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Very nice stuff there Sir.


Alright, killing some time before Adepticon tickets go on sale in 10min and thought i would post a few more picks.  However this time some CD-related terrain.  This stuff will eventually be part of my display board.  

With that, ask yourself…  “What does the volcano say?   BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, MELT, MELT!”


Oooh, video! love it :slight_smile: Your hellcannon looks great, really like the way you paint lava as well.

What technique do you use for the lighting effect around the lava areas?


These terrain pieces are awesome. Did you make them yourself or buy them from somewhere? If you built them yourself - got any WIP shots? :stuck_out_tongue:


wow fantastic pieces!!


Once more, nice painting - keep it up :slight_smile:


more lava, more lava!!! great work… By the way, the lava is done with some epoxy or paste, or some lava effect? its amazing!

thanks :cheers


Thank you all once again for the all the support and compliments.  Now for some answers…

1.  How do you paint your lava?  Great question followed by an even better answer, which is “Word of Hashut #2.”  This issue has an excellent tutorial written by this forum’s very own Thommy H.  I started using this method on bases and then begun applying to larger models like these terrain pieces.  

2.  Where did you get those terrain pieces from?  The lava pool and volcano are from Mr. Dandy’s Wargamma product line, which can be found here, http://www.mrdandy.com/wargamma/.  These are great scuplts.  I purchased a set of the lava pools and 2 volcanos, and couldnt be happier with my purchase.  My one word of advice if you purchase these is to wash the pieces really good when you get them.  My pieces had quite a bit of mold release agent on them and black primer repelled off of them.  

Should have more stuff to post soon, maybe tonight.


Excellent terain, awesomeness right there!!


Happy Monday blog followers.  Had the opportunity to take alot of photos this weekend and transfer some over from snapfish.   What I have for your today are some character models.  I hope you enjoy.

First a couple of daemonsmiths…

Now my BSB…


wow that icon is HUGE!!!


Looks good, but I wouldn’t want to be the poor guy who had to walk around with that on his back�?�. :o


Where’s the icon from? Its really awesome.

But that little guy just use all of his “no raging war days” doing squats at the local ziggurats fitness center.


Awesome banner! Try ranking that fellow up (or running him though dangerous terrain) :wink:

The sorcerers look great too, your color scheme is really effective. Not that many colors, but the smooth highlights and the bases make them stand out.


That banner is awesome!!! GO BIG OR GO HOME :wink:

Very nice colors and basing as well!!


Thank you all for the words of encouragment and feedback. As a note, the icon for the BSB is not on his back. It actually is drilled through the base and is static (i.e. not connected to the model).

As for the icon itself, it is an old 40K forgeworld icon they used to sell. At one time it had khorne symbols on it. I shaved them off. If you search enay often, one pops up from time to time.

I will be posting another unit later today.


Nice ID, and i love ur bases!!!


New day, new blog update! Next up are my warmachines. A deathshrieker and magma cannon. I have to say, I love the crew models for these warmachines. IMO they are packed with life. For example, I imagine the two dwarves on the deathshreiker debating something. Perhaps range, unit to shoot, or who will win next Monday Night Football game. Or maybe a knock-knock joke.

Anywho, I present to you my warmachines…


Nice base and colour scheme, good paintjob Pal!!!


Still very nice!!! Good job !