[Archive] How I start my adventure with chaos dwarfs


Hi guys, today i want to show you my conversions. I hope you will like them :smiley: Sorry for my english level but i still learning this language

First my heroes :slight_smile:

Dwarfs units

Bull centaurs

Iron daemon

And some slaves :sick

And for finish early wip of my bull centaur with big hat :hat

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage



Looks like you are off to a good start, and welcome to the forums Rusek :hat off

I really like the thing you did to the hobgoblin units banner, I might steal that idea :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Did you make a mould of that shield design on the slaves? It’s really well done and crisp for Greenstuff. I’m definitely liking what I’m seeing so far.


@ Darkmeer When i made hashut emblems on their shields i’ve jut cut them for gs when it was still wet. Ofcourse i’ve been doing this on shields :wink:


Good start, the hobgoblins look good. Hope to see more


Welcome and yes, a very good start


It was a while since we saw BFSP-converted Chaos Dwarfs, and yours are amongst the best so far. Very good work, not least on the shields and characters. This looks to be a work of love. The Iron Daemon conversion is clever, though it would work much better if you added rivets or some other details to the large plow. Best of luck!


Thanks to all of you for comemts and i’m realy glad that you like them :smiley:
You’ve got right Admiral i love this models and this army. I’m converting this models for something like 2/3 years but i play chaos dwarf 2times so far becouse i also have other armies. When you wrote about rivets on plow i have agreed with you, but i haven’t got such small drill so i don’t know if i can do it :confused:


Perhaps you can sculpt some runes onto the plow instead? That should add sufficient detail.


Very small drills can be problematical. If you have the standard size drill for pinning a model, then you can use sewing pins as the rivets.

The heads are big enough that they won’t fall through, just have to cut them short and a tiny touch of glue each.


My smallest drill have 1.5/2mm and it maked small whole around pins, but i will try to do something with this or i’ll try to sculpt some runes or both :wink:

I’ve got a question, on which colour i should paint them? I was thinking about blue/turquise or maby colour of bones becouse i want have winter bases. Or go to the clasic way and paint it red?


Great conversions, well done!


Nicely done on the conversions. This will be a very unique and characterful army. I also really like the direction of the Iron Daemon. Would make for a cool diorama to have slaves laying track in front of the Iron Deamon as it pulls other warmachines down the track towards the battlefield…

Fuggit Khan:

Nice start! I’m sending you some slaves for your furnace :hashut


Thanks man :smiley: and i will reply my question, on which color i should paint them if i want have winter bases and stonehorn as k’daai. Some kind of blue or white? Or go to clasic and Red?


1.5 / 2mm is a bit big. If you cannot get some smaller drills, you could try heating up the pins and melting them into the plastic. Might be very messy though.


Okay, yeasterday i finshed my bull centaur conversion with big hat, what do you think about him? should i resculp his beard?

I will do rivets/runes on iron daemon in weekend i think :stuck_out_tongue:

As you can see i also changed heads in two of my dwarfs, i think they looks better now :wink:


Cool to see a more classic Bull Centaur conversion. :slight_smile:


The beard is a bit long, almost able to trip over it maybe.

Otherwise the job you’ve done and the proportions look pretty good


I’m not usually a fan of using Chaos Steeds as a base for bull centaur conversion. However, I can only say that this one looks spot on and amazing. Everything from the skull helmet to the hat gives this a very unique, but still very classic Chaos Dwarf look. I wasn’t sure of the beard length at first, but the more I look at it, the more I like it. Gives a unique but characterful element to the piece. Well done!