[Archive] Great Taurus inspired by Maul


hey guys!

inspired by Maul’s thead i started on building my own great taurus.

meanwhile my progress on the model is so far that i think it’s worth starting an own thread with lots of pics for you to see and give me your feedback :D.

just like Maul i had to change the position of the legs so that the taurus has a standing position.

also i decided to have a change on the orininal horns, that looked a little too boring. i thought spliting each horn so that i has two ends would be cool and i’m pretty happy with the results so far…

the first steps:

and now with the wings:

i think of having the wings modified cause they look a bit too small in my opinion. although its obvious that a big and heavy thing like this bull can’t fly but it should look like it could at least ^^ :-P.

so this is my idea:

i’m also working on a few chaos dwarf warriors and a death rocket…


death rocket:

i’m not happy with the death rocket so far, so i’m thinking of removing the colour and add some more details…

i do a lot of other stuff for other armies so i have just very slow progress on my chaos dwarfs, but though i hope you like it so far and have a lot of feedback and new ideas for me. :slight_smile:

greetz finger…

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage



thats goint to be one heck’uv a Great Taurus, looks as it will turn out quite nicely though. I am liking the savagery of the lizardmen bits as well… should give that nice evil feral undertone to a Dawi Zharr army of the dark lands. Interesting concept on the DeathRocket and once you work your details should be a fine addition to the forces.


Ah, the same bull so Im sure it will look good. It sure is huge… But did you cut his balls!? O_o

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Love the work you’re doing, even how the Death Rocket and Dwarf turned out!

Didn’t know the bull was so … anitomically corect…and is now a unic! :smiley:

Kera foehunter:

Ah, the same bull so Im sure it will look good. It sure is huge... But did you cut his balls!? O_o


well so did Maul !!! that is cool i love the anvil and your cd great job


Cool looking Taurus, and for the CD warriors - I like the idea of using Lizardmen parts, cool :slight_smile:

Kera foehunter:

so where did you find the bull a toy shop ??


@ tjub: yeah i had to cut his balls xD poor taurus^^ but he had another pose from the beginning and i wanted this standig pose.

@ merchant & apocalypstia: yeah i also like the lizardmen parts a lot. going to have at least one unit with 'em. perhaps even the whole army.

@ kera: i found it at the toy section of k@rstadt. it’s from the label schl�,�ich and it costed about 6 �,� (writing here from germany).

i haven’t much ideas for the rider yet, but i mainly want to concentrate on the bull first.

thanks for all your quick replies

greetz finger…


I like the iconic imagery you have chosen there; a giant bull pounding away at an enourmous anvil! It’s like a picture of hashut :slight_smile:

Should be interesting. I agree the wings need to be a bit bigger.


Don’t most people hang bullballs on the xmas tree? :wink:

Is the anvil going to be part of the model or is it just for balance at the moment?


until now the anvil was just for the ballance, but i could think of making an anvil part of the model. but if i do so, ill make an anvil myself, cause the one you see on the foto is massive and very heavy.

i will think of the idea…


I love the pose of it. It’s going to be an imposing piece when you’re done with it. Where did the wings come from?


the wing are from the lotf balrog


not a lot, but here is some progress on the taurus:


more work on the wings…

modelling the texture of the wings was easier than i expected.

i also found a way to make the wings stable, but keep them removeable.

the pics show you what i mean:

greetz finger…


There are just so many amazing Taurus conversions out there at the mo this is so great to see :slight_smile: Amazing work on the wings your gs work is so good that the bits you have added look like they have always been there and when is painted i am sure it will look even better, also in the back ground is that a stegadon with a cannon on its back ???


That’s amazing work on that bull.

although I’ll have to admit, it looks like your chaos dwarfs have scarves around their necks rather than beards… for me it’s because it looks flat rather than the typical spiraled beards we are used to seeing… (the look good, don’t get me wrong) but when I first looked I was rather like, oh, it must be cold, they have mufflers on…


Don't most people hang bullballs on the xmas tree? ;-)

Nope, only a few strange people do anything with bulls testicles..

Kera foehunter:

well the wings look good so far!!

I found the figure !! it too funny i went into a farm and fleet and as i was leaving i saw the bull i laught loudly and i got a lot of strange look

it a cool figure thow

tht to much imfo there



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