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Lately I have had the desire to do more things historical in my army building.  So sort of concurrent with my Warriors of Chaos is the building of my full blown 2000+ pt army of Imperial Romans to play WAB 2.0, which I’m finding to be a lot more fun than 8th Edition Fantasy.  No real conversions here, just basically painting an army.  This is my gaming fun army, painted to a lesser standard than what I normally paint to, very quickly painted ,but so far I like how they turned out.

These are Warlord Games’ models, they are 25 mm, not 28, I found that difference in scale to be kind of frustrating to paint, I’m not used to that smaller size, its taken me a bit of time to get use to them.  Very good detail on them though, with the exception of the arms.

This is my first Veteran unit, heavily armored.

My Praetorians and second Veteran Unit.

This is also the first time I have used water slides, that took some getting use to, but thankfully the slides are very good quality.


Pics of one of my Legionaires units. In this one I chose a Foundry Mini to act as the Centurion with the Warlord Legionaires. The mini is a touch bigger, but that touch is enough to make it easier for me to paint.

Next up more Legionaires, the plan is to have lots of them. Also have a pair of scorpions. Soon will have some aux. cav and a small unit of auxilliary archers.


Yep I saw that it was all good… :slight_smile:

Seriously, very nicely done. Paintjob is yet again awesome, they really do feel like Roman Troops. Especially the shields, they look really autenthic. Perhaps some day I’ll be crazy enough to start some myself. But until then I’ll stick to CD’s and perhaps do an all Halfling army. :slight_smile:


These are awesome!

very, very nice paintjob!

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Wow, very nice units, great paint job! :hat off How long did it take you to get these units painted?


very cool, i’m waiting for an order from warlord to arrive at the moment, coolest plastic romans ever. i’ve been experimenting with mixing the warlord and wargames factory celts with some cool results.


Very good work PsychosisPC :hat off - what rules do you use them with?


You should add some of these in… http://www.westwindproductions.co.uk/catalog/popup_image.php?pID=1043


Awesome work, PsychosisPC  - nice to see some WAB stuff for a change. And those Warlod miniatures do look very nice - and you did great on them.

Is the shields a transfer/decals or are they hand painted?

@aka_mythos - if those are Warlord’s are 25mm models - I actually think that the WestWind’s would look even taller than the Romans, themselves :smiley: Westwind dwarfs are huge miniatures.

But a great find - and I’m rather tempted buying some of these - have thought about mixing accient warriors and WfB.


I bought some of these guys back in the day, to help support Warlord Games. The more companies making plastic miniatures, the better.

You’ve done the models justice, for sure! Excellent paint jobs.


Very lovely paint job, nice one indeed! :slight_smile:


The paint is my version of a rush job, as this is more or less just a play army for me. I found the first 15 models to be quite frustrating to paint, until I got use to the size. They are just 25 mm. After that they came along a bit easier, probably have around 15-20 hours in on the larger 20 man units.

You know I’ve contemplated playing these guys in fantasy as dwarves since they are the same height as a GW dwarf.

On the shields I did use the water slide transfers, took a little while to get use to them and a bit of figuring out how to do that, but I’m glad I did. I could paint one like that, but to do upwards of 80, forget it. I believe Little Big Man Studios did the water slides for Warlord Games, if they didn’t they are very similar. My buddy Mike Butcher used the LBMS transfers on his greeks and they are simply awesome to look at. It really changed my mind about using transfers.

As to rules, I’m playing with the new Warhammer Ancients 2.0, and simply loving the rules. Its the way 8th Edition Warhammer Fantasy should have been written if you ask me. You can get those rules from the ancients site or Forgeworld’s site. Hardcover book is beautiful, took a month for them get it too me though, must have shipped it via boat.

I have some more units of Legionaires, command, some auxilliaries (archers, foot, and cavalry), a pair of scorpions, and big rock throwing ballista (which I’ll probably never use, but its a cool model).

I like WAB so much I’ve already started my next army, using and converting the Perry Brothers crusaders.


As to rules, I'm playing with the new Warhammer Ancients 2.0, and simply loving the rules.  Its the way 8th Edition Warhammer Fantasy should have been written if you ask me.  You can get those rules from the ancients site or Forgeworld's site.  Hardcover book is beautiful, took a month for them get it too me though, must have shipped it via boat.

