[Archive] Golden Hat #8 - Winners Announced!


For those living miles away from the nearest phone point the last couple of months we had a competition to create a warmachine.  This was Golden Hat 8, the regular competitions that our members have to test their skills against each other.

The voting has now closed and I can finally announce the winners

(added suspense…) and a drumroll…

1st Place and Golden Hat Winner:  Ishkur Cinderhat with his awesome bull like warmachine thing

2nd Place and Silver Hat Winner:  Xander with his warmachine based on the one from Warhammer Online.

3rd Place and Bronze Hat Winner:  tjub with his hilarious death rocket team.

Congratulations to all the entrants, but especially to the top 3.  Ishkur has proven he�?Ts up there at the pinnacle of competition by being the only person to hold two Golden Hat medals.  I�?Tll catch you up just you wait�?� ;)  I assume Xander will get in touch with details of your AoW mini soon.

Xander I know is really pleased to have won a medal for his painting, I know you put in a lot of time and effort with this.

Tjub It�?Ts been a great few months for you, no doubt this will mean a lot to you.  I presume Xander will send you the Canadian WD supplement.

To all our contenders your minis will be shown in the CDO Hall of Fame and you will receive a number of slaves equal to the number of participants.  All the better for sending to each other in Slave week :wink:

For those curious we had 168 votes in the final round, Ishkur secured 18%, Xander 15% and tjub 14%.

This has been the most successful Golden Hat by far, more entries than any other competition and certainly more voting (in both rounds).

A round of applause for everyone.  May the drinking and feasting last for a whole week!

Entrant Key:
01 - Alvarok
02 - Loki
03 - Zanko
04 - orclord
05 - demi_morgana
06 - dedwrekka
07 - Cryonicleech
08 - tjub
09 - Tarrakk Blackhand
10 - Hazkar
11 - Swissdictator
12 - Borka
13 - Borador
14 - Kera foehunter
15 - Arashi
16 - the unheard one
17 - Astranagant
18 - clam
19 - Ishkur Cinderhat
20 - Maul
21 - Obsidian
22 - Canix
23 - Pyro Stick
24 - Grimstonefire
25 - Revlid
26 - Xander
27 - WhyNotCrashDifferently?
28 - GRNDL

Kera foehunter:

yea !!!great job ish now where are you going to put that new first prize !!your avatar is full!!

congrades xander on second

great job tjubs!!! you did well


Congrats to everyone and especially to the winners (i think that this was my top 3 so maybe congratulations to me as well?)

Fantastic modelling and painting and people really pushed the envelope in so many different ways - this can only be a good thing for the site and chaos dwarfs in general


Yeah a big congrats to all the winners here :cheers - best GH ever! May this set the standard for all future GHs :smiley:


I think all my final three got it… nice.

:cheers Ishkur! Nicely done sir!

:cheers Xander, I really like how you brought a concept out of WAR into the game! :slight_smile:

:cheers tjub This warmachine always puts a smile on my face. A wicked evil, but delighted, smile!

Congrats to all three! I love the work of all three of you.

Border Reiver:

Well done all, especially to Ishkur - that bull is awesome!

Xander - nicely done

And to tjub - A wonderfully humerous look at rocket launching.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Whoa, I’ll have to add a few centimeters to my hat to celebrate this occasion! :slight_smile:

Man, building the Shatterer Beast was one of the most rewarding things I did during the past months. I really enjoyed working on it for those weeks in January and February (or rather every now and then and on the weekends, mostly), so… thanks CDO for this!! :cheers

Congrats Xander, that’s an impressive amount of firepower. ^^ And tjub hope you’ll make many opponents laugh with this great model!

Now I am looking forward to seeing all those awesome entries in the individual blogs. With big pictures!



Do you have a set of WIP photos / details on how you made the model - would certainly make a very interesting read



/shakes fist


Damn impressive an awesome job all round!

Xander better get busy doling out the prizes, there is a veritable dwarf hoard there.


An amazingly high calibre of entries in the comp this year. Congrats to all who placed. I am in awe of your talent.


The prizes, as explain in the prize thread work this way:

The winner, Ishkur, gets to choose which of the 3 prizes he wants.  The remaining two are raffled off. Another person volunteered an AoW model.  So we might be able to get one for Tjub too. I will contact the donor. The raffles will be random, and I will determine the winners in a couple days!

Thanks for all your votes! :)  You can expect a LOT of WIP pics.  I took MANY of them.


Thanks for all your votes! :)  You can expect a LOT of WIP pics.  I took MANY of them.

SWEET! It looks like it took a lot of work Xander, so I'm looking forward to seeing them and perhaps sneaking off with a few ideas of how to make conversions easier!


Great contest over all!

Good to see that I too voted for the ones beating me, and I must say that both of them are a level above my rocket… :slight_smile:


congrats to the winners! :smiley: it was a pleasure to compete with such entries!

please PM me your addresses so little SMM something can be sent to you… :wink:


Compliments to everybody. Just one of my favourites managed to get to the top three… but all of the entries are so cool I’m not disappointed with the result.


Hahut will be pleased by this gargantuan bull! :hat


Ghrask Dragh:

An amazing competition, the standards for Golden Hat have been set and this one will be very hard to beat indeed!!

:hat off to everyone who entered and congratulations to the winners :cheers


I will contact the donor.  

PM Sent


Congrats to all of you!

Ishkur Cinderhat:

@Xander - I’ve sent you a PM! ^^

@Ubertechie - aye, I put them online in my army blog here. Hope to see many more people’s entries in larger scale soon! :hat off