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July 27th, 2018 (I typed this up but I am only posting it now because I wanted somthing to show off in my post)

Hello, my name is Gargolock. I have been a fan of warhammer since I was 10. (which wasn�?Tt that long ago) I have been a fan of chaos dwarfs since I was 11. I have been lurking around chaos dwarf online since I was 12. I have never owned an army of any race before, just a jabble (not a word) of cheap miniatures like reaper bones, dnd unpainted and my dad’s collection of all the talisman third edition plastic 90�?Ts GW miniatures (which had a single chaos dwarf). Long story short my friend loves undead and miniatures (I corrupted him) naturally my friend and I wanted to play a game with our intrests me being me suggested age of sigmar he said sure. So now I have to build an army of chaos dwarfs to crush the sylvanian forces (I despise AoS lore so we just play with the rules in the old world lore) of my hated nemesis… I have a lot on my plate as I have no income other than around 40 bucks every year for my birthday. Something you need to know about me is that I don�?Tt fit in with my generation, they like fidget spinners and memes, I like Nagash and Archaon (and zhargon the great). I am a decent-ish painter and I have never done a conversion in my life before this project. I like big hat chaos dwarfs and I love it when models have capes. The rules I use for AoS is Tommy H’s Rules for chaos dwarfs found in the fan made rulebook section here on CDO. I have a lot of plans for this army many of which will be on hold till Christmas (influx of models I get as gifts) but I still have stuff to do until then. Also my friend and I play with house rules, our points system is roughly wounds+attack multiplied by bravery with some exceptions (Tommy H got frisky with the rules for zhatan the black for example his wounds are only 5 which is average for a hero and his attack is six which is most one handed weapons so it comes off as only 100 or so points but zhatan has the attack of a one handed weapon but the rend and damage better than the average two handed weapon so he is 215 points instead) So I will share some plans with you right now. So what I am planning for my army to have done by May 2019 is this list:

Zhatan the black as my general

2 daemonsmiths

2 castellans

10 warriors with great weapons

10 blunderbusses

1 homemade dreadquake as I am not paying for the forgeworld one

1 homemade iron daemon

1 homemade hellcannon

1 homemade K’daai destroyer

Thats all I have planned so far if my local gaming store had some great model that could work I will most likely pick it up and paint it. I procrastinate a lot so this will be pushing myself to get all that done in time.

August 4rd, 2018 (4 am I should really be sleeping)

Finished some of the war machines (dread quake and iron daemon) they are my first conversions I have ever done. I think they are a bit shoddy but they look alright. I hope these photos work. The dread quake is a idea I stole from A guy named bob on here where he used a citadel pot as the mortar. I instead used am ancient humbrol enamel pot I found on the floor of my laundry room as the mortar then the base of a hotwheels RV as the carrying thing and the iron daemon is a hotwheel train with the roof of the Cabin thing cut off and strapped to the back the dread quake actually clips onto the iron daemon and they can roll around together. I am working on the hellcannon it just needs to be painted.

Fuggit Khan:

This is an excellent start for your blog, I wish I had started by blog as well versed as you’ve done :slight_smile:

I have to say that I love your conversion of the old Humbrol paint can. It’s not important if the idea came from elsewhere (but very good of you to give credit), what matters is that you’ve got a cool little model there and I’m hoping to see more. A Humbrol paint can. Awesome. And it’s metal!

Hashut loves metal :hashut

Nice work dude, and welcome to CDO.

:hat off

Uther the unhinged:

Fantastic start. I love scratchbuilt stuff. Remember �?~nescessity is the mother of invention�?T. Your warmachimes look great and they move which is more than forgeworlds! Don�?Tt worry about using others ideas �?~good writers borrow, great writers steal�?T and imitation is the sincerest form of flattery just give credit where it is due.

Welcome aboard.

Now burn those forests!


Very cool stuff! I’m just starting to look into some toys for conversions and terrain myself, it seems like a great way to get nice looking results on the cheap!


Ambitious intro! The lore in AoS might grow on you, atleast it has on me. :slight_smile:

The conversion looks great as well, there should be loads of ideas from you in the older threads pre Chaos Dwarfs from Forge World. As for the K’daii Id recommend a hot glue gun on a wire frame. Seen some really cool demons and Tyranids done this way. Might take some practice, but I you have more time than money that might not be a problem? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Have a look at this Instagram account for some inspiration on building with a hot glue gun. Login • Instagram


Paint pots are very useful for a whole range of things as are many other bits that you just find lying about. Have you started a bits box? They are a great way to gather lots of parts that may be of use somewhere down the line and for putting all those extra parts left over from model kits. Even if you do not have an immediate use for something it maybe worth hanging onto it just in case, although somewhere down the line the box will need to be upgraded to a shed or attic or even spare room! Great start though.


August 5th, 2018 (I got a good nights sleep last night so hopefully I won�?Tt make a stupid mistake like “August 4rd” )

Hello again, it�?Ts me Gargolock. It�?Ts summer break for me so I have almost nothing to do all day but work on this army. So Since I don�?Tt have money to spend on actual miniatures right now this army isn�?Tt going to look like… well an army until probably Christmas. It�?Ts most likely going to be warmachines and some actual miniatures here and there. It�?Ts not going to have any infantry for a while. But I am having lots of fun making these war-machines. Also I do actually have a bit box, three actually. One for sprues as they are useful to use as supports on big things, one for old toys I think I might be able to use eventually and the main one is for model bits left over right now it�?Ts full of arms with swords, bows, crossbows and daggers and it has some dark elf heads and dragon scale capes all of this came from one kit for 10 mantic dark elves. And it had a lot of extra stuff I didn�?Tt use. But without further ado let�?Ts get into the progress for my jabble (still not a word) of constructs!

First off the hellcannon is finished. I made it out of a skylanders dragon that was sitting on a skull, so I chopped it up. Used its feet for the claws on the tip of the cannon, used its head for a little bump underneath the cannon, used it�?Ts wing to hold the cannon and it�?Ts headless and feetless body as the body of the cannon and for the actual cannon I used an old pirate cannon.

I tried to do a incandescent hot metal effect on the top I don�?Tt know how it looks.

That all I have finished for now but I have started some other things. So I could show some WIPs.

I have looked through some old pre AoS forms and found some altars of hashut. I personally love the idea of a mobile war church to a god of fire, submission and sacrifice so even though it wasn�?Tt in the original plan I have started contruction of a great altar to hashut. It�?Ts made from one of those LEGO spiked wheels, then a playmobil fire andwith an old cheap 50 MM crusader knight guys metal base held up by GW sprue bits. Thats the platform for a priest/sorcerer. I also used a old fishers price knight’s sign post it�?Ts gonna be a place where I put some runes of hashut free hand. I don�?Tt even know if I can use this in battle I will have to check tommy H’s rulebook but I just love idea of a huge altar on the battlefield. I may make it bigger by putting a wider thing under the LEGO wheel. I mean it�?Ts already huge. With the sign post included it taller than the kdaai is and for scale that makes the altar like 4 or 5 inches.

Speaking of the 50mm knights they came with horses to. I will give you one guess of what I did…

Thats either right or wrong, I don�?Tt know what you guessed. Anyway I cut it�?Ts head off then cut a guys legs off and strapped him to the horse to make a bull centaur! I don�?Tt know if I like this. I have a couple more horses but I have no clue if I should make them into bulls centaurs.

Maybe the reason why I am not liking him is because he doesn�?Tt have a base so he looks like he�?Ts tripping and falling over. Actually I think it�?Ts the fact he doesn�?Tt have a beard or a weapon or maybe it because he still looks like a crusader. I already cut the cross off of him maybe he will look better painted in my black, red and silver colour scheme.

