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So long time lurker, first posting anything of real value here.  After recently meeting Swissdicator at a tournament I have decide to create an army blog here as well.  He encouraged me posted my work and I’m feeling good today and trying to kill a little time before class, so I figured what the hell.  Here we go…

So my CD army is named, The Legion of Hashut.  I may change this in the new near future as I have received feedback that it may be too bland and not memorable.  Let me know your thoughts on the matter if you have some.  Anyways, I have been building this force since Jan of this year (2013) and have had a blast painting these little buggers.  My utlimate goal is a 5000pt army with 1500pts of ogre allies.  In addition, I would like to have every unit in the army list represented regardless of gameplay value.  

I already have quite a bit of the army completed, so I should be able to make multiple posts over the next couple of days with new pics.  Also, I would like to point out that I am very much a novice when it comes to taking pics of miniatures.  This something I am working on getting better at.

Without further ado, we’ll kick this blog off with a BANG and present to my destroyer.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.  Let me know if you have any questions.  Hope these links work!


hmmm… links arent working.  I will work on this.  My pics are hosted on Snapfish if anyone has any pointers.  Sorry for the let down!

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage


I have a google account and a google account has picasa. I just made a public gallery in my picasa web, upload my pictures there and link to their URL.

Free, easy and they’ll stay there forever. Check out Picasa Web Albums.


I can enter them directly:

For some reason the pasted link above also displays with an inserted white space between the “%3D367 95687%3A%3A34%3Anu0mrj” which shouldn’t be if anyone wants to copy/paste it.

Looks like snapfish.com uses some pretty funky image links, typing in your URLs directly results in an incompatible URL with “” and “>” brackets, and the like.



Thanks to Bloodbeard’s advice, I got the links to work. Pics were either very small or quite large. I went with the large.


Nice conversion :slight_smile:

Only criticism is the way you paint fire - the colours should go from light to dark as you work your way up through the highlights (fire burns hottest at its centre). Still, even that doesn’t stop it being good work :slight_smile:


Awesome conversion the head works perfectly with that body!


Just threw a few more pics on Picasa and thought I would share.  This time my Hellcannon.  You will notice it is comprised of a chariot base and 4 regimental bases.  I did this b/c he doubles as an ironblaster.  Simply remove him from the center of the movement tray and BOOM you got an Ironblaster (also the reason for the goblin scraper on the base)

With further ado, I give you my Hellcannon.  He was a real hoot to paint.  I hope you enjoy him and perhaps he inspires a few…

giantsquig :

Love the hell canon! I may steal that idea…


Love the original conversions, and great painting as well! My only criticism, as noted before, is the fire which should be the “inverted”.



Thanks to Bloodbeard's advice, I got the links to work.  Pics were either very small or quite large.  I went with the large.

Glad it helped man.

I really like your work. The subtle lamassu head on the balrog is perfect for a destroyer. And the daemonsmith standing with the destroyer is cool, will have to add something similar.

And your Hellcannon is great. The beard and the horns makes the giant look like a very traditional demon.

Also it makes much more sense for this guy to go on an murderous eating spree than the cannon.


Damn! This is all really cool! And I don't share the opinions of the others about the fire painting - it looks excellent.
After all, we play Warhammer Fantasy here. Because of that no one should shit his pants when fire doesn't glow in the correct direction.

:cheers:hat off

I think you need to shit your pants even in the warhammer world, because then there is so serieus magic at work.


Wow! 2 models, 2 conversions! Excellent minis sir, can’t wait to see what’s next!


This might turn out to be one of the best converted Chaos Dwarf armies yet seen. Normally I would also point out the most realistic way to paint fire, but your flames nevertheless looks so good you should keep them that way.


Very nice conversions!!! Great colors, and the bases look awesome!!! Great work, keep it up and keep em comin:)


The Hellcannon is really awesome! :hat off

Excellent conversion and cool paintjob! :cheers

Want to see more of your stuff! :wink:



Another update!  First thanks to all for the words of encouragement. As for the inverted flame colors, I fully understand the feedback.  I actually painted some test models in the suggested method.  It was okay, but really didn’t fit my style per-se.  Then I painted the flames in the manner you see now, and had a ton of fun doing it, so it stuck!

Anywho, on to the next.  Next model is the pain train.  No conversion on this one, just stock.  I do plan on adding a smoke plume to the exhaust pipe at some time.  With that, I go “CHUG A CHUG CHO CHOO!” and present the Iron Daemon…

Lastly, I leave you with something new, a 360 youtube video I embedded.  Enjoy…


The kdaii and hell cannon are pretty sick… Nice color scheme


I love that hellcannon, those wrapped around chains are awesome!


Quick add…  

Here’s a 360 of the hellcannon/ironblaster. Make sure to mute the volume or you’ll hear music from the animated movie “Rio”. My two little girls were watching it at the time.