[Archive] Golden Hat XII - Winners Announced


It was another interesting contest this time, and what I believe may actually be a first.  We have a tie for silver, meaning no bronze will be awarded this time (if it had been a tie for 3rd we would have had a quick poll).  So, without further delay the winners:

1st place and Golden Hat Winner:  Clam

2nd place (tie) and Silver Hat Winners:  Skink and Grimstonefire

Medals have been awarded.


Voting Key:

1  Laurellien

2  Arashi

3  Nicodemus

4  Dhark

5  Kerbak

6  Akhakk

7 Clam

8  Pyro Stick

9  Skink

10  Grimstonefire

11  Vulcanologist

12  Warh

13  Tarrakk Blackhand

Veteran Medal Winners

We mentioned this in the GH 12 thread, I’ve gone back through and kept a meticulous record.  So here are the medals to be awarded:

Silver Veterans Medal:

Hashut’s Blessing


Bronze Veterans Medal:


Pyro Stick


Note that we have not designed the veterans medals yet.  13 slaves will be awarded to all the participants, well, everyone but me actually.


Congrats to all. But more congrats to the winners! May you wear your new hat be it golden or silver with pride. :slight_smile:


Nice work everyone! Greens of my unfinished entry will be uploaded soon!


Congratulations all! Great work.


Great work everyone!


Congrats to the winners, great work!

Btw, how many entrys do you need for a Veteran Medal?


Fine work! Congrats to the winners!


Congrats Clam on the gold and the others on silver! :cheers


:cheers cOnGrAtS !! :cheers


Congrats to all the participants.

How many votes (if any) did my entry get?


Everyone did a great work and the winner are we that got to see them :slight_smile:


Wow, two of my fav entries got medals :smiley:

My compliments to everybody. Great contest as usual!

Skink: Italians always rule!!! :smiley: :cheers

Border Reiver:

Well done everybdy!

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Great work everyone and congratulations to the winners!


congratulations to all the combatants.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Excellent work everyone!

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Congratulations! :cheers

Hah, Clam made 1st and I’m sure it was my vote that made the difference in his favour. ^^


Congratulations to every participant - and especially to the winners! :hat off

Still love the old models and together with Clam’s great painting - voila my personal favourite! :cheers

Awesome dude! :wink:



congratulations clam on your gold and well done all the other medalists. big well done to all my fellow entrants too, the standards were great!


WHAT!!! There must be an error, I can’t be a winner!!! Did you saw all the other awesome entries??? Thank you everybody for your support and most especially kudos 2 Clam and his magnificent work!!! Your entry had my vote dude!!! Another GH is finished, yuk!!!:):):slight_smile: Congrats 2 all the partecipants

BASSMAN:: Italian powa man!!!