Either way thats all I have done mostly just a bunch of unpainted WIPs. I think I might order some infantry either from Russian alternative or Titan wargames with some of the money I have, cause I still have some just not much. Anyways thank you for reading through this blog post or just scrolling through the pictures. I am guilty of that sometimes. Goodbye for now.:hat off

Uther the unhinged:

Go Gargolock. Warmachines are how I started. Love the Altar (I still have not got one) I have used the same lego base for a counts as cauldron of blood for my daughter. Don’t worry about the size as one wise blogger on here once wrote ‘Big minis are cool minis and cool minis win battles’. Brave man for going for the centaur. To turn it into a bull just change the tail and model cloven hooves on. My kids have the same toy horse (I think). It is rearing and stands up on its tail. Would be a great pose for Shaar tor but you would have to reposition the knight torso. Great start though.

As for AoS lore I now what you mean, we hardly figure. But if you think of the realm of fire the great parch continent where all the GW history is detailed is only one of hundreds on the realm. You can make your own fluff on any other. I created my own Aos Creation myth on CDO. Gargolock the great CD emperor could rule a continent or vie for control with the hated twig people or control a realm gate to the realm of life and raid through it. You have thousands of years of fluff to play with or just have a continent that looks suspiciously like the old world. You can also have realm themed armies; Steampunk from the realm of metal, Realm of death armies with warmachines made from great skeletal beats held together by wire or rivets (I love rivets, I can do rivets) Kdaii as daemon ridden spirits of those who died by fire, troopers with skeleton masks like some Tjublings, or a realm of beasts army with huge shaggy mammoths (with attachments) as iron daemons or skull crackers, sabretooths with short range flame throwers attached/grafted on as kdaii, dreadquakes as great troll like beasts with catapaults like in the Battle of five armies film, Winged creatures with rockets attached as deathshriekers, great toad like creatures spitting bile (like forgeworld squig cannon). With AoS GW probably unwittingly set us free to do what CDO members do best and be wildly creative. The realms are your mollusk!


You’ve got good taste! Take comfort in being a generational misfit (I do, being something of one myself).

Great scratchbuilds and nice colour scheme. It’s great to see such creativity spinning hard. The Minotaur construct made me think of Artigas’ Minoton version. Uther’s bull conversion tips are good, it’s well worth to listen to him for he is wise (and Unhinged).

…for my jabble (still not a word)…

Oh yes, now it is a word! And the meaning is clear enough at first sight. Anyone who has ever looked into dialects will know that what people come up with and use in speech, counts. Being in a dictionary or not is hardly pivotal. As with so much else nowadays, language has been subjected to the stricture of structure, when in fact what drives it all is instead the freewheeling spirit of human creativity.

Which is also what drives Chaos Dwarfs Online and its crazy scratchbuilds. Welcome aboard! :hat off


August 26th, 2018


So I haven�?Tt done as much work as now school has started but long story short my friend is starting to influx some good units into his army, he just finished painting a terrorgheist. So I have done a portion of work but I will show you only small amount as I haven�?Tt finished the others. All I am gonna say is the altar of hashut is now 3x larger then before and I made two bull centaurs and turned them into proper bull centaurs. I scratched my other k’daai destroyer as the miniotaur just wasn�?Tt working at all. The pose was clunky and he didn�?Tt look right next to miniatures, I ended up using an old reaper bones fire giant jailor I had, I just need to do some edits to his paint job and update it as I am a better painter now then when he was initially painted. I ended up with this.

The big rock underneath him isn�?Tt part of him it�?Ts just a chunk of terrain I converted.

He is painted to look good on the table so he�?Ts not meant to be looked at closely.

I put a rune of hashut on his back which was quite hard as I kept messing it up and having to redo his entire back. I would either make an A not a V and I made the top line one part one time, it was a nightmare but it�?Ts good now.

I am also working on some hobgoblins to whip my slaves into order and I might look into more war machines, maybe I will make a skullcracker.

Anyways farewell.


Cool stuff! Where in Canada are you located? School started in August?! What kind of craziness is this?!


Cool stuff! Where in Canada are you located? School started in August?! What kind of craziness is this?!

