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Hashut’s Blessing:

Several of these have been answered by FAQ now, so may as well remove them from this list. Succincticity is win.


Updated first post

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Forgeworld is great, Very supportive of hobbyists.


Updated first post with more Forgeworld replies. I will ask them to include them in the FAQ.


Updated first post with FW’s reply re: spears & Bull Centaurs. Awaiting the update of the FAQ.

Keep you posted.


hmm interesting.

Just thought I would share this with you guys …

Hi there,

I have recently purchased a chaos dwarf army from forge world, and then whilst I was flicking through the rules I spotted the following:

The chaos dwarf infernal guard is equipped with: blackshard amour, hand weapon and shield. And their additional wargear options include a fireglaives etc.

My question is - if an infernal guard using a fireglaive has a Shield Included in their standard war gear, then why doesn’t the physical model have one?

My opponent could argue that my fireglaives do not have a Shield because they don’t have one assembled … When infact they should because it comes with their standard wargear equipment, and not a ‘replacement’

Forge World’s Answer:

Hi there.

When the Infernal Guard sets were being created the army list as it was written at the time showed the Fireglaive option as being a swap for the shileds. Unfortunately the sets had already gone into production and packing before the change in the final army list was made so we able to make any changes. Please accept our apologies for this error.


Play wise thats a really simple fix. Front rank has shields and ranks behind that have fireglavies. This shows that you have guns but also have shields. I do the same trick for my dark elf repeater troops.


One thing I used to to with the Dark Elf Repeater crossbows was model the front rank standing behind a shield stuck in to the ground. With the longer shields of the dark elves this could be achieved to look like they had made their shields into an ad hoc barricade to offer themselves protection while shooting.

A similar effect could be achieved with the chaos dwarfs but would probably be a bit more involved as you’d have to create your own shields.

Hope this helps




I just stuck shields onto the backs of my DE xbows, looks like they are slung over the shoulder.


Despite the Fireglaives issues I really appreciate the time that FW is taking to answer all these e-mails.

Grimbold Blackhammer:

That’s actually one of the biggest reasons I buy from Forge World. They have earned my $$$ by actually putting in effort to answer my questions when I email them. I won’t buy from GW but I’m happy to support Forge World.


Last week I sent the following email to FW

A question that came up from a game last night, how does the spell Curse of Hashut affect a ridden monster? The spell states �?oThe spell states a single enemy model even a character in a unit�?� with a when a character is mounted on a monster even though they have separate profiles it is counted as a single model so who�?Ts toughness do you use?

Does the spell caster pick or is it randomised?
Their response came though this morning
Hi there.

In this situation the caster can pick a specific element or location of a target such as a character riding a Monster or Chariot (or similar mount). The toughness value used is that of the specific element targeted. This is covered in the Warhammer rulebook errata
I thought it would be played like this but it’s nice to have it confirmed.

Hope this is of help




Updated first post with 2 more replies received from Forgeworld (re the Great Taurus). Their reply is…interesting :wink:

As always, I asked them to update the FAQ with the items in the first post, when possible. This may take some time as the book team is very busy at the moment so please be patient.


Wow, this thread became a true shrine of knowledge ^^

Thanks a lot for your efforst Kram. Have some slaves!

I truly hope, they’ll take the time to include those answers in the FAQ.

I’m a bit shocked, that the Bale Taurus doesn’t have “Fuelled by Fire”, as I never doubted it… but on the other hand I’m thrilled about the Great Taurus clarifications (Old BB and may take upgrades)

Another reason never to take the BT :stuck_out_tongue:



I really hope that they are wrong, the absence of the fuelled by fire rule for the Bale taurus does not have sense…


I'm a bit shocked, that the Bale Taurus doesn't have "Fuelled by Fire", as I never doubted it... but on the other hand I'm thrilled about the Great Taurus clarifications (Old BB and may take upgrades)
Another reason never to take the BT :-P
For every ruling they get right, they go and do something daft like this... :~


For every ruling they get right, they go and do something daft like this... :~

and don't get me started on the immune to Lore of Fire vs 2+ Ward save against Flaming attacks bit....:mad


I got this FW reply because my local meta is “lol no, the Iron Daemon can never, ever, turn” and I wanted to avoid trouble so I asked them directly.

It’s an extra layer of difficulty to be Legion of Azgorh when you play in Spanish


     Thank you for your email.  The Iron Daemon moves as follows -

1. If you wish to move the Iron Daemon normally, then it moves upto 6" and can turn normally. By moving like this, you can’t charge

2. If you you want to try to move further than 6" or to make a charge move, then you have to roll 2d6 for the movement and it must be in a straight line, it cannot pivot or turn as part of this move.

If there is anything further we can do to assist you, or if you have any queries about the information we have requested or provided, please telephone us.


Forge World


Updated first post with Dreadquake Mortar & Iron Daemon replies



This came up so thought I would share; I’d always assumed the opposite.


        Thank you for your email.  If the Sorcerer Prophet is on a monster, then he cannot claim the look out sir rule.  However, he can still re-roll one scatter dice or Artillery dice per turn, even if he is on a monster.