[Archive] Golden Hat #10 - Winners Announced!


Well, our tenth Golden Hat is now in the books.  It was an awesome contest with a wide range of entries.  I was really impressed with all the entries.  So without further delay, here are the winners!

1st - Golden Hat


2nd - Silver Hat


3rd - Bronze Hat

Ishkur Cinderhat

Entry Key:

Entry #1 - Wallacer

Entry #2 - Skink (Disqualified)

Entry #3 - warh

Entry #4 - Zanko

Entry #5 - happyzappydude

Entry #6 - maelzch

Entry #7 - Mahtipakarat

Entry #8 - Bassman

Entry #9 - m3lvin

Entry #10 - Ishkur Cinderhat

Entry #11 - Hashut’s Blessing

Entry #12 - Shadowforged

Entry #13 - Xander

Entry #14 - Gar Shadowfame

Entry #15 - Grimstonefire

Entry #16 - chipie_ambrosia

Entry #17 - black hammer

Thanks again to all who entered! Medals and slaves forthcoming!


Many congratulations all that entered and many congratulations to m3lvin that has to be the coolest model I have seen in a long time.


Medals have been awarded.

A few things worth mentioning here:

65 valid voters, which could be a record.

m3lvin managed to get near 90% votes, which is certainly a record by a long way.

Xander missed out on 3rd by 3 votes. :stuck_out_tongue:

Great job everyone. :cheers

Can the winners please take the opportunity to do any touch ups needed to their entries if needed, before taking some final shots for word of hashut.


Xander missed out on 3rd by 3 votes. :P

I think I managed to guess 3/3 again. Wait was that not the idea? ;P
Ah no, it seems I was betting on Xander. Darn. 2/3 is still good?
I really thought I had voted for bassman, shows how much I was dithering on the choices. Except for nr 9 I think I knew I was going to vote for that as soon as I saw it.

Congratulations to the winners. There were a lot of nice looking models. Too bad I'm not really in painting place right now. Would have had a snowball's chance in hell, but maybe someday...


Congratulations! Well worthy top three… :slight_smile:


really nice light effects on the side of the head on the 1st place.

really nice!


Congratulations to all the winners and all the participants of the GH X! :hat off

Great work! :cheers

I’m full of expectation concerning GH XI! :wink:



Yeeees, yeeees I wo… oh s@#t I loose! :expressionless:

lol I’m jocking! I know m3lvin was going to win, his entry is sooooo cool! No match for us, but I got my satisfaction beating Ishkur, my master :slight_smile: I went into Chaos Dwarfs also thanks to him (and Snotling and Xander and… blah, blah).

Nothing personal, my friend :wink:

Ok, I stop to be silly, I’m just happy and I’d like to thank you everybody :hat off

Ishkur Cinderhat:

No way! No way! I made it third place amongst these awesome entries? Can’t believe it! :hat off

Honestly, m3lvin brushed us all aside with this exceptionally sculpted and painted monstrous mount. I hope to see some really large pictures of this thing later on here and / or in the WOH.

@Bassman: making second place is not losing man :wink: Congrats to a well earned medal, surely the coolest unit filler I have seen in quite a while. Show some WIP shots in your blog!


Ishkur: I was just kidding, you know? :slight_smile:

My compliments for your great entry, I’ll post you some comments I’d like to give you about your sculpt :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I do not have WIP shots… my shame! But I rushed the building a little bit because of lack of time not taking any WIP shots.

I’m so happy with my filler that I planned a second one for my second Bbs unit, replacing my Death rocker filler (so I can use it as an actual Death Rocket). I’ll post WIP of this second filller, sure.

Ishkur, where are you going to put your new medal? You have so many, lol

m3lvin: shame on you if you do not post larger and better pics of your creation. You’re making me regret I bought a GW Lammasu!


m3lvin congrats on first place, as i said in the entries topic , i knew this one would win easy!

Also congrats to everyone else.


Congratulations to everyone who entered, I couldn’t get my act together, but it was nice to see those who did!

m3lvin, we need to see the full guide to this guy and the WIP photos!!


Congratulations to all who entered :hat off

Those where great winners and i must admit i voted for all three.

Lets see some better pics in your threads please, please ,please :hat

Border Reiver:

First a big congradulations to all who entered.

Second, a larger congradulations to the top three - you’ve given us something to aspire to.


Congrats to all the winners, very worthy indeed!

It was hard to chose what to vote for :wink:


Thanks everyone!! :hat off

It’s a great honour being awarded such a fine prize!

The standard of the entries was so high, I honestly didn’t now what to expect.

I guess the hard work paid off in the end, the award will inspire me to make even more cool models in the future. :cheers

I’ll post all progress pictures of my entry in my blog tomorrow.

thanks goes out to every member of CDO, without you guys I’d never started with CDs in the first place.




Congratulations to all winners !! :hat off

When is next GH ? :slight_smile:

Maybe some christmas subject? :slight_smile:

Christmas in CD land :smiley:


Congrats, guys - it’s well deserved.

And M3lvin - that’s a spectacular model - looking forward to see you update tomorrow.


Next GH will start in january. Artisans up until the end of the year. We need to get the thread up asap.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Excellent work from all entrants, all lovely pieces that made it not so lovely to have to choose three :smiley: Many congratulations to the top 3 :smiley: