[Archive] Gavan's army 22/03/2009

Gavan Sing:

Hi Everyone, a short introduction. I’d played WH fantasy for 10 years. My other armys are lizardman, skaven & dwarfs. I’d dabbled with CD before skaven and fascinated by the range of option available to CD, infantry, calvary, warmachine & magic. I’d been lurking in the forum browsing for ways to convert my own army. I’d attached WIP photos of my various units.

Blunderbuss head

I’ll keep the beards to differentiate between warriors and BB


Bull centuars

Chaos knights horse body + Borc body + OK bull head


Bull centuars close up



the leftmost 2 will be affectionately named Jason & Jason Jr coz of their mask.

Accesories for bull centuars

Chaos knight shield & chaos defiler mask


Death Rocket

Ork kannon + stormboy nobz rocket pack + marauder banner



Earth Shaker

chaos defiler main cannon + dwarf cannon chasis + orc boar chariot + 40K gargoyle head




Hobgoblin bolt thrower

sprue + marauder banner + grudge pony parts

Gavan Sing:

I have more photos to upload but not sure how to upload all of them into 1 post so had to create a 2nd post for the rest of the photos.


normal night goblin with shields + wielding OK’s cleaver + greenstuff casting


Hobgoblin wolf riders

HB heros on warhound.






CD warriors armour designs



WIP CD warriors

Kera foehunter:

sweet!! Gavan this is a great start !! love the bull centaurs like the warriors too


I must repeat Kera! Great start! :hat off

Not bad such a varity of minis for the beginning!

I´m impressed by your Bullcentaurs, which were the original minis/parts? :wink:

Do you have an idea what kind of colour scheme you will use? I´m nosy to see them painted!


Gavan Sing:

Hi Kera, thanks. Actually I saw your chaos lord on great taurus. I’m stealing the idea but replacing the rider with another dwarf bear rider from reaper model instead.

Hi Zanko, the original parts are chaos knight horse body + black orc body, arm & weapon + ogre bull head. had taken this idea another CD player from this forum, only difference is the player was using boar’s body instead.

I’m thinking dark red as a primary color is a must and the secondary color to be black? (I thinking of creating a shiny black like obsidian color.)

I do have 2 question.

1) How to paint the base to have the stone & flowing lava effect?

2) How to create the shiny black color like obsidian?

Kera foehunter:

That funny you should say that Gavan !! i lost my Ursula i cut off the bear rider

so im might be making a new rider

She going to be as cool

Border Reiver:

I’m going to chime in and say wonderful Bull Centaurs, your models capture the power and savagry of the unit.

What components are you using the for the Earthshaker?

Gavan Sing:

Hi Kera,

Looking forward to your new model. I’ll try to take photo of the models that I’ll be using to convert my lord + great taurus.

Hi Border,

original parts for ES

1 X chaos defiler main cannon + 1 X dwarf cannon chasis + 1 X previous ed dwarf cannon wheel


Awesome stuff so far! Keep up the good work.

Yellow stuff! w00t.


Great start Gavan like the use of the chaos steeds at the bodys of the Bullcentaurs gives they a great look with the extra armour, good to see you have got a death rocket as well you can never have enough of them, keep up the good work cant wait to see some of them painted :slight_smile:

Gavan Sing:

Hi Xander, thanks. Yup yellow stuff. They are just Tamiya putty. They harden faster than GW greenstuff. 2 hour for the surface & 4 for the whole thing.

Hi Loki, thanks. The only issue I have with using chaos steed for BC is the size, they tower the other CD warriors by 3X the height. I actually have 2 DR done the same way. My motto like all governments’ “Why build 1 when you can build 2?” j/k

I’d just rceived more parts yesterday and I continue with my conversion again.


Hi Gavan i would not worry about the height difference the Bull centaurs in CD society are the blessed of Hashut because they have the lower body of the bull and as such they are given important duties ie guard the sorcerers who are at the top of the CD tree of power, your ones are just more blessed then any others :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work i am looking forward to seeing some of them painted


1) How to paint the base to have the stone & flowing lava effect?

Gavan Sing
This might help:

Gavan Sing:

Hi everyone, been busy convincing my boss that he needs me since the last post.

Some update on my army.

60 warriors & BB with heads swapped, armour done, left beards to be done up before priming and painting. no photo tho.

Scratch built BT photo update in my first post.

ES completed waiting to be primed also updated in my first post

HB on warhound photo updated in my secon post

The photos I do have tho are the BT that I have before assembling & a crazy idea on a range spotter for my ES, replacing 1 crew.


Grudge pony cart + marauder banner + sprue + base

Kera foehunter:

Gavan that sounds like a cool idea!! can’t wait to see it built

@ im working on 2 riders so i let you guys pick which one i use!!

omost done with them

Gavan Sing:

Hi again. Manage to do up my BC lord & hero. They are obviously WIP, still missing beard, weapon and shield to glue to the side plus greenstuff on the joint between the horse & BO body.

BC character front


BC character back


Sneaky gits

BFSP Night gobbos archers replacing with dagger found in previous ed night gobbo spruce

Sneaky Gits


Sneaky Gits banner (dead rat with dagger sticking out all over)


Kera foehunter:

What a great looking group of bulls!!! i like the tusk on the bull centaur

Gavan Sing:

Thanks Kera, the tusk is from O&G Orc hero’s boar. the face for both are from BO’s regimental box.

The weapon and shoulder pad are from chaos knight box.

Still have yet to paint any model yet. I suck real bad when comes to painting and seriously thinking of engaging a painter so as not to ruin all the effort that I had invested in building my army.

Border Reiver:

The use of the BO bodies and the barded chaos steed bodies is really good to get the feel for a really big and nasty beastie. However, before you prime and paint could you scrape off the Orc symbols on the minis?

From an aesthetic POV, would you be able to switch out the heads? Right now, the models don’t say Chaos Dwarf Bull Centaur to me, they say Black Orc centaur - the heads should at least have beards. Would it be possible to put Dwarf Warrior heads on the BO bodies here to give the models a more Chaos Dwarf look?

Gavan Sing:

Hi Border Reiver, had scrapped off all orc symbol on the minis both on the gut & back of the BO body.

Unfortunately dwarf head is very small when mounted on the BO body. the best I did was to have ogre head for the rnf bulls. I’d greenstuff the beards onto the lord & hero’s head. Will take photo to replace those in my previous post.