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Greetings fellow dawi zharr fanatics:hat! I thought i’d make a thread where i could post all the chaos dwarfs that i draw. Hope this doesnt go against forum policy. Just thought it could be nice to have my own thread instead of posting it in a compilation of chaos dwarf artwork.

Anyways just finished my latest one. Im not a huge fan of the extreme chaos influence on the dawizharr. I much more like the idea that they have their own unique culture (albeit a pretty wicked one).

Comments and thoughts appreciated. :hat off [attachment=4611]

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage



Snyggt! That’s some clear skills you’re showing here. Will there be hats next? Or perhaps even a CD chick?


Haha tack :)! Yes there will most definently be a big hat next. Also a lady dwarf is something i want to draw soon too.


Looks like a good start; only criticism I have is that the arms need to be shorter - at the moment the look too simian.

Also, if you haven’t seen it yet, check out this thread: http://www.chaos-dwarfs.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=558


thanks! Yes i know the arms are a bit long i actually made them more simian on purpose. Ive drawn alot of dwarfs and come to the conclusion that i like this look more, making them feel stronger and more well balanced aswell as a bit more brutal. but its just a personal preference :slight_smile: And yes ive seen that thread, even made a few posts in it way back. Just felt it would be more motivating to have my own thread.


Another dawi-zharr brother! :hat


He sure looks like a slaver!


Yep, that’s a great portrait! He doesn’t look like a kindhearted Dwarf.

If you’re ever itching for painting a portrait of some character or scene already invented in text by someone else, your talent would be more than welcome for the Chaos Dwarf culture project (filling the background & stories section of the forum). Eventually we’ll have amassed a collective tome of CD culture, including myths, fables and songs about famous villains and infamous deeds. Your style would be particularly suited for a mythological theme, like the Eight Trials of the Two Centaur Spawns, or maybe even the Origins of the K’daai Oracle of Daemon’s Stump.

We’ll try to draft as much of the aesthetic talent on CDO as possible when the time comes, and it would be an honour to have you onboard. I can paint some things, but I haven’t advanced much since my childhood years from landscape painting.

You clearly master desolate wastelands in the background, which is great. :hat off


Oh, dear. ) That is one scary dwarf. :o

Looks superb, looking forward to more. :cheers

Good day, ladies and gentlemen. ) :hat off


Thanks :slight_smile: I will read trough those. Sounds like something i would like to be a part of. Also it is often nice to have some already described theme to work after when one’s own inspiration isn’t working as it should!


Im sorry if this is a bit offtopic but there are atleast some dwarfs that could be interpreted as dawi zharr :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

A compilation of all the portraits i did last year.


Sure mate! Actually here’s 3 pictures about 3-4 years old i’d guess.x.x

edit: found some more old pics. might aswell post them too!


thanks mate :slight_smile: i added a couple of more oldies i found :). Altough it pains me too look at my old stuff ^^


Great artwork and a little different point of view but still very fitting. Some slaves for that!

Fuggit Khan:

Wow, some superb artwork here…some of it is well suited to have been included in the Tamurkhan LoA book


Gorgeous work you’ve done here, great art. Check out this thread Wiki needs


Thanks all :slight_smile:

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I too add my applause and a big thanks for sharing what you’ve done


A lot of cool stuff, great work!!


:hat off Good day sirs! Painted this dwarf today. While he might not classify exactly as a chaos dwarf (missin’ tusks and the good old hat) i think he looks sufficiently evil to post here :D.