[Archive] FW: Orc rogue idol



Not been announced through a newsletter yet, but it’s just been added to the website.

Not something I’d get, but I quite like it, looks like it’d be fun to paint and add static grass and other bits to.


Bit annoyed by the pricing on it. For what it is, it looks OK at best - not FW’s greatest creation. Nowhere near £65 worth of model. I’m having problems seeing the Experimental Rules though, the site seems a bit buggy at the moment. But knowing FW, it’ll either be OP or NU.

Expect Beastmen Rogue Pile of Dung in a couple of weeks.


It is huge though… 1,5 times the size of a giant? It could easily be converted into a kdaai destroyer if you add some lava-effect to the joints between the rocks.

But still, not their best sculpt imo.


Hmm, looks like something you should be able to built yourself…


Yeah… not too impressed. Feels like the Orc Idol is Forge Worlds response to people saying “well shouldn’t every army have something from you guys”?

This model in terms of whatever material they’re casting it out of is a lot of product, but there is no way you can tell me that thing is in any way worth the money of lets say an equal priced DRAZHOATH THE ASHEN!

Seriously though… hope some O&G players like it and buy it, but Forge World missed the boat on this one in my opinion.

However, I’m sure their going to make money on this one with the ultra low cost of product development.


The actual rocks themselves look well sculpted imo. The pose and face looks a bit too cuddly.

The concept itself seems just wrong.


It looks ok, It is pretty big.


I think they’re going to produce something for each magic deck, and I guess this is the Waaagh! one - like the essense of the deck incarnate. Also going to guess they’ll pass off the K’daii Destroyer as the Hashut one.


I agree it looks like something you could make yourself…

That said, I think the model is great!! The cuddlyness just adds to the appeal imo.

I’d love to get it but Drazhoath has to come first. Forgeworld is coming out with some very nice stuff.


The differing heads threw me a bit…

Thommy H:

For those suggesting this concept is plucked out of the air: the idea of idols to Gork and/or Mork coming to life due to Waaagh energy is mentioned in the background section of the Warhammer rulebook.


I think its pretty cool. Simple like something you could convert on your own, but still pretty neat.


Horrible model.

Worse rules.



Hmm, looks like something you should be able to built yourself...

Absolutely right, Tjub!

And to note -

a giant rock golem for Orcs?! WTF?! :~

This is so going on my 'to build' list! looks good as a terrain centerpiece on the table and it might be fun to field one once.


I actually like the rules; I thought it was pretty characterful that it would fight whatever was closest. Kind of like the Skaven doomwheel…


It looks like something you could carve out of polystyrene (or actual rocks) yourself. Not even in the same league as anything else FW have made due to the sheer lack of detail. I like the look of it though.


Heh, I still have my cardboard one from ‘Idol of Gork’ campaign.

I can’t wait to see what FW comes out with next. At first I thought for 400 pts this thing is ridiculous, however with the ‘idol animosity’ it balances out a lot. You’d want to make sure it cant charge any of your stuff.

Liking it. Would love to get this one day. With the rock head, not the ‘wood’??? one in the second pic


Honestly, I think it’s the worst thing they’ve ever released.

By a significant margin.

Kera foehunter:

Its seems that everyone thinks if forge world makes something … it would be great

if it was under 20.00 dollar maybe

But if i had to get an idol

mine would be Billy


If anyone has seen the Sky TV production of The Colour of Magic my first thought was of the giant troll which they camped in the mouth of by mistake.

In my opinion I think it’s not their best sculpt by quite along way, the rules are pretty characterful but at £65 (the same as for our own Drazhoath The Ashen) it’s bloody huge. From a £ per lb of resin it must be one of the better value pieces released recently.

I’ve recently been selling off my orc and goblin army on eBay to fund my new WF Chaos Dwarf Army so the chances of me getting one are pretty slim but I do think it fits pretty well. From an O&G point of view I would’ve preferred to see a fantasy version of the howdah for both of the 40K squigoths. I’ve seen the big one used in WFB substituting the Chaos Warmammoth rules which made for a fun game one time.