[Archive] Earthshaker



Check it out!


Pretty cool looking!


It looks pretty good, an unusual design.

What scale is it?


haha, i found that very same model yesterday myself. It is 25mm from what I remember.


Nice looking model, needs new crew to be dawi’zharr though

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Hm, the Earthshaker is a mortar, while this is clearly a cannon. But the model might be a suitable base for an Earthshaker conversion.


The earthshaker doesn’t have to be a mortar, it just has to be able to fire on a fairly high tragectory. My erathshakers (when i’m not using hellcannons) are simply dwarf cannons, chaosed up a bit and elevated to fire at different (i.e. higher) tragectories

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Well since many of today’s Earthshakers are based on the Hellcannon model, there might appear to be similarities. But AFAIK, the Earthshaker is still described in the fluff as the “largest mobile mortar in the world [of Warhammer]” or so.


Ah, hadn’t seen that…