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A blog I found.  Some interesting things:

Great Taurus (awesome)

Crew for most of the machines

CD with HW and shield

CD with what looks like a blunderbuss great weapon

Daemonsmith Sorcerer



I also heard that hobgoblins are currently being sculpted.  

Shame I could not go, but obviously being mothers day here in the UK I didn’t want to.


So many thanks for this find!:hat off
I’ve done the link to a french forum.

Nice taurus
Love the crewmen and the character.
Don’t be very impressed by the infernal guard (they don’t have big hats…:()

Time of Madness:

I’ll try to post some of the pics that haven’t been seen yet.

Hope that makes it a bit easier for people.

Time of Madness


I went and I was amazed at the extra stuff being made. I thought they said they wouldn’t do rank and file, but lo and behold they had some there! I really like the infantry - no silly hats! Awesomely detailed beards and overall great sculpts of armour.

I picked up 3 Chaos Dwarf models :slight_smile:


I would bet they release another similar hellsmith, but not ‘exactly’ the same at some point.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Looks excellent Grim…and glad you’re back…if only for a “Cameo” for now. Hope all is well.


i want a better look at that Great Taurus…looks pretty damn nice.

Thommy H:

Looks interesting. “Immortals” in a much better concept than “Infernal Guard”, but I guess we’ll see how much of the WF stuff jibes with what we have already anyway.


I'll try to post some of the pics that haven't been seen yet.

Time of Madness
Can't see the images x.x

Time of Madness:

Trying again here…

Hope it worked this time…

Time of Madness


damn those are cool! thanks for posting!


Wow! Very very nice.


cool, but where have the blunderbussess gone? :frowning:


Awesome models!!! Can’t wait …

Time of Madness:

Woah sorry folks, they are a bit large. Will try to re-size them.

Time of Madness


Hmm, interesting.

They’re pretty nice models. The detail on them seems really high-quality. At the same time however, they’re quite different from their previous incarnation (hats, tusks, curly beards, big noses etc), so I think I can still be happy with my own conversion work and browsing good ol’ big hat + curly beard armies.

I was afraid that upon seeing the FW models I’d lose interest in my own models due to the FW ones being “better” versions of my own creations. They are higher quality for sure, but the old style still has it’s own “flavour” and feel.


The idea of a two handed melee weapon and a ranged weapon grafted together like that is just plain awesome. I want some even though I will never be able to afford them :stuck_out_tongue:

Mr Saturday:

Hot damn! Now we’re talking. I really like these guys. I don’t see myself putting out for units of these lads, but a few, sprinkled here and there among the old school boys will fit nicely. The command in particular will be welcome, and the rifle dwarves. Not too sure about the rifles though, would have preferred something more blunderbuss-like, but hey, new chaos dwarves!

It feels weird seeing new chaos dwarf units. I might have to go think about this. I feel like a man come back from the wilderness, but the wilderness had come to feel like home…


Plus some non-CD stuff as well that can be seen here:

Tarrakk Blackhand:

At first glance, the “Blunderbuss” guns looked too 40K-ish…but when you got up closer, they look too much like Dwarf Handguns with axe blades on them.

Is it me or do some of the helmets look like “Cheats” for not sculpting a proper face. Also, the drummer looks like he’s wearing oven mits.

Despite these things, I do like them though. I’d gladly get the Great Taurus!

Anyone else notice that they have hooves instead of feet?