[Archive] Golden Hat #1 - Winner!

The Flying Beaver:

And the voting’s closed, and our winner has been decided! By a landslide win, the winning entry is Chaos Dwarf number 4, painted by grom! Congratulations grom, in addition to a reputation point, you’ve won a fabulous Earthshaker converted by Xander! Just send him a PM with your postage information and he’ll send it to you right away.

And now, to reveal who did what model:

#1 was painted by: Revlid

#2 was painted by: Xander

#3 was painted by: Someone2040

#4 was painted by: grom

#5 was painted by: Angryboy2k

#6 was painted by: Patsy02

Thank you to all who entered, you guys all did a great job and we’re quite pleased with how this contest went. Your entries will be added to the wiki article on The [[Golden Hat]], as well as the website once it’s ready. We hope to do even better next contest, (which should be announced shortly) so get your sculpting tools and paintbrushes ready!


I also would like to thank all those who participated, wanted to participate but didn’t, and those who voted. May our second contest be just as successful. Cheers!


In order to motivate people like me, I think the next contest should be for an entire unit… :slight_smile:

Great contest, and well done to everyone who entered.



Tnx for voting for my mini :slight_smile:

Uzkul Werit:

An entire unit? Easy. Once I work out these digital camera things!

Truely deserved, grom. Mon the Big Hats!

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Congratz, Grom. Well deserved! :cheers

The Raven:

Absolutely well deserved, congrats:)


Well done!

Looking foward to the next one, when I’ll hopefully be able to get better pictures.

And not a whole unit, please. I have my limits. A warmachine, perhaps!


We’ve already got a plan for the next one, but I’m not sure whether Xander/ Beaver wanted to put it to the vote, or open it up for suggestions.��I’m guessing it won’t be for at least a month, if not 2. Perhaps June would be good, and have 1 every quarter? Either way we’ll try and let you know at least 6 weeks in advance.

Anyway, congrats to Grom, and all the others that entered.��Being based on a very select criteria there was a lot of variety in the end.


Beaver and I discussed the frequency of competitions and how we were to work that. The sort of informal decision was that Every two months would be a contest.

As with this first week of April, it was devoted to the Poll. The second week, this week would be devoted to an open discussion for what we want to have for the next contest. Then, we take the remainder of the month and the next month to work on our entries. Thereby giving that 6 weeks or more to work. That is, June 1st being the due date.

So we might as well open the floor to discussion in this thread. Perhaps, Grim, post the idea that we had been discussing.


Well deserved grom, I’m looking forward to future competitions so that I will actually get up and paint something.


Ok then.

The exact wording of this needs to be finished, but here we go:

The theme is ‘slaves/ mercenaries’.��This being because some will see different entries like hobgoblins/ ogres as slaves, whilst others see them as mercenaries.��So we open it up to everyone this way.

A minimum of 10 20-25mm based infantry models;



Other Mercenaries themed on Chaos Dwarfs


a minimum of 3 models on 40mm (ogres/ trolls etc)

No command models

No characters

An option to consider is to drop the 40mm based entries, another is to say an entry consists of 10 models (not a minimum of 10).��10 models alone without command or characters might require greater skill and care, as each model is more visable than in a large unit.

10 models (or 3 ogres) shouldn’t take that long even for the slowest painters (like me).


I, personally, really like this idea and endorse it. I imagine I will make some Slave Brutes, which is a term I just made up but rather like, which would be slaves that “count as” Orcs on 25 mm bases. Mine will probably be a mixture of races, which would easily account for the “animosity” they suffer.


Hey Patsy02, where did you get that shield?