[Archive] Grimstonefire Skaven Blog (pic heavy)


As I have painted a whole load of these in the last couple of months I thought I’d start a blog.

What I’m aiming for eventually is not so much defined by an army list, but a collection that would be around 2000 pts. I say not based on a list, as once it reaches this size I will not be fussing around points and will just add whatever I like as a collector.

So my skaven army has 3 themes. Firstly that they are themed to be fighting my Dwarf army. If I’m honest I have not put enough work into the fluff behind it all yet, so for the moment they are only themed as fighting against a generic dwarf army that happens to have the same colour themes (base colour and dark angels green here and there).

The second theme is that they are fighting in a mine, related to where they are attacking my dwarf army from.

The third theme is that they are mostly pestilens, but with some skryre elements that have turned to pestilens. For example my pestilens themed stormvermin with storm daemons. :smiley:

So far the army contains:

Plague priest

Plague priest with censer

25 clanrats with spears (shields need painting).


30 slaves (mixed with hobgoblins and other races)

10 stormvermin

30 plague monks (a few more as well, but not enough for a rank)

Plague claw catapult

I will be adding the IoB models at some point, I’m aiming to have around 80-100 clanrats

Anyhow, I guess you’re wanting some pics. :wink:


20 painted so far, shields need adding.


I have 23 painted and another 7 very close, so I will wait and show them finished.



Plague Claw Catapult

WIP pics here

You will notice it’s missing the ammo, I need to paint that and add some rust powders

The plague monks I’ve assembled all of them, many need basing. Here is a pic of one painted

WIP shot of stormvermin, most are half painted.


I really like your Stormvermin! :slight_smile:


the (guitar string is it) on the weapons make them look the business!

Had similar ideas for my Immortals.



I like your stormvermins very-very much!

Im sure some of my skaven slaves will do some good.

now get building-converting quick-quick!


Very nice stuff, Grim! :slight_smile:


Those Stormvermin are wicked cool.

Oh, and so’s everything else, I just got distracted by the Stormvermin :stuck_out_tongue:


thnak you bitzbox.

i fear i may be “borrowing” your storm vermin idea for my immortals :smiley:


Awesome job! Conversions look great and the painting it truely worthy of a skaven host.

My favorite has to be the plague catapult, the miner popping out underneath is such a nice detail.


Those are some very impressive models! Looking forward to seeing more updates soon! :slight_smile:


Not a proper update, but what I’ve been doing since the last post.

I’ve assembled another 3 stormvermin, needing some GS and basing.

I’ve painted 11 plague monks in total, another 10 are half painted, and 10 more needing basing and undercoating.  So all are assembled.  Would you like to see pics now, or when the unit is finished?

I’ve also bought some island of blood clanrats with spears to boost my unit to 45.  I’ll have to leave 3 without an arm until I get another box of clanrats for the spears.


nice catapult!

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I've painted 11 plague monks in total, another 10 are half painted, and 10 more needing basing and undercoating.  So all are assembled.  Would you like to see pics now, or when the unit is finished?

we want pictures please:hat off


Very well. :slight_smile:

You probably can’t see it well from these pics, but there is a train track running through the unit.

Edit. Found a pic.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Love the unit filler (especially the ooze that the dwarf is dumped into :smiley: ) and the addition of minecart tracks. The orange hem of the robes is a great spot colour and aids the sickly green perfectly. Kudos and great job!


I really liked the yellow trim on the 5th ed skaven, so I thought I’d use it. It helps tie all the models together imo. Not sure I’ll be painting any robes purple though (there were some on the 5th ed ones).


Lovely! This will sure be a inspiring force!


Very cool looking plague monks. Like the slayer in the plague ridden dwarf minning cart.


very, very nice, grim.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Seeing that unit filler with the tracks and the minecart gives me the feeling that this is going to be a really large unit in the end! o.O

Any news on the Stormvermin? The WIP picture looks awesome!


The Plague monks unit I’m going to leave it at 30 for now.  I could have carried on the tracks back into the unit, but I didn’t feel the need to.

No more news on the stormvermin, I’ve been cleaning up island of blood clanrats these last couple of days.  And working on my GH entry.