[Archive] Golden Hat XI Winners Annouced!


Here we are again with another awesome contest that resulted in Golden Hat XI and I must say great job everyone. This ties I believe for the record of most entries in a Golden Hat with 27 submissions submitted, so great job there everyone.

For those that may have missed it the voting took place here: http://chaos-dwarfs.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=7198

Despite some interesting predictions this turned out to be perhaps the closest voting ever in the history of Golden Hat with only one vote separating 1st from 2nd; that’s right, one vote! So after checking and double (and triple) checking the count stayed the same, so without any further delay here we are:

1st - Golden Hat

2nd - Silver Hat

3rd - Bronze Hat

Entry Key:
Entry #1 - Dncswlf
Entry #2 - Bolg
Entry #3 - warh
Entry #4 - Zanko
Entry #5 - arashi
Entry #6 - Willmark
Entry #7 - tjub
Entry #8 - Tarrak Blackhand
Entry #9 - Loki
Entry #10 - Border Reiver
Entry #11 - centauro enano
Entry #12 - Bassman
Entry #13 - Borador
Entry #14 - Grimstonefire
Entry #15 - Ogrob
Entry #16 - Pyro Stick
Entry #17 - clam
Entry #18 - Snotling
Entry #19 - The Snowman
Entry #20 - bas_2312
Entry #21 - The Brain
Entry #22 - Amotep
Entry #23 - Balseraph
Entry #24 - Revlid
Entry #25 - black hammer
Entry #26 - M3lvin
Entry #27 - Thorne

Thanks again to all who entered! Medals and slaves forthcoming! Also congratulations to M3lvin are in order as he becomes the first person to win back-to-back Golden Hats!

Also of note is the fact that Bassman has become the first person to win a hat of each color: Gold, Silver and Bronze!


That was a close race.

And what a rather surprising outcome - but a nice one indeed :wink:

Congrats to all the 3 winners - it’s well earned.


Congrats to all, and especially the winners! :slight_smile:


At last… :wink:

I congratulate the winners and the rest!!

Although it is not surprising for me: place 1 and 2 but 3 surprised me.

(This does not mean that Bassman not deserve on it. He deserves:) )

Once more:

Big Congratulations 4 : Bassman, Snotling & M3lvin :hat off

And a little smaller congratulations 4 rest of… us :slight_smile:

Probably all agree that a round of applause goes to the entire Top 27!!

And what about the other results? We’ll find out how much others get votes?

Willmark! we want all results! :stuck_out_tongue:



Congrats to the winners and to all participants of this historic GH XI! :hat off



Willmark! we want all results! :P

Well 4th place was Clam and 5th was Grimstonefire so hopefully that will suffice.

As far as overall results its gets tougher as some people got a few votes or not at all with a few others they got more then 5.

As a rule we dont give out the number of votes per person.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Excellent work everyone! Especially great work to the top 3!

I’m just curious where I placed though…Did anyone vote on mine?


Yes you got votes.

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Haha Id still love to officialy know if I came last :wink: And a very big congratulations to all that entered the competition it made it a hard fougth race for anyone competing ! Well done all :smiley: and when do we get our slaves :wink: and our tripple crown winner Bassman !


Thank you for voting for my entry :slight_smile:

As for the first time in GH - even one vote counts for me :slight_smile:

Next time Hashut help more to his faithful followers :hashut

Tarrakk Blackhand:

I’ll agree with the following. ThanX for voting for me and hopefully next time will be better…or maybe I’ll try my luck with the Artisan Contest instead.


Gratz everyone- hehe two of the ones i voted for are in there!!


I came ?- that was really a surprise. But a nice one :smiley: You guy’s usually don’t like unconverted standard models - what happend? - but thanks alot for voting on me, of course.

And about showing the overall result. Funny thing is, that if had been less than 10 entries and it had been a ‘poll’ (Like Artisan and others) - it would have been all official? But as said a few times lately. 3 equal votes makes it a nasty business. I would really like to see a ranked scoring system when we have this many entries.


I came 4th - that was really a surprise. But a nice one :D You guy's usually don't like unconverted standard models - what happend? - but thanks alot for voting on me of course.

I do like unconverted standard models like yours when they are really well painted and have a great basing! As a matter of facts you were into my best 3! Even if I lke big hats I can recognize a great painting and a great miniature.

Well, I'd like to thank you everybody. I should have an hard core fan base in this forum :P thank you all.
It was a really big surprise to see my miniature in top 3!! This time there were so many cool entries... much better than mine! Like Clam's :)

Yep, Gold, Silver and Bronze I'm so proud of my precioooooooussssss medals.... only mineeeeee, my birthday presentsssssss, my precioussss x.x


Only one vote between me and M3lvin?! that’s pretty close…

Yay cool, thanks to all who voted for me, you guys made all that possible! :hat off

Congrats to M3lvin and Bassman for the medals and to all 24 members for their awesome sorcerers. I can’t wait for the next GH!


congratulations to you guys

imo the best gh ever(so sorry i couldn´t enter…lost my mini and had no time to do another one)

but be prepared…next gh will be mine :wink:


Thanks to everyone that voted for me,

and even greater thanks to all my worthy opponents

that makes these competitions so unique and awesome.

truly inspiring.

:hat off



Each one of these was an awesome entry in its own right, but the ones that were awarded medals were truly a step ahead of the pack, each one with a radically different aesthetic that is still “Chaos Dwarf”. Would that there could have been more medals!

Can I ask where I came in the rankings, or how many votes I had?


They all look so great, well done! Truly inspirational and great all around!


imo the best gh ever(so sorry i couldn´t enter...lost my mini and had no time to do another one)

how do you lose a miniature on which you are working on?! :o