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The thread probably makes no sense, but hey.  Im new here.  Ive been working on a CD army quietly and behind the scenes for several months now and finally got my first unit mostly completed and thought I would throw up some images, try and get some feedback/ideas.  These are my first attempts ever at using greenstuff… for pretty much anything.  Go easy on me its my first time :wink:

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage



It’s quite good actually for a first attempt.

You have quite a striking colour combo there, but imo the edges of the bases should be darker.  I personally would do them black and give the tops of the rocks a highlight of grey.  Also, I would be tempted to get some modelling flock/ very tiny gravel and add a bit more texture around the rocks, as just lava and sparse rocks is not as realistic imo without some smaller chunks here and there.

What shields do you have in mind?


If this is your first try on green stuff, I am impressed!!! I think its god at any standard…

I agree with Grim on the bases, other than that, so far so god


I like them, very good work, especially for a first green stuff attempt.


Kera foehunter:

Looks very good. Now your on a path that you can never return from .

The fun adventures of Green stuff it will make you cry and it will make you laugh.

enjoy the glory know as green stuff :slight_smile:

While i got your attention Adolrak could you tell me what model is the that cute little red guy is PLEASE!! Kera


@Kera: It’s a Reaper goblin, part of their Pathfinder range. It’s part of Reaper’s Bones Kickstarter project, so it should be available cheaply in the not-too-distant future (march?)


That is exactly who the goblin is, Reaper range, Pathfinder goblin. I bought 60… not so cheap lol but they look perfect for what I want.

I have some black sand from a previous army i can add here and there, around the bottom of the rocks you say? I’ll give it a try.

Shields I have a whole collection of old chaos warrior shields, new chaos knight/warrior shields as well as maurader shields. I have access to vampire counts shields as well to mix it up.

Future projects are:

Wolf Riders - Chaos warhounds with more pathfinder goblins on them, this time i’ll use the archer type.

Magma Cannon - Im thinking just convert up a regular cannon using the barrels from the organ gun bits for steam chimneys. I have a couple tiny funnels i want to add, where the lava would get poured in, and do up the base with a small pool of lava and dwarves carrying buckets, tho I am not sure how to do that lava… if I should try water effects.


One more picture here.  I did two dwarves using great weapons, I was quite pleased except for the GS arm looking like its 12 miles long.  Also one with my idea for a fireglaive.  Pheonix Guard halberd attached to the end of a regular gun.  Finding the halberds is turning into an adventure tho.

Also is my one completed dwarf with shield, tried to do some OSL, didnt much care for it maybe i need more practice but its intimidating to throw paint over top of something that took a long time to do lol.

Really appreciate the positive feedback :slight_smile:

Kera foehunter:

Ahhhhhhhhh  i love reaper figures how could i miss that …Smacks palm of her hand to forehead*
Two handed weapons are hard  with dwarf beard . Even these female dwarf i done they look like one arm is huge

p.s. these are reaper figures :slight_smile:

great start to your army


your dwarfs remind me of the the first time i attempted to make chaos dwarfs but yours dwarfs look a lot better than mine even now


Hey guys!  finished my first goblin wolf rider!  Im pretty happy with it, once these guys are done I guess im going to work on my magma cannon.  Im probably going to just use a dwarf cannon and beef it up using organ gun parts.  Any other good bits people can think of to make it bulkier?


Been busy!  Heres my first attempt at a Magma Cannon.  It feels a little small but I think once I do the full base it will work nicely.

All feedback appreciated! Thanks again guys.


Cool Hobgoblins! Nicely done. :slight_smile:


Everyone seems to love the Hobgoblins!


you have done some cool work for your CD army!! Great work on the GS beards!!


Welcome to the Forum Friend.


Yeh, the little red hobgoblins is cool. almost gremlinish. Wish the rules still had the “kobold type goblin” they’d fit in perfect for that.


Well i tried my hand at making a prophet/wizard type character and this is what I came up with.  I’ll need at least one more so once again, feedback much appreciated :smiley:


without being an expert or anything, but the right arm seems unatural to me. I mean the weapon is HUGE but he does not grip it properly, he grab it at the edge and even then it seems like he only uses the upper half of his palm(?)


ya the arm is from the cannon set, he was holding onto a rope and his pinky and ring finger werent really gripping it, I did the best i could with it :frowning: wanted to use the muscled arms instead of fabric, i was considering adding a curved bar below his hand to make it look like the handle was just bowed for some reason but i couldnt get it to line up straight with the axe and so gave up