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:hat off

the time when i have to paint my hobbos comes closer so i have to think about a colour for their skin. i don’t want a traditional green because they should be separated from the normal goblins. i tried 4 shemes (sorry, pics are too dark ^^)

1: Catachan Green; Chestnut ink; CG + Elf Flesh

2: Graveyard Earth; Brown Ink; GE + Rotting Flesh; Green Ink

3: Terracotta; Brown ink (black might be better ^^); Terracotta + Blood Red

4: Snakebite Leather; Brown Ink; Bubonic Brown

right now i prefer number 2 and 4, but i think about mixing 1,2 and 4 in a unit, like the orcs of LoR. number three looks good, too, but then i cannot paint them red clothes…

what do you think? do you habe some other suggestions about skin colours?


Any of those look great. I am using a pale green scheme myself. For clothes I am doing traditional whitish brown cloth with a red hat.


redcaps are cool but remember, my hobbos wear all helmets, no caps…


id say give it a good mix up of 1 2 and 4. theres nothing saying they al have to be the same shade and the diversity might be a good thing.

i agree if you have red skin on 3 you cant really have red clothing.

Hashut’s Blessing:

I decided to test a bizarre scheme on my free night goblin from White Dwarf. I tend to only paint in one colour. Occassionally, I ink, like with chainmail/beards. That’s about it. Put simply, the skin was Dwarf Flesh. The robe was black. Scab red spear handle (to tie in with my test CD [Still unfinished!]). Bestial Brown OR Scorched Brown (can’t remember) belt and rope on spear. Boltgun Metal spearhead. Catachan Green base. Boltgun Metal on shield, with (I think!) Sunburst Yellow symbol and Black Ink the whole shield. Obviously, highlight and shade as you wish, but it looks quite good. They aren’t really greenskins then, though ;)…


I think of these, number 2 is superior. Especially if you’ll do red robes.


- Kyte

The Slaver:

Ive always painted my hobgobs catchatan green undercoat, followed by a highlight of a mix of white and catachan green. I think you should probabaly stick to a shade of green, as hobgobs are still greenskins, even if they arn’t the traditional kind. I suppose ts your decision though.

Father Grumpmas:

I rather like scheme #4. The old GW hobgoblins i.e. pre the days of them being linked to the CD’s, were nearly always painted a light brown colour.


I like the second one the best, I’m not a fan of the red at all.


Yup, defenitely the second one, the fourth one looks a bit too ‘washy’. Could be the picture though. But the second one would contrast red robes the best I think.


Lord Darkash:

No.1 to dark No.2 to Ogreish No. 3 to red! No.4 Juuust right! :cheers


mix 1,2,4 :slight_smile: I hate it when all Orks, or Skaven or Humans are in one colour! there could be black people too! if u mix them (most hobbos should be like 4) it should look more realistic and chaotik… and thats what we want :slight_smile:


Number 4 is definitely the best.

Traditional Hobgoblins are browny-green, and that’s close.

Of course, you could always do D&D/Spiderman Hobgoblins… Orange!


The red looks nice. You have to keep the cloaks black though. Gives a nice darth maul style to it and is nice and bright. It will show lots of detail. A little bit more appealing


The fourth one is the most apealing to me, I find the 2nd one to be too pale and in my opinion you wouldnt have pale hobgoblins because they dont work in the mines so would often be in the enviroment of their dwavern masters whom as we all know abide within the Darklands, the darklands being a volcanic ash wasteland i cant imagine them developing a pale complextion

Kera foehunter:

i say number 4 it looks like a hobo


Do number 4 with red clothing , except on sneaky gits , thier clothing must be black.


4 is the better out of these although i think your idea of mixing 1,2,and4 would work very well:hat its more natural to have varied shades of skin colour


i say number 4 it looks like a hobo

Kera foehunter
Aww, let's not judge. Maybe he's just a little down on his luck.:)

I'm partial to 2 or 4 myself. More 2 I'd say.


I say 2.