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Xander, Vexxus and I went to one at the end of 2007, and picked up some amazing stuff at great prices… so, Canadians (especially Ontarians!) get out there and bid!!! (except not against me. I’ll be the girl shouting “C’mon! Let my bid go through! I’m a girl, you should be supportive of me participating in this hobby!!!”)

and no, I don’t know when it starts. I think it started around 12 or 1 last time?


I used to be regular at these things at the Mapleview Mall (Burlington) GW store but I had heard that they weren’t doing them anymore, or were limiting what was on sale to the store built terrain. Last one I went to was sometime in Feb 2005, I think, maybe 2006 where I picked up a REALLY nice 1700 pt Goblin army for $250 Canadian… Hehheh. I had to buy a GW case to cart it home, but whew, what a bargoon!

So, what’s the deal?

I used to be able to bid on terrain, demo armies, painted lots of minis, damaged goods, old and obsolete models, misprinted/mislabelled/mispackaged minis, gaming boards, left over sprues from demo army building, ancient White Dwarf mags, etc…


well, last time it was through online services or something? some distribution centre? direct sales? ugh, why can’t I remember what it’s called?

this is the e-mail Xander got from the manager at the battle bunker:

Hey everyone!

Just a reminder! THIS Saturday, April 19th, is the Oakville Battle Bunker Auction! I once again have a ridiculous amount of stuff up for grabs you can get for nice discounts (I’m talkin 50% off), plus there will be some reduced price items in the store, raffles, prizes, and everything awesome.

There will be two auctions, a silent auction part (so Mighty Empires Campaign participants have a shot at items) and a Jordan-Screaming-At-The-Top-Of-His-Lungs auction, like normal.

And for all you LOTR players . . . we’ve got some special, never before seen deals for you. And by this I mean cheap CHEAP LOTR! Even some auction items!

Cheers! Hope to see you Saturday!


Last time they also had a “guess the weight” of a box of bits. closest guess wins the box. it was like, 14 lbs of bits! There were also terrains and old discontinued figures and just tonnes of stuff.

GRNDL: are you considering coming in??? if so, let Xander, or myself know and we can meet up and form a powerful bidding squad! haha


I may do if its open to the public (although I do have a GW employee rugby shirt that I won for $5 at a previous auction…). I’d have to consider the drive to get there though. My saturdays are oddly scheduled affairs, so I’d have to commit to a plan to get things organized.

Do you guys know what time it starts? I believe the ones I went to started some time around 12 noon and usually ended around 2pm when the manager lost his voice… :slight_smile:


well, from Burlington, it’s not far… like, 20 mins? just QEW - 403, exit at Dundas, it’s behind the Canadian Tire :slight_smile: I’m sure you’ve been there before… if not, I can get you better directions and give you a contact number.

It’s definitely open to the public… well, I’m relatively confident in that statement. Jordan sent that out to Xander, and there is a flyer posted ONLINE… so yah, I’d say safe bet.

last time I think it lasted until about closing time; it ran ALL afternoon.

Kera foehunter:

you guys in canada are so lucky!!!


Oh Kera, don’t be jealous, bribe us into bidding for things u want! lol



Sorry, jealousy took hold here ages ago. The boar centaurs are spitting feathers, though that’s more to do with the great eagles I fed them. They’re not that good on the digestion apparently, it spoilt the elf salad I had ready for desert.


The bunker opens at 12 on Sundays, so I guess come for around that time?


Except that the auction is on SATURDAY… not Sunday. :stuck_out_tongue:


I see, yes, it was on Sunday last time I think.

Saturday opening time is 10am.

Kera foehunter:

Vexxus Don’t forget to pick me up saturday!!

ha ha!!!

P.s i want 1 of everthing


@Xander, Sojourn

Not sure if I’ll be going yet. I live in St. Catharines so its not just a hop in the car for a few mins for me. Its at least 45 mins on a good day. Thats not really a problem for me, but working it in with all the other things I have to do causes some issues.

If it does start at 10am, then I’m kinda SOL. I’m not a morning person, esp on weekends.

Its a shame though, would like to go, just to see the state of things compared to the Burlington store ones. I would imagine that it will be packed with all the peeps from TO. The Burlington store usually has about 100 people show up. The store is packed to the point where one wonders about fire safety regulations. :slight_smile:

Knight Of Awsome:

I’m so lucky to be in Canada:). I hope i can get some really cheap dwarfs so i can twit them into chaos dwarfs, preferably into a blunderbuss firing squad of 15 then turn the 16th guy into a chaos dwarf warrior. lol last time i went to that GW store i told them i was making a chaos dwarfs army…i couldn’t believe the reaction i got out of that one:o.


Sounds like we won’t be arriving until sometime after 12. I will be wearing a brown baseball hat, jeans, and a grey and navy blue striped hoody.

Oh, and I will be the one with the Girl. :stuck_out_tongue:


What a let down, the auction lasted 1.5 hours and they started everything at high prices and didn’t even sell stuff that didn’t get a starting bid. Prices started at 50% lower, but they were for old stock, so it was hardly a good deal.

Probably the worst auction I have been to. GRNDL, you made the right choice in not coming. :stuck_out_tongue:


haha, my shop was running one too, I manage to come home with…

the old high elf dragon character

A STank

12 pro painted slayers (and I mean pro painted, they are awesome, It’ll be a shame to strip them)

Ungrim ironfist

the shops 1.2K of skven

all for £65, Im happy, and i got a case to carry it all in

I just forgot to get some GS in the excitement…so It’ll be a week or so before I can do anymore CD work

Kera foehunter:

So what cool stuff you guys get???

Knight Of Awsome:

well i didn’t get anything, but i bid the the loin chariot, heres how it went…

“do i hear a 15, 15 anyone”

I looked straight at him, raised my hand and said “15!!”. he looked and me and pointed, “i got a fifteen, any one more” no one answered, then he said high elf chariot sold for fifteen…Then handed to some one else, one the other side of the room…:o

…I had a heart attack…other than that i bid on a couple different stuff, but no dwarfs were to be found…:mad


well i didn't get anything, but i bid the the loin chariot, heres how it went...
"do i hear a 15, 15 anyone"
I looked straight at him, raised my hand and said "15!!". he looked and me and pointed, "i got a fifteen, any one more" no one answered, then he said high elf chariot sold for fifteen...Then handed to some one else, one the other side of the room....:o

Knight Of Awsome
High elves are smelly greenskin haters anyways ;) maybe he did u a favour!