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Slavemaster Hod:

Hi Guys,

Like the Thread Subject suggests, I am a long-time collector of CDs but have always put off painting them until I felt like I was a better painter. I do not play, so painting top notch armies is really my only concern. I’m not a quick painter (and I often get sidetracked), but I have decided that I am now good enough to do the CDs with the justice I think they deserve. I am always trying to better myself, so with each new army I take on, I try to think of something different I can do with it that pushes my skills past my current limits. For the CDs I think that I am going to try freehand banners. I really love all the great skull banners on this site, and I feel the CD banner style is a great first foyer into freehand banners for me.

As you will see, my style if very cartoony (all my colors go to black, so everything is separated by it), as well as vibrant. I just can’t paint bland minis. For me, it has to be a vomit explosion of color and contrast (my favorite painters are Monet and Van Gogh).

I started collecting CDs in 1993, and have most of the MM90 Chaos Dwarfs from then. I painted them poorly and then found girls, beer and parties. Some years later I bought a home and was moving my stuff from parent’s place into it, and lo and behold, there were my CDs. Seeing them re-sparked my childhood joy of wanting to paint an army and I picked the brush back up. I stripped all the minis I had painted and started in on them. I only painted a few before realizing I sucked, and was ruining my beloved CDs with paint-jobs that didn’t do them justice. I purchases some Rackham stuff and went to painting it as practice. Now ten years later, I think I am finally ready to go back to my CDs. In my hiatus though, I have picked up a bunch of the Tall Hat Axemen and Bull Centaurs, as well as some newly purchases FW Deamonsmiths and Taur’Ruk.

I’m going to start with the Tall Hats, then move to the FW and finish with my first mini loves, the MM90 CDs. There is something about those MM90s that just makes them so personable. I feel like the sculptor was able to put so much personality in each one. They feel like a hodgepodge of dwarfs who’ve been warped by Chaos in their own personal and strange ways.

I live in the US but am currently in England for another three weeks. This means no painting for a bit. So you may ask, why start this blog now? Why not wait until you get back? Well, there are two reasons. First is, I’m impatient and just picked up my new FW CDs a few days ago at WW. So looking at them makes me want to paint, but since I can’t, I can at least talk about painting them. The second is that I hope getting this blog going while I’m excited will galvanize me to actually start painting them when I get home. I will feel like a real tool if I start this thread and then never paint a single CD.

So, while I wait to start painting, what I can offer to this thread to give it some actual substance, is some of the non-warped brethren of Hashut’s chosen, and some color schemes concepts I have.

While trying to improve my painting skills I picked up some normal dwarfs. I was particularly fond of the old metal ones and painted a fair amount. Some of you might now me from Bugman’s Brewery (Hod Flagonpounder). I have an army blog over there if you care to check it out (a link is in my signature). But I thought I could post some of the highlights here so you guys can get an idea of my style.


And finally the only CD I’ve painted to a quality I like (guy on the left). He’s a reformed CD, who after some serious introspection, decided the life of Chaos wasn’t for him, and returned to his puritanical brethren, where he joined a cannon crew.

I also am working on a Rackham Dwarfs as Space Wolves (or as I call them Space Boars) 40K army. I just can’t get enough of them dwarfs.

As you can see, I like color. So my CDs are going to be colorful. And I don’t like painting any two minis alike, so I’ve been giving a lot of thought to how I’m going to paint them all. The few things I’m pretty certain on is that I want most of them to be predominantly red, with brass, black, blue and then silver as the highlight colors (in descending order.) For my higher rank characters, I want them to predominantly brass, with red, black, silver and then blue as the highlight colors (again in descending order). Below are some of the ideas I’ve put together for the axemen. These show the rise in rank by the use of more gold.


I’d love to hear what you guys think of my color schemes. I hope to do some concepts soon for the Blunderbusses (which I think I am going to do with more blue), and the Bull Centaurs (which I think I am going to go mostly gold).

I know there is a lot of non-CD stuff on this thread so far, but soon it will be full of nothing but CD goodness.


The colours work well.  Uncharacteristically for me, I like the blue and purple.

Queen Helga’s face is brilliant. Suitably evil and menacing.  It would be a lot of work but if you could do that to the more “Dwarfy” models it would be great.  And add some tusks to any visible dwarf face, icon or shield for that last flourish.

