[Archive] Hasslefree Miniatures Chaos Dwarves


Some of you may already know this (sorry if you do), but I just discovered today that Hasslefree Minatures have a couple of nice Chaos Dwarves in their line.



Yes the minis are known. :wink:

They are made by Sjoerd who is also a member of this community! :hat off

Very cool minis, I own them both. :cheers



Indeed, though I think the one in greens might one of his I haven’t seen yet.

Very good stuff.

Pyro Stick:

Heres the third one that hopefully hasslefree will release soon:

If they do then that will be when i buy them all. Ive been putting it off until they have a few more of his for sale. Theres also a fourth model of his but i dont know if hasslefree are going to cast it or not:

Hashut’s Blessing:

Yep, these have been on the website a few times before, but nice to see them found again. I have the first one and I don;t find that the second will particularly go well with any of my stuff for some reason. However, the third one that Pyro has posted (well, the first that Pyro has posted, the third of the four of them, lol) looks very nice and I think I might have to get it. The fourth has been in green for months now, hasn’t it?

Pyro Stick:

The fourth has been in green for months now, hasn't it?

Hashut's Blessing
I think it was being sculpted for someone so it might not ever get cast. Might be worth emailing sjoerd i guess.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Oh right, that makes sense. Either way, it would possibly fit with my Chaos, only not mutated enough and it likely wouldn;t fit the other stuff of mine again, lol. I don;t have Sjoerd’s e-mail…