ghost ones) as DoW too! :cheers

Also like the painting! :slight_smile:

Only the colour scheme is not mine! But it would be boring if all armies look equal! :wink:


Da Crusha:

wow the army sure does look nice for a dipped army, now Im considering dipping. my favorite by far is those bears, very cool!

Kera foehunter:

Love the red and blue look Where did the bears come from maxxev


Wow, very well done!


The bears are OOP D&D pre-painted plastic bears, they have been chopped up and stuck back together to make the unit more varied. The original pose is the champion with the bear with a helmet (which I sculpted on).

Kera foehunter:

thanks!! and you did a great conversion on them


Re-basing these guys from 50mm to 40mm bases to use as unit fillers when I’m not playing Armies of Arcana (I can always use a movement tray to make them up to 50mm again) so I thought I’d put up a couple of close ups.

Da Crusha:

they look good. the 50mm bases looked rather large for them anyway, I think the 40’s are a much better choice. are you going to flock your army? finishing the bases do wonders for the appearance of an army.


not sure what I’m going to do with the bases as yet… for years they were white with dribbles of dip on them… painting them all black made them look tonnes better.

I’m thinking snow, but not certain as yet.


nice looking stuff, love the bear riders, I have the grenadier bear riders… these are a bit more animated!

I have a question… what exactly is “dipping?”


That is one sweet looking army, the bear riders are very cool :slight_smile:


I have a question.. what exactly is "dipping?"

Dipping is where you paint the models with no highlights onto a white undercoat (so my minis are painted in these flat colours only).

White undercoat.
-Blood red
-Ultramarine blue
-Snakebite leather
-flesh colour (not GW)
-Shining gold
-Beard (various colours)
-Chaos Black

Then I get my pot of Ronseal quick drying wood varnish and a big brush, dab the brush in the varnish then splat it all over the miniature, trying to get a good coverage but not SOAK the mini in the varnish.

Then I get a cotton bud and wipe it off the areas where it is pooling (face and chainmail are always the worst).

Leave it to dry and then it looks like the above (though the bear riders have been black inked since dipping as for some reason the dip didn't turn out so dark on them....).

It's called dipping because you can actually dip the miniatures in the varnish, my first 2 units were actually dipped into the varnish, but when I got to the metal models the bases kept on breaking, so I switched to the brush method.



Ah, I see, ok, well, they look great!


Very cool stuff.

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more WIP.

I hit upon an idea after finding the WD army list for the ironskin clan of Ogre kingdoms… all will be revealed (eventually)


Update on the bear for the Army leader.

Red Skullz:

I think this is a great looking table-top army and thats whats it`s all about really :slight_smile: Using a brush is best when dipping as you can control it a lot more like you say. Another bonus is that the dip protects the paintjob so no need for varnish but you can paint on top of the dip layer if you want to spiffy it all up a tad.