Thanks and I live in alberta, but I go to a charter school were we have short summer breaks but we get every second friday off and longer fall, winter and spring breaks.


Looks like some good ideas for conversions. A good bits box of odds and ends is essential and LEGO make some fantastic bits and bobs that can be obtained in bulk and cheaply from the likes of Bricklink.

Uther the unhinged:

@Dunca: Yep lego is fantastic for steampunk.

Love the giant. The rune is cool.


October 27, 2018
Its been a while. A lot has happened since my last update. So I am just gonna get right into it.
So I will start with my heroes. These are admiralty miniatures hobgoblins I was given as a freebie 2 months ago (thanks again). They are used as hobgoblin Kahns right now but that might change of i get some slaves to put them in.

Next up is this reaper bones dwarf smith. I obviously use him as a Daemonsmith in my army. He is a nice model and was pretty cheap.

Some more reaper models. These are both dwarfs. They are castellans in my army. The one on the left is bones the one on the right is metal.

Next up is actually pretty interesting. So I have previously mention I live in Alberta. Well specifically I live in Calgary which is home to “the worlds biggest” gaming store. Even though I put it into quotation marks its pretty believable once you’re in there. So all you need to know about The Sentry box is that it huge and has been around a while. So one day I was there and I wander to the back (where the books, reaper models and dnd stuff is) and I encounter three shelves with a jabble (apparently it now is a word?) of Ral Partha models. I look through them and find some awesome stuff but nothing stood out to me like the dwarfs from death in the dark. Their packages were broken and yellowed, they looked ancient. There prices were from when they were released most likely around 1995 as I googled it. So these nice full metal (including metal bases) models of German looking dwarfs were only like $1-$2 each. I now have artillery crews and a new shiny Daemonsmith as well as a bazooka. So here is the daemon smith.

Hellcannon crew.

Dread quake with a Trollblood for the slave ogre (Inside of my local gaming store they have a used mini section were I got the Warmachine Trollblood hard plastic Battlebox for only $20 back in June)

mortal ordnance in the rules Thommy H did. Its just a bazooka.

a reaper bones dwarf pirate as a crew for a magma cannon I am working on.

Now that I have finally done an update I just have to wait for my Russian alternative warriors and blunderbusses to ship and for me to finish my magma cannon and death rocket conversions.

Uther the unhinged:

Love the �?~german WWI dwarfs�?T and the trollblood fits right in. Can�?Tt wait to see more.


Great work. Keep going like this and you will have a unique army


Ahh I like the old RAFM miniatures! :hat off I own some of them too! :wink:

You should pimp your bases, for example with some sand and/or gras on them!

Nonetheless great start! :cheers



Nice start! This will be a unique army for sure. Keep at it. :hat off


Sunday, December 16th, 2018.

Been awhile hasn�?Tt it? Anyways I am gonna gloss over the time and just get right into my shoestring budget army is coming along. It feels good to be back to the Verdana glory that is CDO.

On October 31st right before I went to a Halloween party I got s package from Russia. The Halloween party was magnificent. It was me and 6 friends having fun at night but it paled in comparison to how beautiful Russian Alternative�?Ts miniatures were. I painted these guys in 15 days. Here�?Ts the great weapon warriors. You will notice the one with a gun. He is the champion.

These are my blunderbuses. Since one of my gaming group comrades birthday was 19 day ago (has it really been that long?). He got the battleforce: blade of the blood queen set. His army is a lot larger now. He also has a disposable income and no rent or food to pay for. What I am getting at is that these might become fire glaives over winter so my army doesn�?Tt fall behind in size.

Here is my magma cannon. I tried to use silicon to make magma beneath the cannon but I horribly failed at painting it. I will have to redo that.

And last but most likely least is this iron daemon. The wheels are still blue as I didn�?Tt want to lose the ability to roll.

That is it this time. I still have a jabble (My language Arts teacher is convinced this isn�?Tt a word.) of partially painted miniatures to show later. But farewell.