[Archive] German CD forums


For anyone who is not aware of them and knows german:



If you do happen to register on either of these, please ask them to include a link to CDO on their websites.

http://chaoszwerge.cms4people.de/63.html (the website for the top one)


Hmmm! Looks quite familiar :smiley:

Page4 -

Wonder if he has Xander’s approval?

But I must say that the guy has a pretty decent Big Hat army - you should all take a look at:

Page4 -


That is my Homepage “Page4 -” ^^

The time is missing to me around own Viedeos to make, therefore Xanders had to herdienen first times! (The side is not finished yet, it grows and grows still!)

But the left to the forum must be renewed soon, it moves! (http://chaoszwerge.forumieren.com/)

Yours sincerely




Such a nice army deserves a showcase thread here at CDO :wink:


TC, which would interest me whether there are test players here for a new CZ-Army book! ^^

Left to the topic

Greeting glorin


Now THAT is a good looking army!

Indeed, it should be showcased here! :smiley:


We should try to link up with all the other CD forums in all the different languages.


A few other German CZ-sides:

tabletopwelt.de (momentarily a large CZ-project runs)

warhammerboard.de (many Chaosdwarfs beginners)

Kera foehunter:

there some cool stuff !! i already mark this for more studying