Thanks PsychosisPC!


very well painted. I have looked at the Warlord stuff, its great value.

I recently bought a load of Spartan hoplites from BTD. I fancy playing WAB. Am hanging on for Victrix to release its new plastic spartans before I buy any more.

Is it just a crazy dream to build the 300?


With Spartans yea, as game-wise they are super expensive in points.

Immortal Miniatures does make plastic hoplites, good value with them also. And not bad looking. http://www.immortalminiatures.com/ What I have seen of the Victrix though, look as cooler or cooler.

One thing to be aware of with Warlord are these legionaires are very small and there plastic auxilliaries on foot are much bigger, so much so that I don’t think they look that good together. And most of the other manufacturer’s out there doing romans are also much larger.


How is the points system for this? I have a lot of activity of WAB 2.0 since its release ( none in my area but tons on the net ) so am wondering… would be nice to make up a Roman legion to take to UK for a tourney or 2 in the future… Are the army points and such in the main rulebook?

Also how do the AB v3.0 WAB armylists hold up to the real rules? Are they close to be correct or not?

Looking forward to seeing more of your work on these guys… will take hints from them on how to paint up my own when I get to them.


bought that exact set, converted them to be my ‘‘veteran’’ swordsman unit for my empire army.

bit of green stuff and a head swap.

nice paint job!

Blue in VT:

Very sweet…just amazing job on these…if this is a quick paint job for you I’m very impressed…:hat off

I have a couple boxes from Warlords Pike and shot range…also very nice. I haven’t done anything with them yet because I can’t find anyone who wants to play historical wargames in this area…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Can’t wait to see more!



Thanks guys.

As with the previous edition of WAB, Imperial Rome�?Ts and the Barbarians army lists are in the rulebook, with points costs.   They did tweak the rules, but in a good way that makes sense, I wish Fantasy 8th would have used the WAB rules for combat.  Oh well.  They did summarize some of the other army book lists also, giving sample armies and such.  Around here we are still using the old supplement books with the new rules set.  I did notice a few things on the Imperials were dropped from the new army list.  The points cost are the same as the previous, from what I have seen thus far for the basic units.  I�?Tm still using my old version of ArmyBuilder, to make my army list, stats are the same.  Stubborn and drilled did change.

About 3 boxes of the Warlord games Legionaires will give you close to a 1000 pts, just of legion, no support troops, and non-vet units.  I�?Tve just painted up two scorpions and crew and they are around 70 pts off the top of my head.  I also plan to add a unit of aux. archers and aux cavalry.  Remember on your movement trays that to gain rank bonus, you only need to be 4 wide, and the max. CR for ranks is +2.  Greek Phalanxes are giving me fits.  

This is my fast painting style.  Although now that I have the big units done, I can slowdown a bit on the auxiliaries and some of the additional command pieces that I will be adding, but I�?Tll keep them in this same style.  The reds and metals are less than half the amount of blends and washes that I used on my Khorne Demons and the Warriors of Chaos that I�?Tm blogging here on this forum.  Little Big Man Studios is making waterslide transfers for the Legionaires in different schemes for the shields also, excellent detail.

One of the things I have noticed in playing the game is that playing in period is good for balanced games.  Romans and Greeks still hold up pretty well against Shield wall and Medieval, but barbarians and some of the others do not hold up well at all, they are really at a disadvantage.   We have a couple of people that play Shieldwall and Hundred Years War lists, shield wall is tough, HYW we�?Tre going to probably make them drop a few hundred points to balance out a bit.  Tournaments are fun, but most of them that I�?Tve gone to will divide the players in to period groups to even things out.  Problem with that is then often you need two ringer armies or you have people playing the same people all of the time.   So we are playing with the idea of putting certain armies primarily the more technologically advanced at a points disadvantage, instead of doing comp scores like in fantasy.


For those interested, the bulk of the army with the exception of 4 character models, these are are all Warlord Games models. The majority of those are plastic. I do have an Aventine model and 3 Foundry models in the army as characters.

And to seriously make fun of my poor game playing skills, the legions are numbered the 17th, 18th, and 19th. And yes my general is Varus.