[Archive] Dwarfs incoming


Some potential for conversions here. And a functioning army list too…


Do you know anything about the army list?


Thoose look great!!!


Some potential for conversions here. And a functioning army list too...

Oooh I like those.

Have any other pics been released?


Have any other pics been released?



The Hammerers look like solid improvements over the older ones. That Slayer (Gotrek?) is phenomenal.

Let’s see GW rise to Avatars of War’s unspoken challenge to produce the best Dwarfs ever created. :smiley:

Admittedly GW’s own Lotr Dwarves might still claim that title.



Wow, thats a great slayer, is it Gotrek? Gotrek is awesomeness!!!


Wow, thats a great slayer, is it Gotrek? Gotrek is awesomeness!!!!

I'd be surprised if it is, neither of the axes are anywhere near as big as the old sculpts for him, and he usually only has one. Snorri uses two, but he has studs in his head so I doubt it's him, prob a generic slayer. Very nice though. Can't wait for these Dwarves, I've got a box of thumb tacks ready for them!


The heads are much too small and the Slayer looks like Obelix! :mad

So far I’m quite disappointed! :frowning:


Lord Farfocel:

Not to spell doom, yet… D - O - O - M

Do we know who is in charge of the book?

Sadly I have such high hopes for it, just like I had with csm… hope GW gives them a revamp like they did with Dark Eldar (can live with ONE useless unit)… Also want golems and zeppelins… :wink:

Grimbold Blackhammer:

Personally I’m not digging the ‘prison pants’ or the pose for that Slayer but those Hammerers look darn good!


The heads are much too small and the Slayer looks like Obelix! :mad

What's wrong with Obelix? ;)

I'm not sure how I feel about the hammerers just yet. But the Slayer looks promising!

Time of Madness:


The guy on the white dwarf cover is rumored to be Belegar (King of eight peaks).
He looks just as ridiculous as he looks awesome :stuck_out_tongue: Seems like the rumor about hammerers getting a higher armor save is true!
Ironbreakers are rumored to be getting a crazy 2+ armor save by default… I am looking forward to the book!


After looking at those hammeres I’m quite excited for new dwarfs. I think they’re gonna get some great kits - awesome conversion material for us.

I don’t like the slayer model. Something about the proportions or the stance. … I somehow doesn’t feel very “warhammer” nor “slayer”.


Maybe you’ll be able to use the great weapons/ guns from thunderers for chaos dwarf infernal guard ?? That would be pretty cool

For some reason they look like russian alternatives models to me … Just a vanilla dwarf version of them


The two problems with the Hammerer miniatures are the flat scalemail and the small heads, which seem about as characterless as the current Warrior plastics or worse. I’m undecided on their helmets, but I hope there are cone and round helmets in there as well. It’s still a major improvement though not entirely perfect, and the Ironbreaker masks/heads will probably rectify the face issue for that half of the combo kit.

The scalemail does make it particularly suited for Chaos Dwarf great weapon warrior conversions. Just sculpt your own beard and helmet or face with big hat, and you’re good to go. It’ll still be cheaper with Titan Wargames’ Royal Guards. :stuck_out_tongue:

The Slayer is indeed an unusual model for Warhammer and its Dwarfs in its realism/convincing looks. It might be the best Slayer miniature ever released by any producer, and it doesn’t suffer from the characterless face syndrome which crept into the Dwarf range with 7th edition.

That half of Belegar also looks near perfect. Good face, good beard, good pose, superb armour and weapon. That back banner will make for good terrain or standard top use, because the miniature is better without it.

So, two near perfect releases out of the three yet glimpsed, and the third is still very good. GW have not achieved to show off Dwarven craftsmanship in this manner before. :hat off

Blue in VT:

The hammers are of CRAZY proportion…the helmets are too square and the heads too small…the repetition of poses is boring to look at. The slayer himself is not…terrible but the pose is silly…is he supposed to move around the battlefield in mid air? bringing his stone with him? a decent sand alone piece but weird for a table top.

Obviously…I’m not impressed…:frowning:




I really like them, I have been looking for a while for something to use as my ‘Guard of the Emerald City’ and this could be it - obviously a bit of greenstuffing involved! lol

Hashut’s Blessing:

Not liking the curves on the helmets of the hammerers - Dwarfs have a very set stylisation, which is geometric shapes and avoiding smooth lines.

Second complaint is that the slayer would be better just leaping forwards from the ground/small rock instead of his slight twist from such a high piece of terrain. I like textured bases, but that is as big as he is (ignoring the mohawk) and causing him to have the look of a wardancer fighting style instead of the brutal barrage of attacks you’d expect of a slayer.

Last complaint is the back-banner of the oath stone character.

If I’m honest, those can all be rectified or overcome. I’m pretty happy with it all otherwise. There’s a clear look of Grimhammers from LotR in the armoured models, but not in a bad way. The character is a little busy, but getting rid of the thing behind him would solve that (and as mentioned, my be a nice standard top - for a BSB, to reference another thread happening atm :wink: ). the slayer could be Gotrek because 1) they’ve toned down the size of his axe, but they’re not exactly small - it’s more he’s using two that makes me question it and 2) the stripey trousers are a trait most often associated with Gotrek, sometimes his little buddy Snorri.

If the prices aren’t stupid, I may even look at getting some of this stuff.