As you can see I’m trying to get you to convert them.

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage



Hello Slavemaster Hod!

Very colorful and beautiful painted miniatures you show her. Great!


And her name is Helgar not Helga :wink: WAIT! I looked at google - since when is she called Helga?

Slavemaster Hod:

And her name is Helgar not Helga ;-) WAIT! I looked at google - since when is she called Helga?

You can't even rely on GW to get their own lore right. I actually have no idea whether it's Helgar or Helga. Fun mini to paint though. Isn't she the only GW dwarf rinn?


And her name is Helgar not Helga ;-) WAIT! I looked at google - since when is she called Helga?

You can't even rely on GW to get their own lore right. I actually have no idea whether it's Helgar or Helga. Fun mini to paint though. Isn't she the only GW dwarf rinn?

Slavemaster Hod
I just knew Helgar but after a quick search I also found these:

Grimbold Blackhammer:

You are pulling off a rather varied color palette we don’t often see Chaos Dwarfs wear through sheer skill with a brush! I think if someone else were to try those colors, it would look horrible but you’ve somehow managed to make those models look rich and vibrant. Very well done indeed! I truly hope you post more!!


Love those space boars!

For CD, I think you of all people could pull off a much less classical colour scheme than the ones you propose. Red and yellow have been done a million times. If I had to choose, I’d take the bottom left option.



Beatiful dwarfs. I have faith that you will paint some awesome dawi zharr friend! Looking forward to see them!

Pappa Midnight:

Very impressive painting skills. Your choice of colours “shouldn’t” work but looks amazing.

Look forward to seeing more.




Prefer the last two concepts, but I think Id go for the right one. Should look sweet!

Slavemaster Hod:

Thank guys. When you ride the rainbow vomit color train, you have to have a good eye for contrast.

I am musing over the suggestion for a non-traditional color palette, but part of me loves the blood red Khorne color scheme. But… I was thinking doing something different with my Blunderbusses - I’ll concept some things up and see how they look. I’ll post them here when I’m done.


Since you seem to be a master at unusual colours, I vote for pink and yellow.


Some beautiful paint jobs on your dwarves. Bright and striking, and very cleanly executed. Also, very nice non traditional usage of the confrontation models.

Re your proposed scheme, I suspect the result mixed with your painting style will be a modernized and updated iteration of the old school CD scheme (with the striking reds, yellows, and blues). Looking forward to it. Cheers!


your vanilla dwarfs look awesome :wink:


Fantastic paint job. Very clean, as I like it. I love also the reformed CD. Even if Hashut will punish him for his horrible betraial!!!

Slavemaster Hod:

So I have been giving some thought to alternative color schemes and the only thing that I’ve come up with that I like is purple.

I don’t know if I’d use this color scheme for the entire army (I just like the classic red, black and brass too much), but I could be a nice thing to use on my generals, or for Blunderbusses.

Let me know what you guys think.

On a side note, I am only a few days away from being home to my paints. So hopefully next week, I might have the first actual WIP photos of my CDs in progress.


But you’ve already got purple dwarfs, won’t you get bored to quick? Have you considered green and yellow? Seem like the only colors you haven’t used for an army yet :slight_smile:

I’m starting to realise I just don’t like that drawing of the chaos dwarf, so my opinion on colors should henceforth be ignored :wink:

Slavemaster Hod:

But you've already got purple dwarfs, won't you get bored to quick? Have you considered green and yellow? Seem like the only colors you haven't used for an army yet :)

I'm starting to realise I just don't like that drawing of the chaos dwarf, so my opinion on colors should henceforth be ignored ;)

I don't mind using the same colors. I am painting so many armies at once, that it doesn't bother me (and I actually haven't worked on my vanilla dwarfs in a few years now). For green and yellow, I feel like they are too bright and don't have the dark sinister look I want out of my CDs.

As to the drawing. It's not my favorite either, but I'm using it because it has all the right elements (cloth, chain mail, shoulder pads and hat) that I will be painting on the actual minis - as opposed to some other drawings that incorporate elements the minis don't have.

Pappa Midnight:

Out of the two I prefer the one on the right with the black hat. I quite like purple as an “evil” colour, although it would depend how bright the purple was. A nice dark shade would look quite menacing.




Me too. The left hand one has too much gold for me