[Archive] Golden Hat #6 - Painting Competition


OMG no Grimstone! :(

Although... if we can just put a hit out on Ishkur we might all have a chance here!

I was thinking that very thing.... ;)


hahaha, too bad Grimmy. but indeed, Ishkur is still in it to win it.

Once we start getting a lot of entrants, it would be great to make different divisions so some of us beginners (moi!) DO have a chance :slight_smile:

I like winning… but know I won’t :frowning:


Not a bad idea but the site has to get much bigger and we have to have a lot more entrants then we get now to consider it…


so soj, get a lot more poeple to this place and it will be done :stuck_out_tongue:


I’M ON IT! lol

I’d love to see me try to promote this place. “Sooooo, you should join CDO… chaos dwarfs… little stout people… ummmmm, no, they don’t sell models anymore and they have an old rule book… well, you have to make them yourself with GS… but you can use an awesome steel whip!!!” :wink:


Plugged the competition on my warseer blog, hopefully should get a few new member entries…maybe

Kera foehunter:

I see my plan is working!!!Muhahahaa

Hashut’s Blessing:

Do what ya can to get people that are interested over here. Maybe they collect Mordheim and fancy a go at these blighters, they could enter GHVI straight away then…


Okay, might have been stated but then I’ve read over it!

In the Mordheim playgroup I used to be in years back, most players used round bases as we all thought that looked better in a skirmish game.

So, can I put the Gaoler on a round base or must it really be mounted on a square 20mm one?!


Well Obsidian, bare in mind we are doing this with Border Town Burning, and I imagine they’d want pictures of guys on 20mm bases. You could always switch your model to a circle base after?


Hmm, affraid I wanted to do something a bit scenic. Breaking that off later again just to put it on a round one is a bit too much of a risk!

But I’ll see what I can do…


what if… you cut a circle out of a square base, placed it inside for the competition and then it’s still on a round base for after? or are round bases wider than 20mm? that I don’t know…


Well Obsidian, bare in mind we are doing this with Border Town Burning, and I imagine they'd want pictures of guys on 20mm bases. You could always switch your model to a circle base after?

Thanks, Xander. I was going to say something like this. Round bases are really... unconventional for Mordheim. To me they have a certain 40k smell :D (which I do not mean in a negative way! But these are just two completely different games.)


well just a heads up that i’ll be entering, i’ve been away for a bit but i was delighted to see that we we’re getting the next GH underway, hopefully i still have enough time left… will have to see if i can place better than 3rd this time


Ah, no worries! I just made a new base, the old one will be used on something else. :cheers:


Better then third? He’ll I’ll be happy if I get more votes then I did last time!


Lol, I’m sure you will do fine Mark! :cheers:

Mine is almost finished in ways of GS’ing and converting. Hope I can finish the painting side before my trip to heaven. (that’s going on holidays in Tim speak! :stuck_out_tongue: ) That and find someone with a cam as mine is officially dead! :frowning:

I don’t think I can manage the Artisan contest though, and I had such great plans!:frowning:


Finishing early is torture! I want to show the dude off so badly!

Knight Of Awsome:

I’m halfway done…but i have lots of time, right? is it OK if hes on a round base, i dont have any square bases…


I still need to finsih the GS workonly some small details, like a mancathcer and stuff needs to be added and then I can finally give him a base coat.