[Archive] Gav thorpe interveiw


hi, this is from some swedish event, but the top parts in english so it’s not that bad I guess

not realy that interesting, but hey, may as well post it since CD are mentioned


Do you have any army book that you personally look forward too (entirely new, or re-make), and would you in that case want to write it yourself?

Gav: I’m really looking forward to the day I can get back to the Dark Elves. It was my first project after I took over the helm of Warhammer in 2000, and I couldn’t give it the attention it deserved. I think the book is okay at the moment, but I know that with more focus it could be more than okay, it could be great. As for new projects, I still think we will make Chaos Dwarfs really exciting. OK, they’re not really new, but they’ve been gone for so long they would seem that way. That or the Fishmen, obviously, but there’s strong competition from everyone in the department to be lead writer on that baby.


Exciting news and mounting evidence. :slight_smile:


fishmen…what have we created…

Pyro Stick:

I had a massive debate with a few friends a few years back about a fishmen army. I insisted that it wouldnt work. I guess i was wrong. It still might be an abomination though. Guess ill have to wait and see probably until about 2010.


If Ogre Kingdoms proved anything its that anything is possible.


Fishmen??? HOORAY for Chaos Dwarfs:hat that sounds good even if its tenuous:hat

The Flying Beaver:

Fishmen… I’ll bet their main weapon is the pike.


does the fishmen comment not strike you as sarcasm?

at least mentioning CD is good :slight_smile:


Ya, sounded like a joke to me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Are the fishmen the race that lives in the underground caverns next to the Dark Elf lands? Other than that I don’t know anything about fishmen. I like the idea of an aquatic army though, I’ve planned for many years to create a Lovecraftian deep-sea dwelling, hateful race of Lizardmen. ^^

Nothing of course that could ever get in our way! :hat


All Fishmen references are jokes. They put them in their schedules to fill up space for undecided projects. There is never any consideration for them. There won’t be any real fishmen for quite some time, if ever.


@Flying Beaver

Yep, scale mail and Pikes.��An elite infantry unit would be called ‘Sword Fish’, and the cavalry could be flying fish?

They would fear anything with a net (gobbo netters) :wink:


Interesting to hear Gav talking about making Chaos Dwarfs, as opposed to the possibility that they might be done.


a lovecraft army sounds neat.��darklings and such.��possibly a chaos or lizardman army.

yog sothoth for a lord?��possibly a slaan?��cthulhu as a daemon prince?


“As for new projects i still think we will make Chaos Dwarfs very exciting”:osounds unbelievable:o but seeing is believing .

BELIEVE :smiley:


I must admit, I’m actually really glad that they didn’t throw us in as an afterthought at the end of 6th ed.��I know we would have an army now, but when you look how model quality is moving on in leaps and bounds (generally), when we get an army it will be the coolest EVER! If they had done them at the end of 6th we would have to wait until 2012 or something stupid to get an update.

Admitedly I might be the slightest bit biased being a CD player ;), but I truly believe they will make the Chaos Dwarfs awesome.

Kera foehunter:

im at a wait and see with gw stuff. I hope chaos dwarfs will come out soon. If not i will have a kick ass chaos dwarf army by then.


I might be pessimistic but I am certainly not going to hold my breath for this. GW have promised things before just to let people down.

- Tallhat

Pyro Stick:

I might be pessimistic but I am certainly not going to hold my breath for this. GW have promised things before just to let people down.

They excel at letting people down. The last issue of WD im buying is the December as i get let down every issue. Nothing interesting is happening. Only prices getting higher and higher for less and less. I think ill just go into hibernation until 2009, a but closer to their release.

Kera foehunter:

Heck they should put them out sooner .Since they haven’t did anything good in years. The last thing decent was Storm of Chaos!!