[Archive] Green Stuff Molds - A Video Guide


Considered a taboo subject to many, green stuff molds, and molding in general, are an important part of being a modeler.

Check out part one of my newest video series:

Part 1 - Making the Mold

Part 2 - Making a Cast

Part 3 - Trimming the Flash

You’ll notice in the first video, I say red and blue putty, whoops. Should be yellow and blue.

:hat off

Cool Also: http://youtube.com/watch?v=WQkzWvHRdZ0


Hee Hee Hee. " As you can see, my balls of green stuff are quite big" :smiley:


Xander definately has large balls of greenstuff ,hehehe:0


Haha, ya, I said that as well, I thought it was funny too.

You know… gotta keep things humourous. :stuck_out_tongue:


More innuendo! haha.

Keep up the good work Xander :cheers


I’ve done this to try and copy the Thorgrim Grudgebearer’s bearers’ hammer heads. I plan to give my hammerer unit them.

Will you be making this is two part mould? I.e. copying the details on both halves?

Its pretty much the same as what you did, only putting the former (the technical name for the object to be cast I think) half way in, then letting it all dry and covering it all in vaseline and doing the other half.

You need make sure the 2 parts line up, on a large mould just poke some dents in one half as its drying, so when the top part is dry it will fill in and ‘fit together’.

Great stuff as always.


This will only be a one part mold. Two part molds don’t really work with GS because it can’t be poured or otherwise crammed into a closed 2 part mold.

I should be able to finish the video series tonight with any luck.


It can work, it just needs a careful bit of cleaning around the mould line afterwards. You have to put in just enough that it fills it out, but not so much it stops the mould from closing tight. So its not easy, but its not impossible.

The Slaver:

Thanks a bunch for putting this in. Ive been wondeirng how to replicate masks for my CD, and this seems like it would work. Ive been using the Chaos maurader skull shoulder pads, and dont really feel like buying a set of mauraders everytime i need four masks. You, mister Xander, are a truely great hobbyist, no matter what!


For the marauder shoulder pad you should trim off the parts of it you dont want first, use MUCH less green stuff, and if you want you can pull the mask out of the green stuff right away and add detail like small horns or minor stretching and smashing to add variety.

Another great video Xandman!

Lepreh Khan:

Xander = Bob Ross of the Warhammer Conversion World. :wink:

-Lepreh Khan


Any further ideas for videos? I’ve done all the ones I have planned to do for now, but would not be adverse to new ideas.


I’d like to see/make a video for plasticard weapons. Scratchbuilding is something that is very… scary to some people, but it’s not nearly as hard as people initially think.

Me personally, I have a zillion miner arms that I’m going to be building some very big axe blades for.

Also, I know its something we’ve all had to do at one point, but it would be a great reference nonetheless, either custom making, or resizing movement trays. Not such a big deal b/c the chaos dwarfs are on 20mm, but if youre planning on doing something other than 5 wide you’ll need custom trays.


Excellent suggestions Grimsnikk! I may just do some of them. :slight_smile:


Good Stuff Xander,

Minor tip, try to avoid using any bitz that are as dark as that original wheel. In various parts of the videos there is not enough light to make out any detail. It just becomes a dark brown round thing.




If you are up to it a video on making full body armatures and sculpting would be cool.

Or bull centaurs…


If you are up to it a video on making full body armatures and sculpting would be cool.

Or bull centaurs...

I certainly don't have as much experience with that as you might. But perhaps!

Traitor King:

Thank you Xander!

That vid is exactly what i needed!

Now all I need is to find my lego…

Next Vids you make, make sure to advertise the site on them!!!

Also, you need to add this and the Hob Vids to the main site.


Ya, I will update the main site soon.

I advertise the site in the notes for the video. :slight_smile: