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Fuggit Khan:

Hello all,

After being a lurking guest for quite some time, I’ve decided to start a blog. First off, I have to say I know nothing about making a blog, but I’ve been awed and full of inspiration by each and everyone else’s blogs here on this site…so I will start off here rather slow and humble. My thanks to each of you who take time to check my blog out, and an even bigger thanks to all of you who inspired me through your own blogs :hat off

Firstly, I am an unabashed lover of big hats. I think they are some of Alan Perry’s best work, full of lots of character and of course: Big Hats! My only gripe about them is the relative small amount of poses…but that is where I will start here: some very easy steps to jazz them up a bit.

Obviously the quickest way is to simply add some spiky bits to the tops of their hats. For these guys I simply cut off the spikes from the plastic dwarfs and glued them to the metal figures. But what about the guy on the left with that small ‘human’ sized nose?

Well no worries, a bit of green stuff and instant dwarf big nose :slight_smile: I also like to add lower lip and big teeth by gluing on plasticard cut to size:

Painting in some flesh with washes brings out the lovely big noses:

Next step is the funnest: painting in beards and starting the hats. Now they’re starting to show some individualism, and all from the same model…these little steps are easy even for those (such as myself) who are of more humble modeling skills :slight_smile:

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage


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Alwats nice to see more big hats… keep it up!

Kera foehunter:

What a great way to start . my Favorite Chaos dwarfs !! Blunderbusses


Lovely!:slight_smile: Good start there, you can clearly see how you build up some variety in the somewhat static models. With subtle details and some clever basing, it can be done! I gave up on the plastic warriors of mine though :wink:

Fuggit Khan:

So after scrounging through my bits box, I came across these bits from the Celestial Hurricanum. I originally got them with the intention of adding some sort of “range finder” to a war machine:

But then I thought what better use could I put them to? Well, why not use them to spruce up my Infernal Guard Blunderbuss Deathmask champion? So here we have it…he’s got no excuse not to hit anything now (he better not miss, or it’s off to the mines with him). And naturally his big hat has to have big horns, right?


How nice, you’ve invented the sniper-shotgun-rifle :cheers

Only Chaos Dwarf might could bring this to the world ^^

Great champion :slight_smile:

Fuggit Khan:

Thank you everybody for your comments, they are always very much appreciated :hat off

So I finally started my Iron Daemon (my first resin kit I’ve done in about 10 years), and my first thought was that I did not really care for the extra outer spike ring (or whatever you call it) on the wheels. After a bit of thought I decided to call up my plastic Chaos Dwarf minions to once again sacrifice themselves for a greater cause in the name of Hashut. So out came my trusty hobby saw and off came their hats:

Next I glued the lobotomized plastic hat bits to the wheels:

And after some painting and washes, I came up with some Iron Daemon wheels that are more to my liking:


Nice detail on the wheels :slight_smile:

Fuggit Khan:

Well, I finished up a small batch of blunderbuss warriors. The challenge I like to make for myself is to make every Chaos Dwarf warrior a slight bit different from each other, but still trying to maintain an overall uniform look to my army. Obviously these are all the same model, but with plastic bits, green stuff noses, teeth and different color details on their hats and robes has made no two models quite alike. Trying to keep each one unique also fits in with my view that despite the corrupting influence of chaos, they are still dwarfs and still display the dwarf traits of pride and vanity…thus each guy has his own “look”  :hat


Nice clean look to your minis, I like it!

Kera foehunter:

great job on the wheels love the hub caps :slight_smile:

Fuggit Khan:

Work in progress for the Iron Daemon. I’m undecided if I want to add the smoke stack or not…the upper ‘spiked grate’ on it is horribly warped and does not fit well, and it was also broken. But I’m happy with my choice of leaving off of the wheels the extra spiked “spinner rims” (they’re way too blingy for my old school taste).


Very nice ID there!!!

Fuggit Khan:

So over the weekend I started up another batch of Hobgoblins. As with my Chaos Dwarf warriors, I like to make each Hobgoblin slightly different from the other…so out comes good ol’ green stuff putty to make hats, tongues and yes, armor scales. Armor scales? Yep, I’m so anal that I make green stuff scales to fill in the missing scale plates on the Hobgoblin armor…yes, I know the Hobgoblins are supposed to be scrappy scavengers with a beat up look, but they’re my boyz and I love them, so nicer armor.


lovely models !

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As with any society with a pecking order, some hobgoblins are going to be better armed and armoured etc than others.

I am a bit concerned over the sacriligious actions that you’ve embarked on with the dehatitated (as opposed to decapitated) Big hats. A bit of your green stuff could’ve done the trick

Fuggit Khan:

Ah yes, I admit it’s a bit sacrilegious to de-hat a big hat. But I have always thought that the plastic Chaos Dwarf figs as a bit of a sin themselves. They are so out of proportion to the rest of the figs. Sorry! Hashut forgive me for such slander! My only excuse for such sacrilege this time is that at least they went to a good cause on another Chaos Dwarf model…as opposed to me taping them to a bottle rocket and sending them screaming on a one way journey into bottle rocket (death shrieker) exploding death. Which yes, I did once about 20 years ago. I’ll take your recommendation and try to avoid summary de-hatting in the future :hat off

Fuggit Khan:

Finished repainting my old Death Rocket and crew…I think I bought these back in 1994 and after years of neglect they really needed a new paint job.

I also added new Big Teeth to the loader crew, I never liked that they come cast with just one old snaggletooth.

And as always for my self appointed challenge, I paint each Chaos Dwarf just a slight bit different from his mate.


:hat off very nice

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Yea, very nice!!

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