[Archive] How did you get ensnared into GW's games?


What was everyone’s first experience to Games-Workshop. When in terms of year, version, etc…

For me it was exposure to Warhammer Fantasy Role play around 1989.

Pyro Stick:

I cant remember why i decided to check it out but it was in about 2004 and it was to Warhammer Fantasy. First models was a regiment of Tomb King Warriors.

Uzkul Werit:

My friends were playing it and the army that got me hooked was the Tyranids. Gaunts were my first boxset.

Pyro Stick:

I dont think tyranids back then would of ensnared me into warhammer at all. They might just of scared me away. The army that got me into 40k was either Necrons or Deamonhunters.

Kera foehunter:

well in 2005 my boyfriend (not tallhat) was playing ogre i went to a couple games.

I liked the dwarf army and started playing them.


wow, can I remember that far back? I think my cousin introduced me to it when I visited him back in 1990…in hindsight I might be a much richer man today had I stayed at home that summer. Ah well :slight_smile:


My cousins played Talisman the first edition of bloodbowl and introduced me to it. Later I went into a GW store and saw the gaming boards and I was hooked. I built my first board that weekend, a staffer gave me one of the static space marines and showed me how to paint it, and I was hooked.


wow, can I remember that far back? I think my cousin introduced me to it when I visited him back in 1990...in hindsight I might be a much richer man today had I stayed at home that summer. Ah well :)

Alright Grunts you, me, and Wallacer can join the "old guys club" here on the site! ;)


I think I’m just outside that group. I took up warhammer early-mid nineties. Just in time to miss a whole load of cool stuff


Don’t worry AGPO you can be an honorary member.


Can i remember not really i think it was a natural progression from d&d in 1979 to citadel miniatures and GW when it formed made some of the best figures for fantasy with Ral partha.:hat

The chaos warriors all had different mutations to roll up ,when WFRP was in its infancy:o


Ah the random tables. Always fun! Welll actually no… not allways… how many Minotours did you just roll there Steve?.. Oh right… I’ll pack away now shall I?


Alright Canix! Another “old dude” on the site. Thought I was the only one here for awhile!

Oh yeah: 900 posts!


wow my first exposure to gaming period started with me having to go to the bathroom at 11 pm on a saturday and the only place open was my local gaming store …

Dark Haven:

I started around 2000, right when I entered the 6th grade.

I went over to a buddy’s house to play Golden eye on a N64 and some M:TG. He pulled out his 800 point DE list and I borrowed some orcs from a friend and won my first game. It was awesome!! Good memories. I then started playing Vampire Counts and Necrons and I was hooked ever since. Just finished my Dark Eldar and Daemon Hunters.

My current project will be mostl likely be Dawi Zharr but I keep getting attracted back to the Brets. I’m a sucker for knights in shining armor.


I think it was around 1995 for me. A friend introduced me via White Dwarf…

I liked the look of HE the most, so started with them. I did collect Undead for a while, but back then (before 6th) the models were a bit boring.

Never seriously been tempted by 40k, or LoTR


1993 I played a game called Dungeons of Daemos or somthing along those lines buying some old plastic skelies, couldn’t get hold of Blood Bowl so then went to Space Crusade, to 40k and when Dark Millenium went byebyes and rules changed I turned to Warhammer forever after, only returning now and again to beat down 40k power players with my all-Genestealer list (Space Hulk, Space Crusade, Brood Brother cult list and plenty of 'Stealers later…)

Thats my story haha


I’d say 06 when I was in 6th grade, I googled something or other and ran afoul Warhammer. :confused: I liked CDs since I heard of them, but I want one army to fully concentrate on. So, Dawi Zharr it is!


As a LOTR novel fan, I was introduced to Warhammer thanks to an old rulebook my friend showed me. Then, in 2000, I saw the tall hat CD in a comic book store.

As an assyrian fan, that was all I needed. But it took me a long time to start painting.


For me it was 2003. I refused to play so have only just taken it up reciently. I was living in a share house and a few of the guys had a weekly game going. They were all old hands so thanks to them I’ve played the warhammer RPG (I was a halfling with crap BS skills but awesome I, thank-fully everyone rolled stange stats). They sucked me in by getting me to make terrain (I complained about their terrain so they told me to make something beter and I did). They called the weekly meeting “Nerd Wars” which I thought as funny but I noticed that armies were pricey so I stayed away. Then they got a pack of muchkin and added that to the night…by then it was only a matter of time. Man those guys have patience