[Archive] Elven Chainmail Armour Patterns (Quick Sketches)


Fast drawing, based on the various types of overlapping scalemail with rounded or leaf-shaped edges which I sculpted for my brother’s High Elf Archers. Sharing in case it’s of use to anyone in any way whatsoever.

Yes, I’m currently enslaved at sculpting Elven armour, but I’ll get back to CDs soon enough. :stuck_out_tongue:


Make sure to secretly bind daemons to each link to slowly corrupt those dandies.



Not bad, though I would say that I’d avoid having more than two layers inter-lapping if you know what I mean. It would get tricky to keep it slimline otherwise, which is important for elves.


@Dînadan: Corruption it is then!

@Grimstonefire: Very good tip, and one that I ought to follow… yet my lifelong preference for layer on layer of details has got the better of me. Some elf lord sketches for a planned sculpt in action pose:


The helmet has a very nice Morrowind feel to it, that’s really cool!

Good luck getting all those crazy details in to the sculpt and watch out for the size!


Thanks! Will have to watch it real carefully. That’s one of the big pitfalls.


Remember, heroic scale exists for a reason :wink:


As a High elf player as well (don’t judge the ban hammer is over in the corner :wink: ) they look… great, good stuff!


Be sure to show us the finished sculpts somewhere! (Even if they’re elves…)



Sure thing, JMR, will do so in an off-topic log. :slight_smile:


Looking good! I especially like the detail on the knife and helmet. The sword is quite similar to many that I have seen for elves, but fits the model well.


Thank you kindly! There seems to be some enthusiasm for this little project over on 9th Age. Me and my brother are currently contemplating if I should sculpt a single archer of the one below, then have a few masters cast to go into a production mould and make a blister of 3-5 identical archers. The regimented look suits Elven armies, and I want to avoid true unit sculpting as far as possible at the moment.


Give it a go, you’ve definitely got the skill to pull it off :wink:


Just an idea you could try, how about doing two sculpts, one standing and one crouching and casting them in sets of six (three of each)?



Though not bloody likely. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Or rather, not anytime soon. The key here is to limit the number of figures, then master cast-clone a single sculpt into monopose blister. Every sculpt takes its time due to detailwork (and frankly I might not be capable to make unit figures in the same size, style, symmetry etc.), so a monopose standing archer would be the pioneer. If it sells well, it might very well be conceivable to revisit the archer and make crouching, reloading and command group models in the future, once I’m quicker and better and way more comfortable with unit sculpting. And before that happens, I’d like to make some more evil Dwarfs.

So certainly something for the future!


No need for them to be 100% identical - you should be able to get close enough with your level of skill :wink:


@Dînadan: At least with more practice. Monopose will do for this time around, in order to get on to the next casting project if nothing else.

In the vein of Elves…

[align=center]Face of a Killer


One thing which me and my brother has carried through in colours and conversions on his Lotr and WHFB Elves, is Elves whose refined elegance never comes close to dancing on clouds in pink ‘n’ white with unicorns and angels. Instead, we’ve always tried to couple elegance and artistic styles with an earthy practicality and a darker side more akin to beings with blood in their veins. Don’t be fooled by their looks and haughty manners, these are creatures of flesh and blood, and creatures of utter lethality, used to carry their baggage about them, equipped and used to campaigning in the wild.

We hope to carry that through in artwork, backstory and above all sculpts with the upcoming Elves.

What you see above is not a pure being of nobility and goodness never hurting a hair without provocation and playing on the harp all day and admiring butterflies. It is not a fairy figure. It is the face of a killer.


Me and my brother discussed customisible core Elves, and agreed to add a small shield to the back of the Elf archer for sensible equipment in close combat. Not a large shield, but something for the offhand whenever the support fails to keep the foe at a distance from the archers. The ringed-in shield is the relevant design. Did some quick shield sketches in a shaky car with a ballpoint pen while getting back home from work, including for possible shield kits for the future. Just as a little drawing experiment to get used to Elven designs:

The pots and so on for Zealot should be finished tomorrow, so work on the archer might start already this weekend. Also, we decided to give the archer, and probably all other Elves, a simple round plug beneath one foot, akin to what some Troll-sized miniatures in whitemetal come equipped with. Ranking up archers have always been a chore, and we want to get away from the flat tap-in piece which do introduce a tyranny of bases. Having no feet support at all would be too ungainly and require lots of pinning in metal, while a round plug should be simple to work with and allow collectors to base their archers at will according to however they wish to rank them up.


I alway liked Todd Lockwood’s take on Elven chainmail best, elegant and not a copy of a human historical armour:

Reminds me that some Korean historical movies look like Dark Elves are fighting:


pretty nice but there is no chainmail in the world that would follow curves like that ^^its metal not silk…